Actually, Guns Do Kill People

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Every time some complete fucking nutball opens fire on a bunch of innocent people, we get the usual “this is not the time to talk about gun control” bullshit from the NRA and the right wing. Well, when is the time? Never, really, because it’s a right that most red-blooded gun advocates will only see pried from their cold, dead hands. Which, ironically, could happen because of their belief in their beloved firearms.

Advertising does play a small role in this, which I’ll get to later, but first, the gun issue. We need to talk about it after what happened in our own backyard. If The Denver Egotist’s goal is to help Denver Suck Less, I think less dead innocent people would be less sucky. Yes?

The usual arguments are out there, always, about the reasons we can’t have gun control. It’s in the 2nd Amendment, which was written centuries ago (when people had to own a gun to stop someone stealing their land and raping and killing their whole family).

The 2nd Amendment seems to be untouchable, and that’s horseshit. We have impositions on our first amendment rights. We’re not allowed to say whatever the fuck we want, whenever we want, to whomever we want. But you dare restrict firearms, and you’re some lefty communist faggot. I guess I am.

Then there’s the whole protection issue. Let’s take the recent tragedy in Aurora, which is obviously why I’m writing this piece. The guy who opened fire on the theater was dressed from head to toe in SWAT gear, armed like Rambo, and had the added bonus of a gas mask (which came in very handy when he tear-gassed the whole audience). The yahoos out there are saying “if there’d been someone there with a gun, it would have been a different story. So don’t go takin’ our guns away!”


First, as far as I know, Colorado allows you to carry firearms with a concealed weapons permit.

So…where the fuck were all those gun-toting people?!

Here are two facts for you:

1 – It is completely legal to conceal a firearm in a movie theater in Colorado, as long as you have a license (which is easy enough to obtain).

2 – You don’t need to know how to operate a gun, or demonstrate that ability, in order to own and carry a firearm.

So, let’s recap. The current laws ALLOWED there to be a slew of heroes “packing heat” in the audience that day. The fact the there weren’t any proves one thing: it means fuck all to have a gun if you’re not actually going to carry the damned thing. And who takes a fucking gun to a movie theater anyway? If you saw a gun tucked into someone’s belt as they were in line for The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow, you’d shit a brick and call the police. Unless you had your own gun, which could result in a shootout and two dead “heroes.”

But if there actually had been a hero there with a gun, he or she was outgunned and would have had no way to combat the tear gas. Basically, firing a gun blindfolded into a crowd in the hope of hitting the target.

Think that would have helped?

What if 10 people there had been carrying? Oh the joy of all those bullets going back and forth in a crowded place filled with innocent families. Maybe James Holmes would have been hit, but how many others would have been shot in the process.

Tell me I’m wrong on any of that. Tell me you, with your gun, if you’d been there, would have made a difference.


Because we also have to realize that no one, not even you Mr. Tough Fuy, knows how they will react in that kind of situation. You could be a dead shot at the range, but those paper targets don’t fire back. That movie theater was a night and day situation. You’re under fire, unexpectedly, and the maniac has way more ammo and armor than you.

He’s ready. You're not.

When was the last time you were at the range? When did you practice? Have you ever taken a life? Could you? Would you freeze? You don’t know. Not unless you’ve had real training or seen combat, in which case, you’re not an average Joe anyway.

There’s this little gem.
Guns don’t kill people, people do. (Had to be an ad exec somewhere behind that one.)

“Cars kills thousands of people every month, cars aren’t made illegal. Smoking kills, that’s legal. Alcohol kills, that’s legal.”

Blah blah blah.

So here’s a question. What is the purpose of a car? Is it to pile into a crowded bus stop and wipe out everyone? Is alcohol designed to give everyone cirrhosis of the liver? Are cigarettes designed to destroy anyone who lights up? (Well, maybe, but that’s not what the manufacturers say.)

Conversely, is a gun designed to hold a flower in the barrel, or to be used as a prop in family photos? It can be, but the primary use for a gun is to kill things. People, animals, silly paper targets, the gun is designed and manufactured to maim, kill and destroy. So that old “you wouldn’t ban cars even though they kill people” is a bunch of crap. 99.99% of us buy a car as transportation. People who buy guns want something that fires bullets. True, they may also want to look cool, impress someone, or compensate for other areas in which they are sadly lacking, but first and foremost, they want a killing machine.

So can we please put that one to bed? Thanks.

We also have people saying “criminals will get hold of them regardless, so why punish good, law-abiding citizens?”

I agree. Hardened criminals will always find a way to get a gun. They have connections in the black market, ties with drug cartels, or underground networks that make them available. James Holmes was no hardened criminal. In fact, most of these nutjobs who kill dozens of people are not hardened criminals. They’re crazy, insecure, and wouldn’t know where to start if guns were made illegal. I couldn't tell you how to get hold of a pound of pure heroin, or $1 million in counterfeit bills. That’s not going to stop a major criminal.

But I can tell you exactly what to do to acquire some major firepower. If it was made illegal, those stores were shut down, the Internet sites removed, and mainstream access was denied to the public, I wouldn’t have a clue.

And how about the final argument? Guns are for hunting.

Fuck you.

Sure, a shotgun or a rifle can be used for hunting. I don’t see the need for hunting anyway, but if you must shoot a fucking deer to make up for the fact you have a tiny penis, go ahead. It’s your right, I guess.

But who needs an AK-47 or AR15 to go hunting? Who needs an Uzi to shoot a duck? Who needs a .44 Magnum to kill a rabbit? The damned thing is so big, and so hard to control, it would be useless for most people anyway.

If we must have legal guns (and America must, it seems, because the guys who owned slaves said it was a good idea) then there should be SEVERE limits placed on gun ownership. The type of guns available, the caliber, the training required. Shit, you need a license to drive a fucking car, but a gun, you don't have to prove anything to own one.

Why is it such a horrible idea to limit gun sales and usage? Shouldn’t it be really, really hard to buy a big-ass gun?

And the ads for guns, let’s talk about those as this is an ad blog, after all.

You don’t see a lot of them, blatantly anyway, although if we’re honest Hollywood is one huge ad for the gun industry. They make them as cool as riding a Harley while Kate Upton is riding you.

But when we get our hands on a brief to do something for a gun store, we do the kind of juvenile crap that would get us kicked out of creative school. And it works, which is the tragedy.

Ads featuring scantily clad models shooting machine guns.

Guys ducking and weaving like James Bond before firing off hundreds of rounds from his phallic firearm.

And awful tweets (which are really miniature ads themselves) from organizations like the NRA that try and be clever and relevant, but fail miserably.

Let’s turn our back on these ads and do something positive, shall we? How about we, in the ad industry, get behind gun control? We’re smart enough; we’ve got the brains and the means to do it. How about a kick-ass series of posters rallying against guns and the NRA, who have more money than God and Bill Gates combined. Well, enough to buy all the members of congress anyway.

Submit your best anti-gun poster designs to and we’ll create a gallery. Maybe we can even find a local printer to churn a few out for us and we can sell them to raise money for the victims of the Aurora massacre.

Guns may be necessary, but only in the hands of trained professionals and the military. A society free to carry guns is a society living way in the past, and we should be better than that. The fact that we continue to crave them, and many more people die in this country from gun related injuries than any other civilized country, says a lot. OH, and I’m talking percentages of the population, before anyone says “that’s ‘cos ‘Merica has more people in it, dumbass.”


Hello, you are an opinionated moron. Gun control doesn't mean that guns won't get into the hands of criminals. You think they buy them off the street, or out of the trunk of some guys car, with a legal permit?

Gun control laws don't affect criminals IN ANY WAY. All it does is leave tax paying, law abiding citizens defenseless. Sounds like YOU are the one with no penis. You're afraid of guns, because you don't understand them in anyway. Sorry Colorado has shitty concealed weapon laws, but guess what:

Guns are the reason you walk around free every single day. They are the reason we pulled through two World Wars. They the reason your Grand Father lived to see another day, after being thrown in the middle of bullets hurdling across beaches while innocent people around him died. They're the reason he made it home to his wife, after years of pain and loneliness, just so he could conceive you—an ungrateful victim of the media hype machine. Guns DON'T kill people; in fact, they just sit there and DO NOTHING, until an unstable moron like John Holmes decides he wants to shoot up a movie theatre.

The Colorado shooting could have just as easily been a bomb, considering his apartment was filled with homemade explosives. In fact, I'd bet that if gun control had stopped him from purchasing those weapons, he would've just set off a bomb in the theatre instead, leaving gruesome, dismembered bodies splattered all around the theatre.

Just wait until your balls drop, and you man up, and have some children—maybe even buy a home one day when you finally stop renting an apartment that's fattening up some landlord's paycheck. And while he sits in his house, and collects your dollar every month, he and his family will be safe behind his 9mm pistol.

