Creative Agency Human Design Acquires a Bunch of “Bad People”


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Strategic creative agency HumanDesign has announced its acquisition of Bad People, a scrappy creative venture lab based in Los Angeles. Bad People is known for its investments in the future of culture, entertainment and technology and elevating personal brands that drive innovation.

This strategic partnership merges Human’s decade-long expertise in humanizing brands and storytelling for giants like Land O’Lakes, Nike, and The United Nations with Bad People’s cutting-edge approach to cultural influence and investment in the booming sectors of gaming, Web3 and AI technologies.

“Dion McIntosh, Bad People’s CEO, will take the helm as our brand champion and chief experience officer,” Human CEO John Weiss announced. “His connections in entertainment, sports, venture, and tech—along with his innate ability to stay ahead of cultural trends—will fortify Human’s relevance beyond the established brand ecosystem we’re known for.”

Under McIntosh’s leadership, Bad People will amplify brand awareness and forge strategic partnerships across diverse entertainment spheres, including gaming, music, TV, film, and the ever-evolving Web3 domain. The team is also set to launch a Bad People podcast aimed at spotlighting influential badasses creating projects, products, and services that move the human race.

The collaboration further augments Human’s service offerings by introducing executive branding and fame management to industry leaders looking to elevate their personal profiles. This expansion is a testament to the unified vision of both companies to craft narratives that resonate deeply with consumers and to champion the individuals behind the brands.

“With this acquisition, we are poised to make an indelible mark on how stories are told and experienced,” McIntosh added. “We’re not just merging two creative powerhouses; we’re setting the stage for a revolution in the way brands connect with people and how leaders are perceived in the industry.”

The future of creative storytelling is here, and it’s undeniably human. Welcome to the new chapter of cultural innovation, where every brand has a story, and every leader has a legacy.


PHOTO: Dion McIntosh


  1. Robert Malloy January 21, 2024

    Funnily enough Human has quite the BAD reputation of not paying its Denver conteactors…

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