• Behind the Mac

    by / June 22, 2018 / Apple uses a Daniel Johnston song in their latest ad “Behind the Mac.” He’s gone from selling his cassettes in low-brow art galleries, to YouTube and finally to prime time advertising. The journey took 20 years.    [Read More]

  • Elemental

    by / June 22, 2018 / Photographer Ray Collins captures the magic that happens at the intersection of water and light. Each shot in this film was created from a single one of Ray's original photos. The stills are transformed into cinemagraphs — a hybrid between photo and video — creating an infinite loop that makes a single moment last forever. [Read More]

  • Ikon Pass Father’s Day Video by Stept Studios

    by / June 14, 2018 / As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day, Alterra Mountain Company is paying tribute to Dads with a video showcasing the special bond forged through invaluable time spent on the mountains. The first episode in the new series depicts the passion shared by Pete and his children Mica and Kai as they spend their winter weekends on the slopes together. The mini-film, produced by production company St[Read More]

  • What the Fresh Hell is IHOb?

    by / June 13, 2018 / Because apparently pancakes were too hard, the International House of Pancakes has (temporarily) changed its name to IHOb - the International House of Burgers. And to announce the name switch, they've created a commercial more annoying than their menu design. It's getting press all over TV and the interwebs, but we'll see whether the place known for insane pancake combinations can sell insane burg[Read More]

  • The World’s Most Boring Billboard

    by / June 7, 2018 / Sioo:x Wood Protection gives outdoor wood surfaces a beautiful, natural silver-grey hue and keeps them protected for twelve years. But twelve years’ worth of protection sounds almost too good to be true. Their mission was to prove the statement true. So they created a billboard made from real Sioo:x-treated boards and booked a triple-sided billboard for twelve years in Malmö, Sweden to put it [Read More]

  • The Incredibles Pitch the Incredible Edible Egg

    by / June 6, 2018 / For a product with a promise as enduring as the “incredible edible egg,” it’s a perfectly cooked idea to tie its new advertising to the launch of Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles 2. Energy BBDO, named The Egg Board’s agency last year, has created a charming new ad that is meant to inspire home cooks to think of the many different ways that eggs can be prepared. But for young baby Incredib[Read More]