Boulder CBD Company Charlotte’s Web Partners with Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One for Awareness

by / October 10, 2019 /

In a new effort that brings marketing and activism together, Charlotte’s Web is using art to ask Americans to educate themselves about CBD — and moreover, to champion the right to choose quality natural options. The art activation is a super-sized rendering of a hand holding a cannabis stalk and the call-to-action "Trust the Earth." The piece was created in collaboration with Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number [Read More]

Integer Pushing for Diversity and Inclusion on National Coming Out Day

by / October 10, 2019 /

National Coming Out Day is tomorrow, October 11th. This year, The Integer Group is launching the #ActOutInteger campaign to reflect its new, internal approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“While diversity and inclusion have taken a front seat in the form of policies, employee network groups and annual celebrations, propelled by societal demands, we believe we can — and must — do more,” said Ellen Cook, President, Integer\Dallas and Integer\Los Angeles. “We be[Read More]

Jimmy John’s (and Lil Jon) Introduce the $3 Little John – Via Boulder’s WIP_

by / October 10, 2019 /

Jimmy John’s is introducing the Little John — a skinny mini version of any of its seven Original sandwiches — for just $3. The Little John is made the same Freaky Fresh way as all Jimmy John’s sandwiches, just a little littler. 

The release of the new-sized sandie is being supported by a national campaign from WorkInProgress, featuring Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Lil Jon… for obvious r[Read More]

California Pizza Kitchen’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust Blows Minds in New Campaign from Boulder’s Made

by / October 9, 2019 /

California Pizza Kitchen has partnered with Made to launch “Mind Blown” — CPK’s most comprehensive campaign to date, spotlighting the surprisingly awesome flavor of cauliflower pizza crust.

California Pizza Kitchen has a long history of culinary innovation since its founding in Beverly Hills in 1985. Known for introducing the world to California-style pizza in which creative flavors, ingredients, [Read More]

Children’s Hospital of Colorado Wants You to Know Your Kids Are Not Just Mini Me’s

by / October 9, 2019 /

In a child’s emergency situation, parents automatically think “where’s the nearest hospital?” Children’s Hospital Colorado wants to change that to “where’s the nearest children’s hospital?” The hospital is debuting a PSA campaign to educate parents about the physiological differences between adults and children. In the spot, kids point out the differences, like faster heartbeats, immature immune systems and smaller blood platelets — and that because of these differences ki[Read More]

Is the World Finally Civilized Enough for a Natural Deodorant?

by / October 9, 2019 /

All-natural deodorant maker Purelygreat has launched an online campaign set in the dark ages that stars two peasants who complain about the odors of the era and wonder how to solve the issue. Of course, Purelygreat has the answer — perfect for this modern time in which we live. Developed and directed by Pete Henderson of Toronto-based production company Someplace Nice. 

[Read More]

Colorado Agency F4D Studio’s Campaign Focuses on Disconnecting from Technology and Reconnecting with Nature

by / October 9, 2019 /

Being tethered to work is an unfortunate reality for employees in 2019, especially in the creative field. This adds an intense amount of pressure for those seeking a healthy balance of a happy life and sustainable work environment.

As screens have become more synonymous with daily life, especially with the “content creation generation,” F4D Studio is hoping to make people more mindful of the need to put d[Read More]