An Open Letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos from The Denver Egotist

by / November 22, 2017 / Dear Mr. Bezos, Let’s talk about Denver for a few minutes. We know you probably earn about $1 million in that time, but hey, you’re earning it whether you read this or stare at a blank wall. Some may say the latter is preferable, but you don’t become a billionaire by staring at walls. You and your top-level executives are looking at places to build your second headquarters. Well, second, f[Read More]

The Egotist & Ad Club Interview Carolyn Hadlock, ECD, Young & Laramore

by / April 11, 2017 / The state of Indiana draws racing fans to the famed Indianapolis 500, produces 90% of the world’s popcorn, and houses The Dan Quayle Center in Huntington. The Hoosier State also hides a spectacular creative mind whose agency defies conventions and the hurdles of being in a smaller Midwest city. Meet Carolyn Hadlock here, and then meet her in person at The Denver Post Auditorium on Thursday, Apri[Read More]

To Those Who Have Pitched and Lost

by / March 15, 2017 / I’m in a fug. I’m sluggish. I’m agitated. I’m like a lovelorn teenager who’s just been dumped. Yes, I’m in the midst of that pitch-loss after-glow. Can I get some compassionate leave? It’s hard to shake. There’s no easy way out of it. Unless the client changes their mind, which they never do. Except that time when they did. Unfortunately, that time we were the initial winners and [Read More]

A Case for Community Skill Evolution

by / November 15, 2016 / By Allison Kent-Smith, CEO and Founder at smith & beta. Our skillsets have a shelf life. In today’s fast moving digital economy, our skills must evolve at equal pace with the rapidly changing world around us. The trouble is, our capabilities often become stagnant. We read, take online classes, attend SXSW each year and do our best to keep up – but it’s rarely enough. Agencies and mark[Read More]

“Creative” is Not An Adjective (A Public Service Announcement for CDs)

by / September 1, 2016 / Creative Directors, please, for the love of God, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, tell your copywriters to pen something more “creative.” It doesn’t help you – or me. And it does absolutely nothing for the client. When I hear the word “creative” I envision an out-of-touch, in-house middle manager who would never admit that he himself doesn’t really understand the word and uses it as a way [Read More]

Why Working In Advertising Sucks And What We Can Do About It

by / June 29, 2016 / Human Centipedes And Other Nastiness Right now, more than any other point I can recall in my 25-year (yikes) career, the Advertising industry is quite simply the worst it’s ever been. The. Goddamned. Worst. Apologies to all the kids, puppies and my mom out there for my ‘blue’, NSFW language, but I’m more angry than sad about it . . . which says a lot considering I’m Crying Jordan-/Nick [Read More]

Success Isn’t Just Salary & Titles

by / March 16, 2016 / Recently, my father asked me if I had something measurable to show for the past four years of my career. Something – a number, a title, an award – to prove that I’d found success. It was an interesting question. Success by definition is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Most people measure their success by their title or their salary. ]Granted, I don’t have a clearly defined title [Read More]

Why a Small Agency Lost Some Big Pitches

by / March 3, 2016 / It was a pitch, a room full of MBAs, acronyms and awkwardness. We were the small agency competing with two very big agencies. The other agencies had pre-existing relationships with this very large CPG company. The nice woman running the pitch was very clear that they were "open to working with a smaller agency." There is that moment of time in a pitch we all know well, when you grasp that you are[Read More]