Denver’s Jorge Lamora and Ryan Johnson Gift Their Clients Optimist Serum


By The Denver Egotist / /

Local freelance greats, designer Jorge Lamora and writer Ryan Johnson, thanked their clients at the beginning of 2022 with this beautiful bottle — filled with happiness juice — intended to help them look toward brighter days ahead. Here’s the story. 

“Smoky, spicy and supply-chain-aged, Optimist Serum is a craft cocktail created to give our clients and partners a glimmer of hope. And a strong drink. This bottle is a step beyond the Dark Times of 2020. And while 2021 didn’t get us quite out of the woods, we’re looking forward, not backward. With a ready-to-drink mezcal craft cocktail in custom-textured, letter-pressed and laser-engraved bottles. The second entry in what we hope will become a long, boozy series. Look to the future. Drink in the now.

We wanted the feel to be reminiscent of the type of concoction you might consume probably somewhere in the desert before embarking on a “spirit journey” to find one’s self. Or at least a new perspective. The laser engraving on the bottles cut through the texture to reveal a beautiful, glowing gradient when the light hits the elements just right, adding to the peyote vibes we were going for.”


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