Guns are works of art, like pens, Kitchen-Aids, smartphones, laptops, ipads, BIKES, cars, chairs, beer, etc. They are made by intelligent, considerate people. Guns don't kill people, crazy assholes do.

Just keep this in mind as you continue to contribute to this blog: You are the reason the media is full of opinionated bullshit. Have a nice life coming to grips with the fact that you're fucking up the opinions of future generations.

I enjoy The Denver Egotist very much, but this is just appalling. This is a site for local design and advertising, not political views or, as I took this post, propaganda. You may have a strong opinion on guns, but this is not the place to try to influence people one way or another. From a HUGE Egotist fan, please reconsider posting articles of this nature in the future.

This article is stupid. Many things in this article are inaccurate. Brush up on your knowledge of firearm ownership and laws before misrepresenting guns and gun owners.

As Scotty said. I come here for design community articles. BS Political, Propoganda, and ignorant views on subjects of this nature should be posted elsewhere.

I'm not sure there is much more comforting than someone trying to make a legitimate, 'serious' argument whilst swearing incessantly... Makes me take you very seriously.

I go to the Egotist for my happy time. I don't need to be reminded of the politics of life at this time. Thank you.

You are extremely ignorant.

Felix just jumped the shark.

I agree with all the comments above. I would add...
- The theater did not allow weapons, CHP or not
- Yeah, in this situation... the guy was clad in armor and a couple of handgun rounds wouldn't have done much and trying to get a shot off would have been difficult, however, Google your shit and discover how many tragic incidents have been stopped or averted altogether thanks to a law abiding citizen carrying a firearm.
- Some of the worst mass shootings in history have taken place in countries with extreme "restrictive" gun laws. The bad guy still got the firepower.
- Guns are designed to kill things as well as for sport.
- Do not frown on hunters*. Although I am not one I have respect for someone who can go out and provide for their family. You sit in your cube eating a burger but you would never have the balls to go shoot a cow yourself. You sir have the small penis. *Shooting animals for SPORT is not something I agree with.
- AR-15s are not hard to control. The are an extremely versatile tool that can be adjusted for sport shooting to hunting big game. The AR as a stock gun is actually a very small caliber. I know this because I own one.
- And as the first commenter mentioned... protecting your family. I couldn't agree more. I own 2 pistols and an AR. Why the fuck do I own these things? Because I enjoy sport shooting. I have a concealed carry permit. I don't like the idea of some fucking maniac outgunning me if shit hits the fan. I have 2 children and let me tell you sir I have been thankful on a number of occasions that I have been armed and had the means to be able to protect them and myself had it been needed. When some asshole walks down the hallway of your building shooting the shit out of people. What are you going to do? Call 911 and hope the police save your ass? Not me, I'm returning fire to protect my loved ones and any innocent people I can.
- Lastly, just as you don't like the "crazy right wing" talking about guns I don't like your batshit left wing ideals.

I'm with you, Felix!

wow. awful.

nice gay slur too.

Well I guess we know who's reading this blog now. A bunch of gun slinging cowboys who want to see America devolve into the Wild West. Yee Haw! And you wonder Denver is called a cow town. Jesus. If only you were this passionate about doing good ads. But no...don't take our guns! We want to shoot things! We don't care that every other civilized nation has much more strict gun control (and that's what he's talking about you fucktards, hun CONTROL, not banning them). Fucking ridiculous.

As others have said, I come here for design community. Political, Propoganda, and ignorant views on subjects like this should be posted elsewhere.

Yes TossMySaladMan, we gotta control them huns! More government! More control! Did you know... almost every citizen in Switzerland possesses an assault rifle. One of the safest (and progressive) countries on earth.

I didn't realize we had so many gun-slinging advertisers.

As Chris Rock so famously put it, maybe we should have bullet control.

you NRA/2nd ammendment lemmings, how is this ignorant?
as felix mentions, the constitution was written in a time much different than ours, and it sure did take a long time for all the smart grandfathered members of our highly civilized government to figure out civil and women's rights.
hopefully the next generation of adults are smarter than ours
and put this antiquated piece of legislation away, that's what ammendments are for.

Well said Felix. I think it's just unfortunate how ignorant a large part of our population is in this great land of ‘Merica. I don't see the big obsession people have here with guns. Why is it so rad to go out and shoot targets or cans? I enjoy playing first person shooters on my Xbox but I don't see the need to go out and shoot things with a real gun.

Another thing Felix didn't mention is the fact that the cops in our country aren't helping the cause either. Cops are supposed to be setting a good example and protecting us citizens but they're just spraying bullets every chance they get. There's a stat that was released recently about how German police only fired 85 bullets last year and here in the US there were 84 shots fired at one murder suspect in Harlem, another 90 shot at one fleeing unarmed man in Los Angeles.

As far as hunting goes, I think it is fine as long as is it's not on some endangered animal obviously, but like Felix said you don't need a AK-47 or AR15 to do that.

Just my two cents.

"but like Felix said you don't need a AK-47 or AR15 to do that."

Why not? Explain to me. Do you know what an AR is? Do you think it is a machine gun? Do know about ballistics? Ammunition? The AR is a great hunting platform.

Good call, maybe we should ban video games too then since they promote gun use. In fact, let's get rid of everything, and everything relating to everything, that could be used to hurt people if put in the hands of someone that had intent to do so. Guns, knives, steak knives, butter knives, baseball bats, the MLB since it promotes baseball bats, video games, cars, boxing gloves, fists, sex toys, porn, water...

Just because AN EXTREMELY SMALL amount of people choose to use things the wrong way does not mean the rest of us should suffer. If guns are the devil, why don't we take them away from our police and military? Because they're (for the most part) meant to be used for PROTECTIVE purposes, just like why any normal (non-insane) person carries a gun ;)

Americans aren't the only ones who love guns, even socialist SWITZERLAND knows how to do guns right. Every man, woman, and child is required [by law] to learn how to shoot and handle a weapon.

They have ZERO gun crime. Wonder why? I also wonder how many home invasions there are annually? Hmmm...interesting.

"The rate of private gun ownership in Switzerland is 45.72 firearms per 100 people"

Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

I have no evidence to support this, but I suspect that many who have committed acts of violence with guns did not grow up in households with guns. Ask anyone who has and they will tell you that they appreciate how powerful guns are and the responsibility that comes with gun ownership. They'd be the first to tell you that guns are not toys. And they're often the most vocal advocates of responsible gun ownership and gun control. Unfortunately, pro-gun zealots tend to dominate the conversation.

But just because you don't understand guns and just because you don't like guns, doesn't mean everyone who does is an ignorant fucktard. It's rhetoric like yours that alienates moderate gun control advocates.

Then again, I suspect you care less about the issue and more about generating a few thousand clicks.

Culturally we are obsessed with violence. Outlaws, gangsters and other sociopaths are glamorized in our pop culture. We watch murder and mayhem all day long on tv and then sit around and wonder why we have so many trigger happy psychopaths in our country.

Since any war on guns could reasonably be expected to work as well as the war on drugs did maybe the media, advertisers included, should shoulder some responsibility to not cater to the lowest common denominator who just wants to watch shit getting blown up all day.

so anyway, you guys like logos?

hows the whole drunk driving thing working out? people are stupid. not guns.

You can't compare America and Switzerland, just like you can't compare kindergarteners with college graduates. The Swiss are a responsible society. America is full of morons who think guns are cool. We clearly haven't earned the right to own them yet.

1. Switzerland has a bunch of guns, but the vast majority of people who own them are also trained in their safe storage and operation.

2. I am a gun owner and a hunter and I do not understand the ridiculous way some people respond to talk about gun control. It seems obvious that some gun regulation is necessary, unless you want people running around with rocket launchers and machine guns. The question is just what laws we need to keep people safe and right now the current laws are failing.

Grow up, stop chanting talking points fed to you by the NRA and start thinking for yourself.

P.S. if you think Felix and the Egotist should stop posting articles like this, you should probably stop commenting on them, because right now this little piece of inflammatory text is the hot ticket.

Wow, Felix. And such a colorful vocabulary too. It would be nice if we started discussing the mental health issues in our country instead of first jumping to gun control when a tragedy like this happens. But wait, who would you pick on then?

A couple of points:

First, the symbolism of a gun has never changed throughout history, although moderization has, and the fact that all the other reasons and issues mentioned here, aside from your personal preference of like and using, etc. and fervor for the debate. From a physchological standpoint, it represents the ability to stop the crap that is not acceptable, which sure as humanity progresses in intelligence is possible by the more vigilantly hidden laws of order, more civilized and intellectual means, in the most appropriate context.

Second, carrying a gun around when your running around anywhere, is only good for instant press that is not controlled of players who shoot themselves in their foot, because well, for one reason they weren't carrying it properly.

