Fortnight and ImOn Revisit “Neighbors” in Comically Confusing “Always On” Campaign Update


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Marketing agency Fortnight Collective has crafted a new round of its “Always On” advertising campaign for client ImOn Communications after the successful launch of its earlier work.

During the 2023 Super Bowl, the Iowa telecommunications services brand debuted two water cooler ads, “Who’s On” and “Neighbor,” a spot that is inspired by a classic Abbott and Costello comedy skit.

The new work shows the progression of the two confused neighbors from the Super Bowl ad as their “neighborly” relationship expands to the subject of Wi-Fi. As in the original, confusion ensues after the neighbor asks his friend the name of his Wi-Fi network. He doesn’t realize ImOn is the name of the service—he just thinks his friend is being evasive. Ads will run on local cable, OTT, digital, social media, and local & streaming radio across Eastern Iowa.

“After the launch of ImOn neighbors campaign early this year, we’ve seen a significant increases in brand awareness – and positive sentiment in our core market – making it a no-brainer to continue the story of these neighbors – and all the ways they can be connected while using ImOn as their internet provider,” said Eric Ungs, Brand Manager at ImOn Communications. 



Agency: Fortnight Collective, Boulder, Colorado

Campaign Live Date: September 1, 2023

Location: Regional: Eastern Iowa


Founder & CEO: Andy Nathan

President: Devin Reiter

Collective CD/Copywriters:  Adam Chasnow & Adam Reeves

Collective CD/Art Director: Nick Klinkert

Sr. Brand Director & Producer: Jessica Welander


Production Co: STEAM FILMS

Executive Producer: Jennifer Sykes

Executive Producer: Jill Brennan

Director: LJ Johnson

Director of Photography: Kiel Milligan

Producer: Marc Swenker

1st AD: Scott Weatherall

Production Manager: Roman Hul

Production Coordinator: Simon Mohos


Editorial Co: The Now Corporation

Editor: Jesse Reisner

Editorial Producer: Carrie Fleming


Music Company: JSM Music

Chief Creative Officer/Co-Composer: Joel Simon

Executive Producer: Jeff Fiorello

Senior Producer: Norm Felker

Senior Producer: Andrew Manning

Producer: Sharon Cha

Co-Composer: Becca Riter


Color: Trafik

Colorist: Nate Seymour

Color Assist: Phillip Dystant

Color Producer: Hugh Copeland


Audio Mix: Soundspace

Audio Engineer:  Matthew Polis


Finishing: 11 Dollar Bill

VFX Lead – Dave Mehrman 

VFX Post Producer – Jamie Slade 


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