Canada Life: For Life as You Know It


By The Denver Egotist / /

Canada Life has launched their new platform — For life as you know it — which celebrates the differences, life moments and individual needs of people all across Canada in a time when we need it most. It’s Canada Life’s objective to help people navigate the world of investments and insurance, while providing advice from experts. The new campaign hopes to guide Canadians toward a financial plan that fits only them, based on their unique circumstances.

With the current realities of the production world, there were many obstacles to overcome to show a range of lifestyles in a single shot. Each scenario had to be filmed separately in a studio. Any actors who appeared together needed to be from the same family and household. And the biggest challenge was to comp the individual pieces to make it feel like everyone was together. This is Canada Life’s first mass media campaign in its 170-year history, which was brought to life with the help of TAXI. 


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