Third, somehow, communications arts is always tied to the sociopolitical in a minute scale and fashion, but as a statement, sure voice your opinion. Felix is entertaining, for what and who he is, as are other contributors on this small free-range of the www amongst a never-ending space of possibility. Woah, far out. One would assume that only design of big world events really ties together this world, as persay, the likes of the Olympics or UN. It would be a futuristic dream reality, if people took their fervor, overachieving, and perfectionist personality of drive out in the most appropriate releases, using them for popular opinion of 'acceptable', not wierd, paranoid, socially inept problems; and everyone raised the bar for personal standards and achievements that influenced in a affective emotive?

Yeah. So that being said. Stop and give me more conscious and quality design product and material. Most of it is sucks, and especially your drug out attitude that you have to do it, that it doesn't work[your problem solving theories of talk and not so much action and standing up against], and your mediocrity. You are not good enough and it will take it's appropriate turn to pass appropriation. This shit does not fly.

That's all I got folks. I forget. Move on.

One point that has not been brought up is what would have happened had someone in the theater had a gun.

My husband is a police officer. He carries a gun off duty at all times.

Why? To protect his family and innocent people from evil like James Holmes.

How? He agreed that it would be pretty difficult to take him out in this particular situation considering Holmes protective gear and the mass hysteria, despite being extensively trained in these types of situations.

But it still could have saved lives.

Cops are now trained in active shooter situations (like Columbine) to immediately engage the shooter. They are instructed NOT to wait for backup. They can't check on victims. They are to engage the shooter.

The reason why is because it changes the shooter's focus. The shooter must now deal with someone fighting back instead of free reign on the victims. More often than not the shooter takes cover or flees.

It's really hard to say if the average citizen could have stopped Holmes but if I were in that theater I would rather have someone who would have tried. There is more of a chance he could have been stopped- even a distraction or a shift in his focus could have saved lives. Instead he knew everyone there was a sitting duck.

Felix, your mistaken. I saw on the local news, that started in the early hour and put a downer, if not damper, on all infographics geographically for a time, here.

There were two or three heroes with balls, who died taking bullets when they jumped in front of their women. And then the glory of the instantaneous advert info reaching ignorant twaddler saying,' He hoped that those girls were worth it.'

Thank god for the benefits, amongst all affects of technology, that has no control and laws against abusing others.

Bees and dogs can sense fear! What is there really to fear that cannot be handled?!

Isn't everyone here missing the point? No one in the crowd had a gun. The law says someone can have one. No one did. A gun tucked in a safe at home is not going to help in these situations. Sure, you'd rather have someone there with a gun, but no one was, even though the law enables that right now. So what are you fighting for? Your gun carrying heroes were not there, despite the current laws. So if the laws, as they stand, don't help anyone but the people looking to buy more arms, and thousands of bullets, what use are they?

Are guns mwod? I think that was a terrible descriptive pseudonym moniker in the government side of things. Did they get so small of a operation that they are broken, do not work, and are going to be shut down and obsolete?

I'm the dart in the Colorado 'political' River. Or I'm the producer, all rolled into one, persecuted by my voice of batworld creation for the sake of justice and rightgeousness? Please. Can't we as any community at any scale figure how to mediate these sickening outbreaks; events of tragic occurrence.

I feel bad. I don't have the right and/or ability to express my productiontivity of creation.

Yeah, more of these straight shooting, dead in it's tracks, zealot commentators, p's and q's!

And we have mouths, and even if it is just the mouth. Lots of crappy, scrappy ads[even gun ads] -- it is what it is, quit spazing out down there .;)

The guy should have been stopped before YOUR point in your little world of someone in the audience not having one to defend. And that's just how it is point of no returnsrylee. Period. So go eat your salad and shut up, in a perfect world.

Q: Duh, How are they supposed to stop the guy? Hehah.

A: With accredited resources and dynamic outreach, work, efforts, dedication, and defense against even in the private sector for these isolated incidents. Hopefully, not in their messy and off grassy root hands that went barreling down the hill out of control. Was there somebody in that barrel to stop?

'Put Up or Shut Up!'...Really? Debate is not by no means my forte, and I avoid at all costs, even to the mansa overboard extent of ignoring and not speaking! Rile it up rowdy, just how you like it; in your extreme, there has got to be more than this shiners' sparkling shiny sizzle, rolling round in your haven on earth of false promises. Sell-out! Oh. Well, your much better of an excuse, don't budge or do anything stubborn moleskinny. Mass in the balls. Balsac removed

All of these responses that try to support it just go back to all the points Felix made...

And just like censorship by the government, if you don't want to read (watch) something you don't like — turn it the fuck off.

Full circle...rude.:)

I feel the need to rally the advertising community... blah blah blah, fuck, blah, fuck you, morons, blah, tiny penis

Felix, I finally agree with you on something. And I am surprised how much criticism this article has received. Is this not common sense? Limit gun control - what's the big deal?

So, it's more like:

"Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people."

Well, that makes perfect sense then.

The fact that psychos like the aurora shooter can gain such ready access to fire arms and bullets--and that the checks and balances currently in place failed these innocent victims--is the reason why there needs to be tighter gun control.

Anyone who sees this type of regulation as infringing on their right to hunt or shoot targets, or the antiquated 2nd ammendment, fails to see the logic of the situation.

Not to brag, but who still enjoys going to a theatre anyway, when you have your own hone theater and traDIGITAL selective viewing technology?

I find it hard to be in arenas of large groups of random people! But I am sure that you haven't figured that one out yet.

I've had the privilege of living in SW Colorado for almost thirty years now. Being the age generation that I am, I have always felt the stress and tensions of these situations. Whether bombs at large national events or in ourschool systems. Unfortunately, Colorado has been a magnet for these disturbing events. This is probably the only time I would say we are all in 'anything' together, as that is a broad term for many things that people are not into and don't believe in. Growing up here locally in the school system since grammar school, the one thing I believe correlates with this is how the peers and younger ages attacked eachother in rivalry and were not tolerant to cultural differences. When I say camaraderie, I use it in the Olympic team spirit sense, of setting your pride and ego aside to boost your fellow competitor standing next to you when they are a little down etc. We all go through it. When I say Constructive vs. Destructive, which is widely misunderstood, generalized, and used outside of what I meant get out without me being able to defend. I use it in a broader sense of people coming together to make proper decisions and make sure it happens the right way, to keep the standards and integrity up of what we all have worked so hard for, even through mistakes, since no-one is perfect, besides their premadonna status. Why rip others apart to get ahead? I would feel like a phony losers and an ignorant loser; but I don't know how you would feel and I font try to control that.

The rivalry growing up here, and competing, and in the nation at a micro scale within the macro world stage. Was disturbing, that more often than not, individuals resorted to a low blow, that had absolutely no character or class. Especially, with all of us growing up side by side in capabilities.

I am usually disappointed and isolated in this. Here the reaping hate is unbearable. I am indifferent. It is disappointing. The only way Colorado will ever be a competitor together on the national scale and not just single extra-ordinary standouts, to without excellence and standards, is the day that this truly stops. It will only make everyone stronger, have the most integrity and character not resorting to stupid. it is to easy to give in and sell yourself short in a tight situation.

Switzerland gives guns to all males at the age of 20 because they're apart of a trained militia. Switzerland controls the bullets.


The Swiss army has long been a militia trained and structured to rapidly respond against foreign aggression. Swiss males grow up expecting to undergo basic military training, usually at age 20 in the Rekrutenschule (German for "recruit school"), the initial boot camp, after which Swiss men remain part of the "militia" in reserve capacity until age 30 (age 34 for officers). Each such individual is required to keep his army-issued personal weapon (the 5.56x45mm Sig 550 rifle for enlisted personnel and/or the 9mm SIG-Sauer P220 semi-automatic pistol for officers, medical and postal personnel) at home. Up until October 2007, a specified personal retention quantity of government-issued personal ammunition (50 rounds 5.56 mm / 48 rounds 9mm) was issued as well, which was sealed and inspected regularly to ensure that no unauthorized use had taken place.[4] The ammunition was intended for use while traveling to the army barracks in case of invasion.

In October 2007, the Swiss Federal Council decided that the distribution of ammunition to soldiers shall stop and that all previously issued ammo shall be returned. By March 2011, more than 99% of the ammo has been received. Only special rapid deployment units and the military police still have ammunition stored at home today.[5]

When their period of service has ended, militiamen have the choice of keeping their personal weapon and other selected items of their equipment. In this case of retention, the rifle is sent to the weapons factory where the fully automatic function is removed; the rifle is then returned to the discharged owner. The rifle is then a semi-automatic or self-loading rifle.

The government sponsors training with rifles and shooting in competitions for interested adolescents, both male and female.

A "shooting society " somewhere in Switzerland; people come to such ranges to complete mandatory training with service arms, or to shoot for sport and competition.

A "shooting society" somewhere in Switzerland; people come to such ranges to complete mandatory training with service arms, or to shoot for sport and competition.

