Moda Spira x Denver’s Bean Dog Films Premiered Bang Official Music Video on Valentine’s Day

by / February 18, 2019 /

Directed by Kelsey Boyte of Bean Dog Films, the collaboration was "inspired by artist Latifah’s own brutal divorce and written for the countless women who journey through trauma, grief and healing in the face of daunting socio-political obstacles and highly-dogmatic social constructs that have taught us to internalize divorce as 'failure.'"

Bang is a liberation story and a portrait of the hard, honest walk t[Read More]


by / February 12, 2019 /

Not a new idea, but certainly an entertaining one. When Reid Zandbelt, a Canadian photographer, wanted to sell his beloved “Carmen” for a seemingly-reasonable $799, he decided to create a funny video to help. We’re not sure if this makes the car more or less desirable, but we liked it. The voiceover is especially spot on.


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TDA_Boulder Launches Revive Kombucha in San Francisco with Ads Printed on LSD Blotter Paper

by / February 7, 2019 /

Breaking early February, regional advertising inserts in San Francisco area issues of Rolling Stone magazine, for Revive Kombucha, are printed on LSD blotter paper (LSD not included). Along with related San Francisco wild postings, especially in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, the ’60s throwback campaign, headlined “Expand Your Tongue’s Mind,” represents Revive’s San Francisco market ad launch. It is advertising agency [Read More]

Transparent House creates cool AR experience for Mountain Hardwear

by / February 6, 2019 /

At the recent Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver, Mountain Hardwear unveiled an innovative Augmented Reality experience from SF's Transparent House, which earned a "Best in Show" award, from the editors of GearJunkie Magazine.

Michael Tchong, principal of Ubercool Innovation raved "The development work of Transparent House in augmented reality heralds a new future of retail visualization - a mandatory feature in a world that caters to a surging wave of millennials and digital native[Read More]