Breckenridge Directors Launch Chapter 3 of Personal Project: Summit County’s Last Wild West Lineage


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Five minutes from the town of Silverthorne, CO — beyond the outlet malls, interstate highway and sprawling subdivisions ——sits one of Colorado’s last vestiges of the Wild West. Maryland Creek Ranch is an 1800s era 1,100-acre working ranch operated by long-time Summit County locals, Mike Bohrer, Leonard Causland, Renei Bohrer and Beau Nulik. Collectively, these four have spent the last twenty-one years preserving the traditions and practices of ranching the land. Today, MCR is home to a herd of 75 Scottish Highlands and Simmental Angus cattle, ethically raised and grass-fed amongst the high alpine pastures of the Blue River Valley.

As the population of Summit County continues to grow exponentially, the demand for housing and amenities lures the eager eyes of developers to the undeveloped corners of Summit County. The future of Maryland Creek Ranch is uncertain, but the efforts and passion of these modern day pioneers won’t be swayed by the rising tide of visitors up valley. They ride for the brand.

Andrew Maguire, commercial photographer and director based in Summit County since 2013, shares this creative personal/passion project he embarked upon at the start of the pandemic along with local cinematographer and director Mike Murphy. The project is titled: “Hey Neighbor!” and is Andrew’s personal quest to seek out citizens of Summit County who have made a living for themselves outside of the ski and resort industry. Mike and Andrew have just released Chapter 3 of Hey Neighbor. Chapter three highlights the team over at Maryland Creek Ranch. Separately, you can check out past chapters and read more about the project here

Director/Photographer/Aerials: Andrew Maguire @andrewmaguirephoto
Cinematographer /Editor: Mike Murphy @mindlessbabble

© Andrew Maguire 2022


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