Tom Ludlow’s NFT Project to Support Boulder County Fire Victims


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Artist and motion designer Tom Ludlow has created an ai generated NFT project to support survivors of the Marshall and Miller Creek fires that recently tore through Boulder County. “Fire on the Front Range,” is listed on Objekt for 1 ꜩ (Tezo), about $5, and all proceeds will go to

Artist Statement
Smoke filled the low horizon on the last windy Thursday in December.
Colorado residents are used to the sight of smoky skies by now, climate change has made certain of that.
But on 12/30 the conditions aligned for a perfect fire storm: hurricane force winds and a winter drought fueled unimaginable growth, and almost 1,000 homes were destroyed in the last days of a beast of a year.
I watched the flames on my commute, and the glow of the blaze from my bedroom window. My community is reeling, it may never be the same. I may never know what those who lost it all are going through. But I stand with you, I want to help you rebuild.
Fire strikes randomly, it’s unpredictable and uncertain. I’ve created a series of artificial intelligence derived works based on the fire’s impact on our community. My hope is that these images, as well as profits raised from their sales, might help my community rebuild.


  1. Franklin English-Suriani January 17, 2022

    This is great! I work at Fisher Honda. That was a rough day for the community. Looking to network with people who understand the blockchain and NFT’s.

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