BetterHelp Shines a Light on Men’s Mental Health

by / November 3, 2021 /

“What do you want?” It’s a simple question, but a new campaign for online therapy service shows that it can elicit deeply personal and heartfelt responses the asker might be unprepared for. Created by Toronto’s Untitled Films with director Rebecca Applebaum and writer Julie Lederer, the new client-direct campaign is intended to raise awareness of, while positioning therapy as an important resource for people experiencing anxiety and uncertainty.

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A&W Finally Figures Out How to Beat Out McDonald’s

by / November 2, 2021 /

In the 1980s, A&W tried to compete with the immensely popular McDonald’s Quarter Pounder by offering a bigger, juicier 1/3 pound burger at the same price. Unfortunately, Americans aren’t so great at math. Confused consumers wrongly assumed that 1/4 was bigger than 1/3 (You know, because 4 is bigger than 3) and the whole experiment went down in history as a huge marketing fail.

Leaders of the beloved QSR chain —f ounded in 1919 and the oldest in America—have spent every wak[Read More]