Strategy Action Cards

by / October 21, 2020 /

A set of 99 thought-provoking questions and ideas, the Strategy Action Deck breaks the strategists, marketing and pr people out of their thinking patterns and reintroduces lateral thinking during strategy development. Strategy is a creative process but too many frameworks and templates have sucked the life out of insight and ideas and replaced them with buzzwords and bullshit. Free-form, and almost Tarot-like, the cards will help you write your next creative brief. Each question and action is[Read More]

Waypoint Films Touts Denver Zoo’s Reopening

by / October 21, 2020 /

Why should a massive snow dump the day before Waypoint's scheduled Denver Zoo ‘spring break’ shoot be a problem? Their crack production team transformed the house exterior to a lovely spring day without blinking an eye. A few weeks later, Denver Zoo — like most of the world — was shut down by the pandemic and they had to change the messaging of this spot from a spring break destination promo to a su[Read More]

BBC Creative and The Mill’s VFX Team Bring Sound to Life in Latest Spot

by / October 19, 2020 /

The latest BBC Sounds trailer showcases the strength and power of radio and music. The weird and wonderful spot was created in collaboration with Director Sam Brown out of Rogue Films and features gravity-defying visuals from The Mill's VFX team in which viewers witness individuals become one with the sounds they hear through head-splitting movements, sound-wave trails and levitation.

See the AI-Produced Trailer for Fox’s New Thriller Drama, NEXT

by / October 19, 2020 /

To promote its upcoming thriller drama NEXT which premieres this week, FOX tapped tech-driven agency space150. space150 is the team that introduced Travis Bott to the world — a fake Travis Scott song and video using AI lyrics.

For FOX’s new show NEXT, the result is a trailer that’s been written, edited and scored by AI via a machine learning algorithm that watched the entire series and selected key themes, scenes and dialogue to comprise t[Read More]

Duck Sauce: “Mesmerize”

by / October 19, 2020 /

When Duck Sauce released their latest video, director Keith Schofield tweeted, “Covid kept delaying our shoot so Duck Sauce is releasing the animatic as the official video.” So you're saying this could have been live action? Yow. Definitely some NSFW scenes in here, but since we're all working from home, no HR so no problem?


[Read More]