Denver’s Sukle Invites Kids Out of the Basement in New Generation Wild Campaign


By The Denver Egotist / /

Great Outdoors Colorado — an organization that builds and protects Colorado’s parks, trails and open space — wanted to solve a problem. Kids today aren’t playing outside as much as they used to and as a result, they’re missing out on incredible benefits like increased creativity, less stress and reduced ADHD symptoms. The problem’s been compounded this year with the suppression of a lot of the normal summer freedoms kids get to enjoy when there ain’t no school. 

For 2020’s Generation Wild campaign, Sukle offers up a slight evolution to previous years by letting kids know that wild can happen anywhere — in your own backyard or on your front porch, across towns and cities, plains and mountains — and not to let the current weirdness of the world get in the way. 

They began the campaign with a fun ringing in of summer idea that helped celebrate the last day of school when there wasn’t school to go to — then continued with additional spots that show kids how much fun can be had just about anywhere. 


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