CDPHE – Immunization: Spread the Vax Facts – Via Denver’s Amélie Company


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After months of research and planning, the Amélie Company team was alarmed. They found that Colorado has the lowest vaccination rates in the nation. So they partnered with client CDPHE – Immunization to develop the Spread the Vax Facts campaign to help spread the news — guiding residents through information and misinformation about vaccines, with advice from Colorado doctors who are also parents. launched alongside a toolkit that was distributed among hundreds of medical facilities throughout the state. The kit contained buttons, stickers, water bottles, brochures, palm cards, posters and vaccination schedules designed to inform parents about the benefits of vaccinating their children. After national attention from both media and government officials, the effort hopes to see Colorado boost its 2020 vaccination rates to help limit the amount of serious and potentially deadly preventable diseases.

Cameron Day – Executive Creative Mentor
Rachel Edwards – Copywriter
Daniel Alfonzo – Art Director
Cam Day – Social Content Creator
Mark Ward – Production Artist Photographer
Courtney Fane – Production Artist
Alexia Hadjinicolaou – Integrated Producer 
Zach Meyers – Digital Producer 
Christine Cowan – Senior Account Director 
Sara Strickroot – Account Executive


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