#Rebrand: Vicarel Studios – A Hybrid Creative Studio


By The Denver Egotist / /

It’s been a joy to watch Adam Vicarel transition from a designer who sensed in his gut that he was capable of defining an ownable style with his hands to where he is today — working with so many major players who appreciate his work as much as we do. If you’ve ever met the guy, he’s just one of those likable people you cheer for and want to see succeed. So, we’re happy to see this next step he’s taking to build out his offering on larger level — starting with his new web presence. 

“I’ve been working under my name, Adam Vicarel, for a few years now. After some significant growth, projects, hiring a lot of contractors and now a part-time employee, I’ve just launched my new site under my business name: Vicarel Studios. I debuted my new site last week with this sizzle reel.

Here’s how we’re talking about our point of difference: Vicarel Studios is a hybrid creative studio focused on merging fine art with strategic design. Lead by Adam Vicarel, we specialize in artful branding, lettering and mural painting. Through executing intentional design thinking with fine art techniques, we help to communicate the stories of eclectic brands. We love working with our hands to create unique and approachable work that evokes passionate brand engagement between your brand and your consumers.”


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