The sale of ammunition – including Gw Pat.90 rounds for army-issue assault rifles – is subsidized by the Swiss government and made available at the many shooting ranges patronized by both private citizens and members of the militia. There is a regulatory requirement that ammunition sold at ranges must be used there.

The Swiss Army maintains tight adherence to high standards of lawful military conduct. In 2005, for example, when the Swiss prosecuted recruits who had reenacted the torture scenes of Abu Ghraib, one of the charges was improper use of service weapons.[6]
In 2001 Swiss citizen Friedrich Leibacher entered a regional Swiss parliament building and used a rifle to kill 14 people before killing himself.[7] This was not his personal army issue weapon, but a private version of the army issue rifle. He committed suicide with a pistol and used an improvised explosive device.[8]

# GrossPointBlank

Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.

I love how all these highly-opinionated commenters are calling me opinionated. Oh, the irony. Anyway, something The Denver Egotist encourages me to do is create strong debate, which I think I am good at doing. If I fire you up, good. Better than getting a half-hearted "whatever" after I'm done. This happened right here, in our back yard, which is why I believe I am entitled to talk about it. Look at some of the videos and images posted on this site, they have nothing to do with Colorado or advertising, they're just presented to you to keep you in the loop. And as far as I can see, no one at this point has made a convincing argument for carrying concealed weapons, or a reason not to change current gun laws. I'm open minded, if a solid argument comes along. But I see nothing yet. By the way, guns are works of art? Jesus Christ, if that's the best you've got you're fucked.

Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people. let them have all the guns they want just don't give them the bullets.

You totally missed the point. Art is no excuse for lax gun laws. That's like saying handsome rapists and pedophiles get a pass.

You're right, they're not. But guns can be works of art. That is all that was suggested. Example of concealed carry potentially saving lives... I think this is good argument...

Gun control is important but the problem is definitely people and politics. I don't think this shooter was in control though. I don't think this was your average nutball shooter. The more you dig re: this case, the stranger it gets. People really oughta go digging to find out just how much the media leaves out of stories like this. Then they should think about why that is.

Felix has a tiny penis

Love the article! I'm of course not surprised at the gun fetishists responding with their inaccurate "facts" and their fear. I'd love to see anyone respond with a poster idea, hopefully you get some submissions.

Thanks for writing this. Much needed in this completely ridiculous climate, where to speak the truth is almost a criminal offense. Don't be intimidated by the irrationalists out there -- keep writing and hold your ground! Unless they're fruitcakes with their penis substitute guns. Then of course you may need to give way. The really powerful in this country ie rich white trash like the Koch brothers or Murdoch don't need to lug guns -- the poor dickless wonders who do have some sort of illusion of power, but they only show how pitiful they are.

I love guns and hunting. But, I see nothing wrong with checks or waiting periods. I have plenty of guns of my own. As long as I still have the right to buy what I want, I have no problem with reasonable process to weed out people who shouldn't own them. If more people would come to the middle ground on this it would be great. But all this talk of civilization or whatever that we are more enlightened and should have no use for guns talk is horse shit. If i get this right I can't have guns because they make someone feel bad even though I've done nothing wrong or hurt anyone, nor should said person ever see or hear my gun, But its ok to kill unborn babies (abortion) because mommy can't control her need for penis, is ok? Being enlightened is crazy. I almost could agree with your editorial or whatever, until you just became insulting. I do hunt deer and it has nothing to do with penis size. I eat them, for about $1 for a bullet I get around 50-100 lbs. of meat for my table that i feed my wife and children. In the hardship of todays market and the price of everything, that is a deal I almost can't pass up. Yuppies are the only people i've ever seen sexualize the killing of an animal, must be some personal issues that need to be looked at. I farm them just like the bell peppers in my back yard. I shoot only what I need, i dont even keep the antlers, can't eat those. so to sum it up fuck you very much for your lack of knowledge about anything outside your shallow cultural comfort zone you yuppie.

You know what gun control is?

Hitting you damn target. Criminals care nothing about laws, and it sucks that there are people out there like you who think that us law abiding citizens are out to cause problems. I can carry, but I am not out to get anyone, but carry to keep me and my kids safe. Yes, I have BEEN a victim, and NO, I do not intend to be one again. Does that mean I am out to cause trouble? No. It means that I am not willing to wait for the police to save me, when a crime takes seconds to happen, police are minutes away. Should I be attacked again, or take the precautions to take care of myself and my family? Easy answer for me!

So if someone took the brightly colored bike chain off your hipstermobile and strangled someone else to death with it, would you then want to ban bike chains? Of course not. Bike chains don't kill people.

Or what if someone beat someone else to death with you iPad...or what if someone suffocated someone else to death with your maxipads you flaming liberal douche? Get a grip.

Guns don't kill people idiot the nut job behind the gun kills people. That's the governments fault for dropping the ball on that guys background check.
It doesn't matter how long ago the 2nd amendment was written. The fact remains that it is our right as Americans to carry a firearm. If you pull your head out of of ass you would see making it harder for people (law abiding that is )to get guns and gun permits just makes it easier for criminals to take advantage of that situation.

Your post:

"If we must have legal guns (and America must, it seems, because the guys who owned slaves said it was a good idea) then there should be SEVERE limits placed on gun ownership."

My reaction:

Great! Can we start with you?

What I find humorous is that you bounce your right to the First Amendment around like it's candy... abuse it, in fact. Yet, you go against the very amendment (the 2nd amendment) that so fought for your right to bounce those opinions in other people's faces.

Our founding fathers were gun supporters. "They" are the ones who put that amendment in our Consitution... the one that you so outwardly speak out against. In fact, they used guns to fight for YOUR right to even post your article. If "that" is what the revolutionary war was about... to give you the right to shove your opinions in other people's faces.. then, no offense, but the Revolutionary War was a "complete" waste of time.

I am even further amazed that you FOUND the time to write such an outlandish thing. How long did that take you? Twenty minutes? What positive things could you have done in those 20 minutes instead of being angry and criticizing others? Hmmm... maybe help feed some starving children? Or help a neighbor out with something?

Time is our most precious resource and you waste it by criticizing others. What a sad, sad life you have.


I am absolutely blown away by how many people had such a problem with this post. Not sure how Kronk, Thag and the rest of his caveman buddies living in The Stone Age even had the mental wherewithal to log into their strange, glowing boxes of light to post such archaic opinions. I've probably worked with you people at some point in this town, and have to say, you've hidden the jutting five-heads amazingly well. Perhaps they've been covered with your Klan hoods.

However, that's beside the point. What I really can't believe is how many people commented that an advertising blog "isn't the place" to make this kind of post. Bullshit. As Felix alluded to, we need to start using our creative powers for good or whatever we feel is good. You guys didn't get into this business just so you could hawk heart-stopping cheeseburgers or other crap for evil corporations, did you? If you feel strongly that no changes are needed to the current gun laws, then hell, why not send those pro-pistol-packin' poster ideas to Felix too. Maybe someone can come up with something more compelling than the weak sauce being ejaculated machine gun-style all over this page. Only thing halfway rationale from that side of the fence I saw was the guy talking about blasting Bambi right between the eyes to feed his family.

I'm sure I'll start gettin' lit up on here for being a liberal nutcase who's all about gun control and healthy eating, but F to the U. At least I'll be one of the last people standing. Unless all you crazy fucks strapped to the gills decide to feed me a bullet for breakfast.

"So, let’s recap. The current laws ALLOWED there to be a slew of heroes “packing heat” in the audience that day. "

This is completely wrong. All Century Theaters are "Gun Free Zones." So the Law abiding citizen and conceal weapons card holder would not and could not legally carry their gun into the theater. I stopped reading after the quoted statement because if you didn't the time to truly research this subject then you have no reason to be heard about it. And I hope that someone before me has already corrected your mistake. Now would be a good time to take down and rewrite your editorial.

This article literally makes me want to stop reading the egotist. Libtards.

I live in Canada and wish the gun laws were different. We can't carry concealed and have tight restrictions on handguns. I really only trust people WITH guns because if you can't aquire one there must be some reason, and don't bullshit by saying "I don't like guns". I shoot at my gun range and I hunt, all legally. The head of the RCMP where I live doesn't think anyone should own guns, I can only tell you that if my life or that of my family was ever threatend by some thieving crack head burglar he would have a nice quiet "lights off" ride to the hospital. Criminals will always break the law and if you outlaw guns then only the outlaws will have guns.

Oh tell me more, Felix. Tell me how stricter gun laws will cut back on crime.

Since when do criminals care about laws?

You gun nuts don't get it. The guy who shot up the movie theater was not some hardened criminal, he was a student who went bonkers. Yet he was able to arm himself with thousands of bullets and many guns, and without raising one red flag. Why is it ok to allow this to go on? He's not saying no guns! He's saying checks and balances people.

