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Turn It Up Commemorates Second Anniversary With Introspection and Brand Evolution

We never thought Turn It Up would turn two amidst the most intense times of our lives. No one saw this kind of stuff coming, but here we are. The pandemic has stressed and strained personal lives, communities and businesses to, and beyond, their limits. The publicized murders of Black Americans ignited conversations and protests that shine a long-overdue light on dirty laundry our country has preferred to ignore, or hide in the closet. Not lost among the difficult conditions and conversations has been the need for each of us at Turn It Up to take a longer look inward. To challenge ourselves to see things from all perspectives. It’s a mandate to better learn, listen, think and grow, and a challenge to be more intentional, considerate, and compassionate in all of our actions and words.

These monumental and landmark issues aren’t just personal. Likewise as we continue past the two-year anniversary of our business we acknowledge the time and times as an opportunity for inflection on the maturation of Turn It Up. During our two years as a business we’ve been inspired by the support and collaborations of friends, partners and clients. All of them reinforced how much we had learned throughout our professional journeys. We’ve learned the value of working with clients we like to share beers with and whose brand’s stickers we proudly rock on our cars, and how those relationships drive results that emanate with authenticity.

We’ve taken the intensity of our time to reflect, redefine, and refocus on who we are, what we want to do, and how we want to do it as a business. In applying these processes and creativity to our own brand we’ve come away with a refined vision and direction for Turn It Up. As we embark on our third year, we do so with enhanced service solutions driven by the wants and needs of our clients, and shortcomings we see in the marketplace. We do this as a group of creative colleagues whose work we respect, whose approach matches ours, and whose friendship we proudly share.

With the support and demands of our clients in 2020, we have taken the opportunity to add Dave Taylor (Creative Director) as an experienced and talented full time member of the Turn It Up team. Big ups to Dave for leading the charge alongside Terry Kishyama (Logo Designer) and Jeremy Farmer (Website Developer) on redefining the Turn It Up narrative, service offerings, logo and website.

We understand there is no finish line or final solution, it is the journey and the learnings that provide experience and value. We thank everyone who has been a part of ours. But our business is not about us. It’s about you and your brand, and we’re here to turn yours up.