Denver’s LRXD Gets Hands-On for Westerra Credit Union with Culture Book

by / June 22, 2021 /

Changing an internal company culture only happens with authentic participation. So, LRXD made a book that requires it. Fold outs, connect-the-dots and other interactive devices were employed to get the Westerra team eager to absorb their new ethos. The content was written and designed to provide real-life ways to bring the new company culture to life — and it's clear from the first page of this pop-up book that it isn't yo[Read More]

Let’s Talk About Advertising Music

by / June 17, 2021 /

There’s no denying that Zoom fatigue is real for people across industries. But in the creative advertising space, Zoom has exacerbated the already unique communication challenge of finding the right words when describing music for advertising. To bring some levity to the long-felt hardships surrounding music pitches in today’s Zoomscape, creative music agency Groove Guild created a video that demonstrates that while music is the universal language everyone can understand, few can actually[Read More]

Duncan Channon Unites Surf Legend Kelly Slater with Kona Beer’s ‘Bruddahs’

by / June 17, 2021 /

Three new spots out for Kona Brewing Co. thanks to Duncan Channon. They've taken their long-running "Bruddahs" campaign and added the greatest surfer ever.

“The ‘Dear Mainland’ campaign has been an unqualified success for Kona, so we were apprehensive about messing with a winning formula,” said Parker Channon, creative director for the campaign, Duncan Channon. “But with surfing in the games for the first time and the chance to work with arguably the greatest surfer ever, we[Read More]

Nike Japan: New Girl

by / June 8, 2021 /

Japan is currently ranked 123 of the 151 countries on the gender equality index. It's still frowned upon to speak up in meetings, to step into a sumo ring (multiple locations denied W+K Tokyo to shoot there because women would be in the sacred ring), to come back to sports after you've had a baby ('you're a mom now') and the gender pay gap index is enormous. Whereas the only question should be to a newborn: Hey girl, what do you want to do? Here's to all girls. Moms. Sportswomen. Bosses. And [Read More]