Copper Mountain Gives Out Makeup So Your Boss Won¹t Know – Via TDA_Boulder

by / April 25, 2019 /

This month, ski resort Copper Mountain will give out promotional cardboard kits containing concealer cream (aka “makeup”) to visiting skiers and snowboarders. The “Keep Your Job Concealer” cream is meant to hide skiers’ “raccoon eyes” — the telltale result of wearing ski goggles out in the sun. The instructions read, “Step one: Ski or snowboard at Copper Mountain. Step two: Apply concealer to face where goggle tan shows. Step three: Keep your job.” Each 6.2 gram kit will [Read More]

Vermilion Rebrands the Boulder Phil

by / April 25, 2019 /

The Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra reached out to Boulder-based Vermilion to refresh their brand, wanting to resonate with a broader (and younger) audience. The result is a shorter name “Boulder Phil,” a catchy campaign theme “Let’s Play,” and an energetic identity system consisting of three fluid marks that evoke musical movement and emotion. A spirited season preview was held at Vermilion’s office[Read More] Dubs Social Media Travel Envy the “Hate-Like” in New Ad Campaign from CPB

by / April 24, 2019 /

It's inescapable every time you open your social feed. The secret envy after seeing your friends post their amazing vacation pics. The side-eye feeling when you know they’re just out for likes, but you double-tap it anyway. For the first time, and CPB are giving this ubiquitous but unspoken behavior a name and calling it what it is — the “hate-like.” In a new campaign, “Be there. Do that. Get Rewarded.,” launching next week in the US and UK, pokes fun at this[Read More]