• Banksy Sets Up Art Display at Venice Biennale and Gets Kicked Out

    by / May 24, 2019 /

    Famously anonymous British artist Banksy — who has never been invited to be the part of the Venice Biennale — invited himself to showcase his work yet again this year and was promptly booted from the piazza because he didn’t have a permit. Big cruise ships docking on the fragile sinking city have been raising tension between Venetians and the tourism industry for years and Banksy's subject matter on display in Venice (a huge cruise ship blocking the beautiful city) acts to further stir [Read More]

  • #BrandLaunch: Growers Soil – Via Denver’s LRXD

    by / May 17, 2019 /

    LRXD has created new packaging and a website for Growers, a Colorado company that sells soil and nutrients designed to grow the most verdant cannabis crops.

    For more than 15 years, Growers has envisioned the future of growing cannabis based on the past by combining the handcrafted art of cultivation with emerging technology to produce a consistent and effective line of soils and nutrients. Now, LRXD has debu[Read More]

  • “It Is Inexhaustible” from Ravi Zupa’s Tattoo Gratitude Series

    by / May 10, 2019 /

    Last Friday May 3rd, Denver's Ravi Zupa released "It Is Inexhaustible," the 4th print in his Tattoo Gratitude series. It depicts a dragon, a cat who has caught a snake, and a peacock. This print was released as a one-color version (edition of 20) and two-color version (edition 75), alongside five totally unique variants (all sold-out). See the prints and learn about Zupa's inspiration over here

    <[Read More]

  • “The Queen Justice” from Ravi Zupa’s New Comic Book Print Series Marvelous Adventures

    by / March 11, 2019 /

    Ravi Zupa has released "The Queen Justice" — the first of five prints in a new series called Marvelous Adventures. All characters for the series are pulled from Hindu mythology (Durga, Hanuman, Rama, Garuda, Kali) and feature some of the oldest superheroes on Earth.

    The release marks a return to Zupa’s childhood drawings, many of which emulated the look and feel of comic books. “At some point, I abandoned that style when I discovered the magic of German renai[Read More]

  • unspoken, uae: A Book that Helps Employees Struggling with Mental Health Know They’re Not Alone

    by / February 26, 2019 /

    Mental illness knows no borders. And in the UAE, it’s no different. In fact, 2 of the top 3 causes of ill-health are anxiety and depression. And workplace-related mental health is a primary issue affecting people. Long working hours. Financial pressures. Lack of work-life balance. Lack of physical activity. Social pressures. 60% of UAE employees who identified as stressed, described their offices and employment as the main cause. 

    The region isn’t a place where uncomfortable topi[Read More]

  • Brain Wave: One Drawing Drawn 1,440 Times

    by / February 26, 2019 /

    This one-minute film took nearly 7 months to complete from the first hand-drawn frame to the final sound edit. With no formal storyboards to follow, Jake Fried intuits his films, letting them “become themselves through the process of making,” Fried says. “I try to let the work tell me what’s next.” His process is simple: draw an image with ink and white-out (and sometimes gouache, collage and coffee), scan the image into Adobe Photoshop, repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat. After all [Read More]

  • Archive Release: Denver Loves Beer Screen Printed Poster

    by / January 11, 2019 /

    Local illustrator Arna Miller has just re-released a limited edition screen print for those who love beer or cats — and, most especially, those who love both. It features a blonde tabby cat pawing at a tall glass of Colorado-brewed ale with the inscription “Denver Loves Beer.”

    Influenced by Helena Maguire’s turn-of-the-century cat paintings, as well as vintage beverage coaster design, the 18” x 24” se[Read More]