You know that more crimes have been commited with household items and sporting goods than guns. Knife, Hammer, Axe, Golf club, Baseball bat, all used in murders OH, and Lighter fluid, Gasoline, Muriatic Acid, Tire iron, Crowbar, ETC.... Not to mention how many people have been killed by vehicles, or even someones bare hands. 84,999,997 Firearms owners killed no one yesterday. Don't come to us for help when someone kicks your door down and all you have to protect your family are the police who may show up on time.

The guns were not permitted in the theater by order of the theater owner.

I assume that business have the power to individually put up "gun free zone" signs, you know, the one's that mass spree shooters look for.

Consult the local gun laws to verify, this is what I've heard... from most everyone.... if the owner of a store has signs up saying you can not CCW in his establishment... well then it is illegal to do so in his establishment.

Thank you for voicing a sane commentary amid the insanity; when a little girl who went to batman lies dead because of some psycho with a cadre of assault weapons, we need to make changes. There must be strict gun control and zero tolerance for those who have a gun unlicensed and unregistered. There must be annual mental wellness evaluations and there must be a database that is checked against when someone is referred by a psychiatrist as potentially dangerous. If any of the pro-gun dimwits dispute any of these points, you really have to wonder – why? None of what I said calls for removing guns from sane people. It calls for removing and barring ownership by insane people.
We also need all assault weapons off the streets and banned nationwide.

Ban all you want nut jobs and criminals will obtain their guns illegaly no matter how many laws psych evaluations or registration rules you have. I guess if you ban firearms there will never be another crime. Don't punish us for the f***ing ups of the crazy people, and stop calling them assault rifles, any rifle used to assault people is an assault rifle and any legally manufactured firearm in the hands of a whack job can be modified. You want to take away guns because some peope are nuts, then we should take away your penis because some sickos have commited rape, does that mean everyone will?

Someone find him and punch him in the tiny penis region. Your right, a lefty commi fagg.

Here in America, we don't strip the rights of 100's of millions of people because of the criminal actions of a relatively small minority That's the reason we shouldn't impose more gun control even if we could, which we can't.We tried prohibiting alcohol. How'd that work out? Yeah,complete failure and gave rise to modern organized crime. We still prohibit numerous drugs. How's that working? The drugs are still available to anyone who wants them and the cartels that sell them have annual proceeds that exceed the GNP of many countries. Drugs and alcohol are consumable commodities that, once used, must be replaced, yet prohibition of them has completely and utterly failed. Guns on the other hand are durable items which will last for 100 years or more with reasonable care. Yet there is always some nimrod asserting that we can successfully prohibit guns. Why? We've never been able to successfully prohibit anything else. All gun control and gun prohibition do is insure that criminals will be better armed than their victims. Any mass shootings yet on shooting ranges or at gun shows? Gee I wonder why not? As far as guns being only in the hands of police and military there's a term for that. It's called a police state. Feel free to move to one if you don't value the freedoms you have here.

You forgot to mention that despite the high profile mass shootings that you victim disarmament advocates salivate over, the US homicide rate is at near record lows. You also forgot to mention the countries like Russia that have near total firearm prohibition and homicide rates MUCH higher than the US, more than double in fact. But hey it makes it a lot safer for the police to arrest those pesky protesters and send them to the gulag so it must be worth it.

"You gun nuts don't get it. The guy who shot up the movie theater was not some hardened criminal, he was a student who went bonkers. Yet he was able to arm himself with thousands of bullets and many guns, and without raising one red flag. Why is it ok to allow this to go on? He's not saying no guns! He's saying checks and balances people.
SaladMan (not verified)"

No, you don't get it. The shooter in this case PASSED ALL BACKGROUND CHECKS WHEN HE BOUGHT HIS GUNS AT RETAIL. So, your "checks and balances" failed utterly and completely, again. The average middle schooler isn't a "hardened criminal" either, yet they don't seem to have a lot of trouble buying pot and other prohibited drugs which the last time I checked, were illegal. Prohibition has failed everytime it's been tried in the US, yet there is always some "nut" like you who thinks that with guns it will just magically work. How about we start applying the same "checks and balances" that already apply to retail firearms purchases to voting? There will never be another democrat elected. Hell democrats have a cow now over their sketchy supporters being asked to show an ID. Wait until the NICS checks on voters start. I can't wait.

"Thanks for writing this. Much needed in this completely ridiculous climate, where to speak the truth is almost a criminal offense. Don't be intimidated by the irrationalists out there -- keep writing and hold your ground! Unless they're fruitcakes with their penis substitute guns. Then of course you may need to give way. The really powerful in this country ie rich white trash like the Koch brothers or Murdoch don't need to lug guns -- the poor dickless wonders who do have some sort of illusion of power, but they only show how pitiful they are.
Anonymous (not verified)"

I hate to break it to you with your penis obsession and all, but Freud considered a fear of weapons to be a sign of sexual and emotional immaturity. But hey don't let actual facts interfere with your babbling rant.

Contrary to your claims the theater in question was a "gun free zone" AKA killer safety zone. Shootings like this virtually always happen in killer safety zones. The criminals like it that way because it drastically lessens the chances of their being shot. If people like you really believe that having no guns makes you safer, why don't you post signs on your homes declaring them gun free zones and announcing that you are completely unarmed? That can be your anti-gun add copy. You can use your own house and leave the sign up. Let me know how that works out.

Mike C, yeah, because I'm sure the death/casualty toll would have been so much lower with a bunch of movie theater patrons returning fire in a dark, smoke filled room.

And last time I checked, gun deaths in homes that don't have guns? Low. Gun deaths in homes that do? Higher.

Get a fucking clue before you post stupid shit like that.

Steve, Richard, Mike, why are we having having a conversation with people who were probably touched inapropriately by a family member? Let's make the world a safer place by loading all of our guns and going to the firing range (not in that order of course) and making sure there are 1000's less bullets on the shelves, maybe the anti-gun folks will be happy. I'm off to the range to do my part, zombies beware!

One thing that hasn't been said is this. The love of money is the root of all evil. The NRA isn't really concerned about guns or frredom or democracy or liberty or the correct interpretation of the constitution. They don't honestly care about protecting homes and the possessions of hard working, law abiding, tax paying honest citizens. They are interested in one thing Money. Period. Lots of it. Guns and ammo and all things associated with them generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The NRA is motivated by profits. Cash. They don't give a flying flip if people are massacred by machine guns. Honestly, they just don't give a darn. They are all about money. Just like Budweiser and Marlboro. They just don't give a crap if people's lives are ruined by alcohol and tobacco, they just want the money. Greed. The love of money is the root of all evil. If the NRA didn't have so damn much money, they wouldn't own congress and we could get some good, common senese gun control. Not some crazy knee jerk reaction-take all of the guns away, but some very tough, common sense, realistic, safety enhancing restrictions. I totally agree with the writer of the article. Well done. Bravo.


Thank god someone finally had the balls to speak out against the insanity that is our gun culture. The NRA controls this conversation (if there actually was one) and terrifies congress. Why do we allow it? Seriously why? Idiots talk about taking the country back - how about getting it out of the hands of the NRA?

You track my sudafed purchases to deal with a meth problem in this country but there isn't a law in place to track MASSIVE ammunition purchases on line. There is no place in our society for assult weapons beyond the miltary and the police and anyone who pretends they have some positive value it just a schill for the NRA.

Thank you Felix!

Who is this Idiot ? he was CRAZY ! he would have gotten a gun no matter what!

PS Where do you get the permitt for TEAR GAS !

That's the point. You don't need one, and you shouldn't have one. Anyone over the age of 21 can order it only, like here, no questions asked. This country is fucked up.

I can say is thank God for nuclear weapons. If it were not for nuclear weapons there wouldn’t be no other way to pry guns out of the cold dead hands of brain-damaged mental retards, who think they are in the “well regulated militia” when in fact they are enemies to the Constitution of the United States. No one has a right to kill anyone. Only a well regulated militia has a right to bear arms, to take those guns out of the cold dead hands of retards, who think the word “Hunter, self defense, gun collector, target shooter” are in the Constitution. Anyone who thinks self defense or Hunter is in the Constitution is the enemy of the United States, a terrorist.

But the patriotic Americans have a right to use nuclear weapons to get the guns out of these terrorist hands. The gunowners will see their flesh consume away from their bones, their eyes will consume away in their sockets and their children will run around on fire. They will know they’re there is a God and a judgment, but it will be a little too late. They chose to be enemies of the Constitution. Gunowners will be given the chance to find the word “hunter” or “self-defense” in the Constitution, before the nuclear weapons are launched. But they will not find those words in there, because they are not in there.

Gun owners are slime balls who only care about themselves and don’t give a shit for anyone else. They don’t want to use less than lethal bullets, they want to kill someone. They don’t care if they miss the person they want to kill and kill one of their own family members, just as long as they can kill someone, they are happy. Don’t feel sorry for them when they die in a nuclear holocaust. They chose death for themselves and their children, when they said the only way to get their guns is out of their cold dead hands. In this case it’ll be their burning hot dead hands. God will do nothing until he declares it to the prophets first and it has been declared.

