“Get There”: GCI + iPhone Xs Launch Spot – Via Denver’s Futuristic Films

by / October 10, 2018 / A man rushes across Alaska to be on time at GCI to get his iPhone Xs.  production company: Futuristic Films director / dp: Frank Pickell ep: Sarah Liles camera: Will Gardner client: GCI / Apple Inc. agency: Spawn producer / AD: Andy Zanto creative director: Mike Weed copywriter: Elyse Delaney art director: Roland Adams post: Futuristic Post editor: Nick Lofting colorist: Jonnie Sir[Read More]

Banksy Self-Destructs ‘Girl with Balloon’ Painting Moments After $1.4 Million Sotheby’s Auction

by / October 9, 2018 / A framed version of Banksy’s “Girl With Balloon,” one of the artist’s most iconic images, hit the auction block Friday night at Sotheby’s in London. However, moments after a $1.4 million winning bid was placed, an alarm within the painting sounded and the canvas “began to pass through a shredder hidden in the frame,” Sotheby’s writes.  While on the surface it appears that the wi[Read More]

Spokesbox of Cheezy Mac Stars in New Daiya Campaign from TDA_Boulder

by / October 2, 2018 / This month, Daiya Foods, Inc. breaks its new tagline, “The comfort food that loves you back,” via an amorous spokesbox of Cheezy Mac. The in-store, social, mobile and print campaign by TDA_Boulder is Daiya’s largest-ever and also its broadest-ever — targeting all comfort food seekers and not just the dairy-averse.  Over 500 boxes of Cheezy Mac have been fitted with a button-activat[Read More]

Twinkle, Twinkle Little… DICK?

by / October 2, 2018 / Here’s… uh… an interesting way to dissuade young men from smoking: tell them they won’t get a hard-ons and will lose their girlfriends. While we’ll assume the science is true, we all know plenty of smokers who don’t have trouble getting it up. So this doesn’t seem like a super effective way to stop young'uns from smoking. [Read More]