Denver’s LRXD Makes Shopping an Adventure for Zespri Kiwifruit

by / June 11, 2019 /

LRXD has launched “Let Your Taste Wander,” its latest work for client Zespri and its SunGold Kiwifruit brand. The objective of the campaign is to drive awareness for the overlooked kiwi category and, in particular, SunGold — a varietal with a more-delicious, sweeter taste and strong nutrition credentials, so consumers will add it to their shopping lists and give it a try.

LRXD created a total of nine s[Read More]

Shopping at The Colon Care Co-op, Eh?

by / June 10, 2019 /

Located in Vancouver, independent grocery store East West Market has launched a new strategy to encourage customers to bring their reusable bags when they go shopping. They've printed plastic bags with embarrassing, faux retailers on them to curb use. They also charge customers five cents per embarrassing plastic bag they take. With retailers like The Colon Care Co-op, it may just backfire as these entertaining bags become collectibles. 

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Ad Creatives Rally For Graphic Warning Labels on Ammunition

by / June 5, 2019 /

Could graphic health warnings on boxes of ammunition help reduce gun violence in America? That’s the proposition of a new campaign launched by a lineup of top advertising professionals and backed by a coalition of doctors, veterans, survivors and public health researchers. Creative directors Oriel Davis-Lyons and Gustavo Dorietto teamed up to leverage their talents, typically dedicated toward client work at Droga5, to create a provocative PSA that aims to raise awareness and ultimately spar[Read More]

CDOT Says Click It For Quick Trips – Via Denver’s Amelie

by / June 5, 2019 /

While doing research for CDOT’s annual seat belt campaign, Amelie found a striking disparity: drivers were less likely to buckle up when driving short distances, even though that’s when most accidents occur. They put the quick trips drivers make to grab everyday items in their sights, positioning the items themselves as the direct cause for dangerous collisions. The agency created outdoor, social, ambient a[Read More]