"I wan't to shooooost" - Goldmember.
"Blah, blah, blah, you're going to attack them?" That's how you sound. Imagine listening to that all day.

Typical ignoramus. Riddle me this, moron - after abolishing every last gun from the face of the Earth how are you going to stop the crazy people from getting into a Hummer and plowing through a Farmer's Market? If you don't think crazy people will figure these things out then you are just kidding yourself with your insignificant symbolism of what a gun is designed for versus what a car is designed for. If you want to wank yourself and argue over hollow symbolism that is one thing, but at least have the decency admit it.

The gun prohibitionist's fantasy world:
A teenager has been arrested after killing nine people and wounding four others in a knife attack in northeast China, state media reported Thursday.
The 17-year-old, who was identified only by his surname Li, barged into the home of his girlfriend armed with a knife following an argument and killed two relatives of the girl, the Legal Daily said.
As he left his girlfriend's home in Liaoning province's Xinbin county, he stabbed six more people to death and wounded five, it said.
One of the injured died Thursday in hospital, the paper said.
Li was arrested near the scene of the attack, late on Wednesday night, and was taken into custody, the official Xinhua news agency reported.
Police had nabbed him as he was preparing to jump from a building in an apparent suicide attempt, it added.
No other details were immediately available. Calls made to local authorities and police in Xinbin county went unanswered.
Violent crime has been on the rise in China in recent decades as the nation's economy has boomed and the gap between rich and poor has expanded at an alarming rate.
Experts say the increase in assaults shows that China is paying the price for focusing on more than 30 years of economic growth while ignoring problems linked to rapid social change.
Studies have described a rise in the prevalence of mental disorders in China, some of them linked to stress as the pace of life becomes faster and socialist support systems wither.
However, authorities stress that murder, which carries the death penalty, remains far less common than in most Western countries.

The founding fathers would be appalled at the idea of curtailing access to firarms for all because of an incident. The second amendment reads as such:

As passed by the Congress:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.[8]
The original hand-written copy of the Bill of Rights, approved by the House and Senate, was prepared by scribe William Lambert and resides in the National Archives.

The founding fathers intended all of us to have access to military level weaponry for fear of TYRANNICAL Government.

It amazes me how so many people are so eager to put themselves and all other law abiding citizens in a situation where they would be completely defenseless.

Gun control people: There are 300 million firearms already OUT in the US floating around.

What are you going to go and confiscate them all? Genius....

I don't like seeing politics on the D. E. either, but unfortunately that's the world we live in

Convenient how many people forget the "A well regulated Militia" part of the second amendment. Sounds like it starts out by clearly stating that regulation is important. Probably so they could keep dumb shits and psychos away from guns.

WOW! Notice how all the anti-gun people have anger issues, good thing they don't have guns.In Manitoba a few years ago Vince Li boarded a Greyhound bus with a knife, stabbed a sleeping passenger, cut his head off, and proceeded to eat parts of him. In any state where ccw is allowed that guy would have been shot. He is walking the streets, although supervised, and is very much alive. Here's a scenario: You are at home sleeping and your door is knocked down by the latest prison release, who refused treatment, and is a high risk to re-offend. He has his illegally obtained gun, and threatens to rape your wife, your daughter, your dog, you. Do you A. Call police and wait 3+ minutes for them. B. Open your biometric pistol safe and put two in his chest. C. Curl up on the floor like a bitch and watch your family experience some shit that will leave them wishing you would have been able to protect them. If you answered anything but B you need help, any real man will put himself between his family and the threat. Neutralize the threat. By the way the world has 2400 less bullets now thanks to me and my 1911 at the range.

B: I would ask him to wait patiently while I leave the room, unlock my safe and come back and shoot him. He'd let me do that. Sure. Or are you suggesting that while he's ranting and raving, and threatening your wife and child, and dog, you do a barrel roll out of the danger zone, into another room to grab your gun from your safe, leaving the maniac alone with your family? That's real manly of you. Let's hope they survive while you're trying desperately to fiddle with the combination. And when you do get back, if they're still alive, maybe you can ask him not to use them as a human shield. But your 2400 rounds of training, aiming at a paper target with zero threat, will mean you'd be a crack shot, right? You could just take him out Robocop style. Moron.

Safe is in the bedroom firstly, and second some of us have real world combat training which is why you are able to walk freely and are not speaking German right now. P.S. What's with the name calling? ... so angry.

You ducked the question, good sir. How do you open the safe when there's a maniac pointing a gun at you and your family? It's your scenario. I doubt he's going to just let you do that. Or is he shouting "I'm gonna come up there and rape you all" from downstairs?

Ya if Ahnold were here he would call you a gurly man...and so would anyone else with a pair of balls. Smoke a blunt and quit whining you fucking little bitch, I love how you assume you understand everyones way of thinking by saying nobody knows how they would react..well I guess all that military training and police training that men and women go thru means that they would just sit there with a thumb up thier ass and watch families get slaughtered, shame on you if you were in front of me id puke on your face.

OH, I get it. You're saying people with military training, and the police, should carry guns. Now I'm totally on board with that. You and I, we're like two peas in a pod man.

If you have never been in a situation you wouldn't know how you'd react. Have you ever had to make the decision fight or flight when someone is at the bottom of your staircase? most responsible adults have a safe room to go to, and gun safes are now made to open by fingerprint ID. I dare you to tell the guy that saved his 8 year old from being raped that he shouldn't have shot the rapist trying to kick the front door down. Tell him to his face "you shouldn't have had a gun, you don't have proper training." I grew up with the same video games and movies as everyone else and never thought of going on a shooting spree. Look to the parents and the upbringing. If someone threatens you I hope an armed citizen is there to help. We are all brothers. NEVER FORGET

You are all over the map man. Sure, if there's some guy kicking down the door and you're all on the other side with a gun, that's one thing. But how often is that going to happen? How many responsible adults have a safe room with a gun safe in it? And how would that have helped in the movie theater shooting? Oh hang on, let me run home to my safe room and grab by piece. You can't cite these perfect storm scenarios as a reason to let everyone arm themselves, gun laws need to be tightened.

Tighten away, illegal guns will always be illegal guns. Psycho murderers will find a way to kill. Murder has always been against the law, yet..... oh thats right it never happens. OAO.

Any one who uses the argument that if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns needs a history lesson.

In 1929 Chicago and then the federal government moved to outlaw certain classes of weapons such as machine guns and sawed-off shot guns. The law was actually instituted as a tax.

The arguments against the law were the same then: here's an quote from one such argument at the time:

"It is notorious that when restrictions are put upon the possession of firearms or any particular kind of weapon they never are effective against the criminal classes but only put the peaceable man at a disadvantage or in a false position before the law. The prohibition does not bother the enemy of society but it makes a technical offender of the decent citizen. The man who would not misuse a weapon is the man who is injured. The drive for public security is thus given the wrong direction."

In other words, when you outlaw machine guns, only outlaws will have machine guns, and the peaceable citizen will not have the ability to return machine-gun fire when needed.

So, if you are for keeping assault rifles legal, pick a better argument or do everyone a favor and read a book before opening your mouth.

Guess what? There are still people who rape and murder your family! Have you ever heard of the Cheshire home invasion? Thats exactly the situation a gun might come in handy for dealing with. I'll admit owning a gun makes me feel like more of a man, like an extension of my genitals but hunting? Some of us hunt to survive, a 75 cent bullet puts food on the table for a week, you fancy suburban pansy. And no one uses assault rifles to hunt you ninny, we own them to protect our freedom from people like you you only want to arm the military, just like say every dictatorship in existence. And yes a well armed populace can take on an army of well trained soldiers and drones and and billions of dollars, look at Afghanistan for the proof in that. Could anyone have stopped the shooter? I doubt it. But are armed civilians going to start dueling, and shooting innocent people? Not likely, no one wants to lose their gun.

It is a crime to kill people. It doesn't matter if they do it with guns, with bombs, or with their cars. Driving drunk is illegal, or the last time I checked it was. Does it stop people from driving drunk? The answer is NO. And making guns illegal will not stop people from shooting people with guns. I am a small woman and I have a gun. If someone tries to attack me, I want a way to defend myself and for all of you idiots out there who don't think I'm worth defending, give me a better alternative. Oh, wait, let's make it illegal to attack people. Hmmm. that will fix it. What is wrong with stupid people? Do you just live in a fog?

