Boulder’s Vermilion Touts an Honest Food for Dogs

by / May 23, 2018 / Many dog (and cat) owners are losing faith that big-brand pet foods are good for their pets — they’re demanding nutritious pet food that’s real food. In a category defined by highly-processed, nutritionally-dubious options that feature busy designs and questionable claims, Honestly Bare is radically simple and clear about good food for pets, starting with their ingredients. To disrupt t[Read More]

Thinkmodo Returns with Viral Video Stunt to Promote Cobra Kai Sequel Series

by / May 18, 2018 / To promote YouTube Red's new Karate Kid sequel series, Cobra Kai, thinkmodo helped engineer this elaborate prank that finds an underdog out-muscling a bully on the streets of New York. Shot over two days, the scene was recreated again and again to catch as many reactions as possible using three hidden cameras and up to eight wireless mics. After each showdown, it took about 10 minutes to rese[Read More]