• Sunny Death Metal

    by / March 8, 2023 /

    No, the sun is not love. The sun is a fiery ball of death that rains cancer upon us. So says this track from the band Hellios — “the first brutally honest song about the sun." This PSA that uniquely educates on the brutality of melanoma comes from sun and skincare company Standard Procedure and agency VMLY&R. 

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  • AI Gets Everything Wrong About Ukraine

    by / February 28, 2023 /

    One year after the war began in Ukraine, the Humanitarian Coalition is prompting the world to remember why Ukraine still needs our support by highlighting the shortcomings of AI-driven technology.

    Creative-data agency Performance Art is behind the creative idea born from the fact that ChatGPT’s AI language model was trained exclusively on data older than September 2021 — and thus it knows nothing about the war in Ukraine. But what[Read More]

  • A Punk-Rock Rebrand of One of the World’s Oldest Religions

    by / February 21, 2023 /

    A streetwear line resonates with young, lapsed Jews with sentiments like, “Unorthodox AF,” “I'll fast when I'm dead,” “Kvetch City, Bitch,” and “I Killed Kosher.”

    An odd truth of Jewish culture is that, no matter how devout they are, every Jewish person thinks they’re a “bad Jew” by not being observant enough. But even those who haven’t been to synagogue in years have a deep—if not complicated—conne[Read More]

  • Some Ad Craft from McD’s

    by / January 17, 2023 /

    It's the talk of the town because it's an ad without any words at all. And it's amazing how well it communicates — and how hungry it makes us for days before gabby influencers took over the marketing mix. Agency: Leo Burnett. Director: Edgar Wright. 

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  • Posten Delivers Stormy Climate Romance With An Important & Timely Message

    by / December 2, 2022 /

     For the fourth year in a row, Posten (The Norwegian Postal Service) has launched a new and bold Christmas campaign. After the love “When Harry met Santa” received last year, there's a slightly more serious story to tell this year. One of all the contradictions and conflicts that lie within us all when it comes to climate change. Namely the Christmas season where consumption and climate change stand in stark contrast.

    The insight for this year’s Christmas ad comes from PWC Norw[Read More]

  • Boulder’s Fortnight Collective Creates the First-Ever Tampon that Helps You Vote

    by / November 8, 2022 /

    Just in time for the midterm elections, a campaign is breaking that is designed to turn newly registered female voters into “a raging gush of voters” for Colorado’s pro-reproductive-rights candidates.

    The work from Fortnight Collective launched Nov. 1, one week before Election Day, and includes boxes of Votex Tampons, a parody brand of feminine hygiene products, with instructions on how to protect [Read More]

  • This Short Film Was Powered by Ford EVs

    by / October 25, 2022 /

    The shoot for the nearly seven-and-a-half-minute film was powered entirely by Ford Electrified Vehicles — on-set lightning effects and windstorms, hi-definition cameras and even the production's coffee maker. If it needed a kilowatt, it was a Ford electric vehicle with available Pro Power Onboard that was ready to provide it.

    Shot in a remote wooded location, “Mushroom” tells the story of a grizzled old forager who stumbles upon a one-of-a-kind Matsutake mushroom. Unfortunately,[Read More]