Um, it is hard to get a gun now legally in a store, they do a full background check by the state's bureau of investigation, and if you are a criminal, you don't get to buy it. There are a lot of families that enjoy shooting targets for recreation. Who are you to tell law abiding citizens what they should enjoy and whether they should have the right to own a gun? You are trying to take away other law abiding peoples freedom. If you are against the idiot that shot people in a theatre, then go after him and idiots like him, but leave the people that legally own guns in this country alone. If you take away our guns, crime will run WAY rampant. The more law abiding citizens that safely and legally are licensed to conceal carry guns, the more criminals will have to think about pulling theirs out and the safer we all are. If the criminal is shooting at the person with a gun, then innocent people running for the exits aren't getting shot at and the fatalities are far fewer. If there were more people in that theatre legally carrying..then YES, I believe the number of lives lost would have been fewer. If he was getting shot at, other factors like cover will enter his mind and less shots at innocent people are taken...seriously think about that. Put yourself in a bank robbers shoes...wouldnt you be less likely to pull a gun out not knowing who in the bank is carrying? if only cops have guns, criminals get a HUGE advantage over the good guys. You can go fuck yourself dude...seriously.

You are an idiot.

Stupid people live in a fog. Damn liberals.

Who are you to tell law abiding citizens what to enjoy?

Ha! These gun toting pricks are the same people who want marijuana to stay illegal, want to take away a woman's right to choose an abortion, and want religion to be hand in hand with politics. The hypocrisy stinks here. Get mad when it's something you want, but deny others if it's something you don't want.

Lets see I do recall this mad man was known to have a mental problem but no one persued the posibility of him going off the edge. So now everyone is blaming guns. Why not blame those that did not try to help this guy when they saw a flaw in his judgement. Only those that hate guns blame guns. It seems that gun sales went up some 40% after the shooting. Wonder why?

The author of this blog would do himself a tremendous service by reviewing the FBI Uniform Crime Report and the U.N.'s own data:

1. gun-free zones have the most violent crime.
2. in areas where most citizens own firearms have the least amount of crime.
3. in areas where most citizens conceal carry, crime disappears altogether.

The author can choose where he wants to live. If he lives in a safe neighborhood, he should thank his firearm-owning neighbors who make the neighborhood safe for him.

Yes. Guns kill people--but only when the wrong people handle them. I am a college student, and I own an Egyptian AK-47. Am I going to go on a shooting spree? No. Do I use it recreationally? Yes. If you don't like it too bad. Come and fucking take it yourself.

You are a dumb ass you have no clue what you are talking about, how about you do some real research

Thank goodness this free country allows morons like you to write & post such utter bull crap. At least I know enough to not try and change your mind... you'll have to walk your sheep life looking for someone else to blame until you witness or experience something unfortunate to wake you up. Gun owners, especially those who carry, will take their odds armed over the guarantee of being a helpless victim. Pathetic.

There are two answers to this...

1) love the article! Those TV shootin rednecks need to be stripped of everything and anything cuz i think guns are scary and creepy and cause all kinds of human rights troubles! Whine bitch groan moan cry cry cry boohoo the children!

2) rawr gun bans are bad n only crazy people kill people with guns and im an ignorant 50 year old conservative! Jesus has an AR15 and wins war against terrerists fur amurica fuck yeah!

Either way you slice it, both sides of the fence sounds retarded.

On a side note, I own a number of firearms for USPSA competition and the thing I have noticed was a severe lack of ignorant fucktards amongst all the engineers, programmers, judges, and attorneys that I compete against. In fact most of them are very highly intelligent people enjoying a weekend hobby.

On the flipside there are plenty of rednecks with shotguns shooting up TVs out in the desert and blowing things up left and right while drinking beer.

Seems like the issue isnt the gun itself, but once again the people who own the weapon to begin with . Perhaps an education requirement would be a reasonable line for both sides?

Jesus has and AR? Boy what a way to shake the trees!
Cars kill people Ban them!

smoking kills people! Ban it

how about peanuts? ha ha

I defended your right to type this... For 18 years of my life...


The First, amendment was written "centuries ago" as well, as was the third, fourth, fifth... shall I continue? ..

So.. by your thinking, we should abolish the first amendment along with the second... because it was written centuries ago..

I'm floored by this article to be honest, the hypocrisy of it all is so typical.. attack the second amendment, using the first.. But exercising your first amendment rights is OK... Even though they were both written centuries ago...

I hope to never have to use my firearm in defense of my family, but it's my right to be able to do so.. Just as you have the right to publish this 'body of work'..

Oh, and if you think it's the job of the police to protect you, I believe the Supreme Court has ruled that individuals do not have the Constitutional right to protection by the police and the Police have no duty to protect you..

So, if armed men enter your house someday in a home invasion, I hope your butter knife works well to fight them off..or you can wait for the police..

Okay, you hate guns. I get it. You hate hunting. I get it. But you're wrong on many point. In Colorado, as elsewhere, a conceal-carry permit is issued upon competent demonstration of the use of a firearm, knowledge of laws surrounding the use of deadly force, you pass the background check (which means little when it comes to undocumented crazy people) etc etc. Meaning, there is a live-fire component here. Obviously you know little about the laws and rules.

You cannot stop crazy, that much is apparent. If guns were hard to get, illegal..whatever, the crazies would find other means to kill people with.

What do crazies have to do with hunting? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The fact that you do not see a point in it does not mean you're right and everyone else is wrong. Good luck to you if the shit ever hits the fan. I hope you enjoy eating tree bark and lawn grass. I can rest assured that you will be one of the idiots begging for red meat at my door.

You know what I really think about? You're a pantyboy metrosexual who probably won't die curious. Does your "significant" other spank you on occasion? It sure sounds like you need one.

Just a comment to the author. Reading this was like listening to myself
there is not a paragraph that doesn't contain something I have said many times in the past. I think that a society that feels it needs guns is a society that shouldn't have them. It is argued that responsible people should be able to. But there really are not any responsible people in the world, 'or at least not enough'. You watch the news or look around your neighborhood and you see lawyers, judges, police officers behaving
very badly. Thousands die every year from "responsible" people driving to fast. I think the need to own guns for almost every one is a sad statement for the world.

Forks make people fat and pencils make all the errors also

This man is a genius.

You're not helping your argument very much. You just come off as a dick. I'm not a big fan of the NRA or big gun nuts, and I'm amenable to some forms of gun control, but I think you should work on your expression. One aspect of the 2nd amendment and gun control debate that I find missing, is the role that firearms play in helping the citizenry defend themselves from the government itself, should it lose its legitimacy. I also live in the western USA, where there are places that you could rape and murder people in broad daylight and nobody would be there to help, because it's so remote. Out in such places, "the only law is right" and you have only yourself to rely on for safety and protection. I understand that many people will say that's ridiculous and paranoid and anti-social, or that times have changed and there is no need to protect yourself when you have the police and a standing army. It is very possible there will never be a need. I, however, am not willing to gamble with life, and in some instances, property. We can have a discussion, but not with your attitude.

I agree that the law should be somewhat more strict on guns but It wouldn't help us sane folks who depend on guns to put food on the table. natural food is the best & guns can put 500$ worth of food in the freezer at the cost of one 20 cent bullet if you hit it. Why stress over chemical injected food when theres a world full of fine game. As for the public shooings, Its a sad thing but the devil enjoys twisting peoples minds until they snap & lose control

@ Richard

"I hate to break it to you with your penis obsession and all, but Freud considered a fear of weapons to be a sign of sexual and emotional immaturity. But hey don't let actual facts interfere with your babbling rant."

I hate to break it to you, but Freud and pyschoanalysis is viewed today as mostly psuedoscientific nonsense. Much of what Freud claimed to have "discovered" turned out to be nothing more than his own speculations and drug-addled musings made up out of whole cloth.

There is nothing irrational about being concerned with 1) the sheer number of lethal firearms circulating in the US, and 2) the fact that anyone with a brain stem can apparently have access to military grade weaponry.

If you are NOT concerned about this state of affairs, and think that less gun control is needed, then you are a drooling imbecile.

The usual arguments are out there, always, about the reasons we can’t have gun control. It’s in the 2nd Amendment, which was written centuries ago (when people had to own a gun to stop someone stealing their land and raping and killing their whole family).

Well, this is an interesting statement. I mean, seeing as how people are STILL out there raping and killing people's families!
Now, let me tell YOU a story. The next door neighbor of my cousin, a single, older lady, was attacked by an idiot who broke into her home in the middle of the night. She doesn't remember how she did it, but she managed to get away from him and was able to get to her gun which she kept under her bed. Just so you understand, this man BEAT her and that she managed to get away from him was a miracle. Anyway, she shot him. TWICE. That man won't be breaking into anymore homes. Her shots were FATAL! Had she NOT had her gun, he'd have raped her and PROBABLY killed her. So, SHUT THE HELL UP!
Perhaps it would serve us better to KEEP THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT locked up for the whole term of their sentence rather than viewing them as "human beings that shouldn't be caged like animals" OR by imposing the DEATH PENALTY in order to ASSURE the public that a killer won't be released back into the HUMAN population! YOU FOOL! People like you make me want to VOMIT! Are you REALLY so naive to think that by taking everyone's guns away, that the criminals won't have them either? Are you REALLY THAT STUPID? How many guns that criminals use to kill innocent people do you think are LEGALLY REGISTERED? If the criminals want them bad enough, they WILL get them. Even if they have to smuggle them, which is a very common occurrence. Then ONLY the criminals would have them, leaving families UNPROTECTED!

