Wyler’s Light Blows Plain Water Out of the Water in New Campaign from Denver’s Good Conduct

by / April 5, 2023 /

Wyler’s Light's new creative campaign highlights the idea that plain water is just that — plain. The campaign was created by Denver-based agency Good Conduct.
Good Conduct began working with Wyler’s Light parent The Jel Sert Company in November of 2022, and this is the indie shop’s first creative campaign for the brand. It is also the first national ad campaign for Wyler’s Light, as the[Read More]

Still Life

by / March 30, 2023 /

Give this one a minute to get rolling. Here's what the filmmaker says about it. 

"Composed of over 1000 engravings from the 19th century, Still Life is a meditation on subject/object dualism. The film explores the idea that we live in a world of objects and a world of objects lives within us. Working with this encyclopedia of prints as a sort of language, a story of consciousness emerges."

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Anomaly Announces the Summer of AI

by / March 30, 2023 /

On Monday, Anomaly made a surprising announcement on its social channels — that this year's Summer interns would be replaced by AI efforts and resources. The next day, the rumors proved false, with the agency revealing the true narrative — that AI, in actuality, stands for “Anomaly Interns” and that AI could never really replace them. Here's the video unveiling the announcement. 

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Colorado Lottery Unveils New Spot Created By Cactus Celebrating 40th Anniversary & $4 Billion Donated

by / March 28, 2023 /

For 16 years, Cactus has been making Coloradans laugh with their irreverently funny ads for the Colorado Lottery. The latest, entitled “Grateful Outdoors,” celebrates 40 years and $4 billion in lottery proceeds donated to the Colorado outdoors with an all-new 40th Anniversary scratch-off game.

Ethan Nosky, Lottery Intelligence Supervisor for Cactus, adds the agency’s perspective in celebrating the 40th Anniv[Read More]