Women Will Be MVPs of 2019 Super Bowl Ads, SpotBowl Predicts

by / February 1, 2019 /

The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for two things: football and advertising. And, depending on who you ask, the ads might even be the real star of the show.

According to a study by Statista, nearly a quarter of all Super Bowl viewers consider the ads to be the most important part of the game—and we can assume that most of the remaining audience doesn’t mind the commercials, either.

But what makes a good Super Bowl ad? And what trends should would-be advertisers [Read More]

Boulder’s WorkInProgress Launches Anti-Brunch Campaign for Village Inn

by / January 30, 2019 /

The campaign dubbed “Anti-Brunch” — the first from WorkInProgress for their newest client  Village Inn — pokes fun at the pomp and circumstance that now surrounds brunch: long lines, high prices, ingredients that are hard to pronounce and food that is better for the ‘gram than the palette. But Village Inn is the antidote to the brunch madness that has ensued.

To do this, Village Inn sent a van to Denver’[Read More]

DDB Creates Skittles Broadway Musical for the Super Bowl

by / January 30, 2019 /

Skittles is taking a different approach to the Super Bowl this year. As a follow-up to last year’s Most Exclusive ad, Skittles is launching the first-ever commercial performed as a live Broadway musical, starring Michael C. Hall. SKITTLES Commercial: The Broadway Musical will be performed one time only in front of a live audience at The Town Hall in New York City on Sunday, February 3 at 1 P.M. EST.

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Denver’s Legwork and Whirled Create Animated Video for Sexual Assault Survivor + Nobel Prize Nominee

by / January 29, 2019 /

Legwork recently teamed up with Los Angeles-based content agency Whirled to create an animated video for a new training program designed by Amanda Nguyen — sexual assault survivor and Nobel Prize Nominee. The project, titled Amanda Nguyen’s Blueprint for Social Change, is a guide to help young social activists adopt Amanda’s strategi[Read More]

GS&P Brings Dali Back to Life

by / January 24, 2019 /

On the 30th Anniversary of Salvadori Dali’s death, Goodby Silverstein & Partners' “Dali Lives” brings Dali back to life via artificial intelligence. Starting in April, visitors to the Dali Museum will have the opportunity to learn more about Dalí’s life and work from the person who knew him best: the artist himself.

Using an artificial intelligence-based technique, the new “Dalí Lives” experience employs [Read More]


by / January 22, 2019 /

These days, most brands accused of dunking on Trump (Nike, Gillette) aren’t really. They’re creating ads about basic human decency and civil rights — which some of those on the right take as direct attacks against the President. But now, AeroMexico is out with a new ad that comes right up to the line of mocking 45.

They're offering Americans discounts based on the percentage of Mexican DNA they have. Bring a valid DNA test in and if you’re 15% Mexican, you get 15% off (for exa[Read More]