Post Your Jobs Free on The Egotist

by / April 6, 2020 /

As part of this community for almost 13 years, we feel what you do and we know what it's like inside agencies around Colorado right now. So, we're going to start offering job posts for free on our site starting today in hopes of getting people hired who need it and to help those firms fighting to keep fighting. Use the Coupon Code R3START2020 on the post a job page when you fill out the fo[Read More]

Karsh Hagan Updates Our Iconic Welcome to Colorado Sign to Urge Residents to Stay at Home

by / April 2, 2020 /

As AOR for the state of Colorado, Karsh is doing their part to remind us all that this ends quicker if we distance. 

"Throughout our 43 years, we have served hundreds of Colorado companies and know that all businesses across our state have taken a hit. We will get through this together, but right now, We Need To Stay Home Colorado. Download our images. Save and share with the hashtag #StayHomeColorado[Read More]

Denver’s LRXD to Pump COVID-19-Fatigued Ad Industry Up with Motivating, Live, Daily Fitness Workouts

by / April 1, 2020 /

LRXD is flexing more than its creative muscle with the launch of “Ad Bodz” — a live workout series it will host on Zoom with certified trainer Mike Davidov. The fitness program is composed of strength training and conditioning exercises designed to keep clients and fellow agencies active and toned during the COVID-19 crisis. Sample workout titles: SEO: Squat Engine Optimization, This Concept Has Legs, The Boot[Read More]