Longmont Cinematographer Chad Weber Finds Creativity in the Slowdown


By The Denver Egotist / /

The freelance world is great, but when things get slow it can be challenging to stay creative and positive. During a recent slow period, freelance cinematographer/video editor Chad Weber started filming around Longmont using abstract techniques involving glass elements like prisms in front of the lens. He got the idea to explore this technique after watching the documentary “The Dissident” with cinematographer Jake Swantko.

Chad talks about the project and the continued realities of film production: “During the early months of the pandemic, I was fortunate to have a pretty good workload of editing work. But as months dragged into the fall and winter, things seemed slow to a crawl. No networking events. Little paid work. Only so many tutorials to watch in a day. Anyone else relate?

Creative energy was building up and, with that, sometimes frustration and negativity. I try to find passion projects like these to fill that void. To practice my craft and improve on things like color grading and sound design. I’ve also found they are helpful in exploring my visual voice as a filmmaker.

I plan to continue this project — wherever it goes.”


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