Human Helps Redefine Downtown Denver as Metro with Unexpected Endless Possibilities


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Full-service digital agency Human has expanded MyDenver, a multimedia advertising campaign intended to drive traffic to hip, historic district Downtown Denver. The objective is to get visitors to ditch rigid plans and encourage exploration. It’s the first integrated campaign for the “MyDenver” theme since its 2022 debut.

Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) hired the agency to drive more traffic to Downtown Denver, expand the time people spend there, and increase the number of locations they visit. The digital (paid social, OTT) and outdoor (billboards, bus wraps and light-rail wraps) campaign will run from now until the end of the year in Denver and Denver Metro. More specifically, the work will appear on Instagram, Hulu, Sling TV, Discovery, Disney, digital billboards throughout downtown Denver, bus and light-rail wraps and ads in Union Station. The agency won the assignment in January.

Videos—a 60-second, a 30-second and two 15-second—show the excitement, fun, and range of activities one can pursue in a day in the life of Downtown Denver. One video shows a tapestry of squares featuring individuals experiencing their ideal MyDenver—think Brady Bunch show titles, only more. It encourages people to find their MyDenver and directs viewers to Other ads focus on an individual’s experiences through quick cuts of outdoor scenes: people riding bikes, buying food at kiosks, skateboarding, and playing basketball as upbeat music plays. At the end, the subject is revealed. “This is MyDenver,” he says, and his image joins the others in that board of boxes.


“Lots of people visit Denver with a specific plan—to go out to dinner or a show or a museum or a bar,” explained Rob Hofferman, managing director at Human. “Plans make people feel comfortable, but they only help us discover ourselves when we walk away from them. We needed to show people just how much fun the unexpected is.”

“Our culture is unique, and whether you grew up here, recently moved, or are visiting, there’s a real feeling of belonging in Downtown Denver,” said Joshua Schneider, vice president, Marketing & Communications for the DDP. “Getting out into the community with family and friends is what makes the heart of this city beat, and this campaign is all about sharing the places and faces that make Denver the best city to live in in the world. Come visit your favorite spot downtown, stumble upon something new, and then get on Instagram and show your love for Denver.” The IG feed is @thisismydenver and the hashtag is #mydenver.



  • Client:  Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Client Team: Joshua Schneider, Lauren O’Brien
  • Campaign Title:   mydenver 
  • Execution Title:  The New New Frontier
  • Agency: Human Design
  • Chief Creative Officer: John Weiss  
  • Creative Directors: Drew Smith, Peter Knierem
  • Account Service: Rob Hofferman, Megan Ward, AnneMarie Ahrendt
  • Production Company & City: Triage Creative, Boulder, CO
  • Director: Keith Ladzinski
  • Editor: Davis Burch 
  • Producer (production co): Angie Payne
  • Editor: Davis Burch


  1. wow September 12, 2023

    This milquetoast spot is frankly below this agency, this creative team, this city

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