Why is no one mentioning that while yes, it is legal in Colorado to carry a handgun with a license, Cinemark theaters have a strict "no gun" policy. That's with or without a license. I guess this guy didn't get the memo. Now, Colorado state law does not require one to obey a "no gun" sign. It does not have the force of law, however it does mean that they can and will ask you to leave if it is found that you are carrying a firearm. If you do not comply you can be arrested. So what does this mean? Well, people who have concealed carry licenses are 99.9% of the time law-abiding citizens, not out to cause trouble. I think that most gun carrying people would be with me in that if I see a "no gun" sign, I respect that and will not carry into that location, even if I am not legally obligated to comply. So it is us, the average, law-abiding citizen who obey the laws; not these insane people. So get rid of guns. Leave us defenseless against criminals who will STILL get guns, and if they can't do that, will find another way to kill. I can promise you that. Do you think that the world was void of murder prior to the invention of guns?

How about a little research eh?

The media LOVES these stories. They seem to give them every reason to promote gun control (although many could argue on the contrary). What we don't hear about on the news is the incidents where guns DO stop crimes. How about the shooting at New Destiny Christian Church on April 22 2012 IN ARAURA?? The shooter shot one woman before being shot himself by a man at the church. Didn't hear about that in the news?? hmm...


Secondly: Only the military and the police should have guns right? Well where were they when the shooting started to happen in the theater? Don't quote me on this, but the average response time for an officer to get to the scene is around 3 minutes. Every second that ticked by, more bullets being shot at these poor innocent people. I still pray for them and their families.

Don't blame the 2nd amendment for these mass shooting; blame your state legislators for banning conceal carry in movie theaters. Psychos tend to want to create as much bloodshed as possible before giving up to the police or "offing" himself; so they choose these "gun free zones" to make it their own shooting gallery.

I also wanted to bring up that the news never does stories of a conceal handgun permit holder saving his own life or another's by shooting the bad guy. The media rather focus their attention to such a devastating, heart-breaking story (though, it get's the ratings doesn't it?).

Hey, you're awesome! Thanks so much for writing this, it is EXACTLY how I feel. I live in Maine where I have neighbors who are mentally ill, one guy diagnosed paranoid psyzophrenic(sp?) and the are amassing arsenals but unless you are INVOLUNTARILY committed to a mental hospital, it's legal. Since he went along with suggestions, they didn't take away his gun rights and he has an AK47 and etc. And people are stupid idiots and it makes me want to tear out my hair because who will end up getting shot? The little girl probably, that seems how it usually works, the innocent get shot while the asshole buy and sell weapons and trade up, it's like drug addictions, the last gun was never big enough. Keep writing. Thanks so much.

And regarding the gun/penis thing, I don't really know about the size of my neighbor's penis, but watch the movie Red Dawn. That is a paranoid right wingers wet dream, these guys love that movie! They practically orgasm at the opportunity to fantasize about killing people. And it is insane propaganda, pushing the idea that a gun makes you a man, they drink blood and treat women like pathetic little things, you crazy gun owners are turning our country into a war zone, you are ruining our country, you are NOT patriotic, you are NOT preserving the peace, you are ASSHOLES.
Why don't you just go and play demolition derby somewhere, find a game where you only hurt yourself.

You poor, brainwashed jackwagon. Ever considered that most people that lawfully own firearms do so purely for the love of firing them? Lets face it. guns are fun, and that's what it boils down to for the vast majority of gun owners. Why dont you take your bullshit, regurgitated rhetoric and shove it back up your ass where it belongs because nobody wants to hear it.

You sure do seem to do a lot of yapping for someone who is completely clueless about the topic of the rant. So there are no good reasons to own guns? Really? 2nd Amendment text: "A well regulated milita, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Now, maybe you should try to bring some of those precious few cells of grey matter of yours to bear on this sentence. What does necessary for the security of a free state mean? Why would we possibly need weapons in order to ensure our security? If your response is something to the effect of, "that's what the military is for," then you haven't thought about it hard enough. Keep trying.

I came across this while googling "Why do people want to keep their guns", and I enjoyed your rant. It's a good piece of rhetoric using many of the classic arguments and counter-arguments for gun control, and one that I hadn't yet heard. Although there are alot of critics on here and they pointed out a couple things you had wrong factually about events, (I want to add one in case someone missed it: we NEED hunting in this country to control animal populations because we've eliminated most of their natural predators) I think your points were spot on, logical, and reasoned. Don't pay much attention to the name-callers and the gun addicts commenting negatively on here. There have been more mass shootings since Aurora, I don't think it's something that'll go away. We can deal with it one of two ways: everyone conceal-carries or no one but law enforcement and military has a gun. The first option - before you go outside, put on your shoes and your gun. Kinda reminds me of being deployed to a warzone, except this time it's at home. Taking your kids to the park? Make sure you bring your spare clip, might need it. Personally, I don't see why to be safe I need to carry my own weapon everywhere I go. The second option is that we can ban guns and turn the same energy that nearly killed the cigarette industry on them. The only people legally allowed to own and carry a firearm would be law enforcement and military. It might take awhile, but eventually we'll have safety in public. I'm going to copy and paste your rant, use some of your points for my own arguments.

Just want to let you know that you should go into politics! Heard a lot of b.s. before from fanatics like you! I think you should do yourself a favor,and go get a permit for yourself! Actually no you shouldn't! You're the type to shoot up some place! Now that being said!I hope you know the statistics for shoots also includes police shootings! And yes guns are made to kill! Cars are not made to kill! On average about 17,000 people die a year from all gun related instances in the u.s.! On average 6 million people die a year in the u.s. from car accidents! And no there not made to kill people! But they still kill a lot more then guns do! So when you cross a cross walk remember cars don't kill people, people kill people! But if it weren't for the driver, it would be a parked car dipshit! One last thing! You are an idiot! Feel free to E-mail. Me back! Would. Love to hear from you!your biggest. Fan! A well trained armed citizen!

I'm pro gun contl, or atleast americans shouldnt have guns cuz americans are fucking retarded. Even though you're slightly smarter than the average american cuz you believe in gun control; you're still a dumb yank: that first ad you linked takes place in the UK...where guns arent allowed and so the ad is a joke ad, I mean it evn says free fucking rock at the end.sigh, americans.

Everything here is bs, the UK and Africa have super high murder rates and both places it's near impossible to get a gun.

And two "heros opening fire" just because they see a legal open carry?
What kind of fear/gas lighting nazi tactic is that?

There are plenty of cases where an armed citizen have saved people, and proper training is part of this.

I carry all the time every day, and served 10 years in the Marine Core before I retired, cops have guns and are not even trained that well, and you'll call them to help you when seconds may count, yet you don't want we the people to carry?
That is a contradiction and invalidates your whole argument, you can't want everyone to not carry then call te cops because they have guns, it ceases to be a democracy when government has more power than the people and infringes on our rights.

You sir know nothing, to get a gun a person must pass a 3 stage background check, give shell casings, not have commited ANY violent crime period even if its not a felony, and some states even outright jail you and refuse to even let you carry, like half of the whole east coast for example.

Wake up!
Hard drugs is illegal, and so was alcohol at one point!
And guess what people still did them all!!
Learn some history, even if you enact a death penalty, and make it a felony for everyone to own them, people will still do it!
Take a look and meth for Christ sake.

The only difference is that lawful people will not be hurting others with them, crimanals live outside the law.. So if you make it a crime guess what.. It only hurts honest people.

And no "who carries a gun to the movies" I do, I carry every day, and will not let someone like you going totally off opinion and not off fact dictate to me what to do.

If you hate it so much go to China, that's a place thy will restrict everything you're condoning.

It is our right to bear arms, and sick loop holes are being exploited to deny our rights, prisons make money off every person they jail, and making horrible laws "that allready make it super hard tiger a gun" will only give more money to the shareholders of te contracted prisons that are out there.

Punish the criminal, don't strip all Americans of rights and dictate to others how to live just because you have a fear complex and control issues.

Since the dawn of time people have commited crimes, if someone's bigger than you they can put you in a coma or stab you to death, guns are the same, and they exist, that means no matter what you do people will and cancer them no matter what punishment you impose.

And the laws are allready bad for gun owners.

Smoke detectors, seat belts, and fire extinguishers - guns are the same, you don't carry because you look for a fight or are parinoid, you do it because we are supposed to be free!
And because there is a possibility someone could try and kill you, if yore surrounded by 10 thugs with "knives" not guns if you're unarmed you will die, and your children will grow up alone.
It has happened to people as will not stop, just like fires, and car crashes.
It's nature.

You abusing your freedom of speach to slander and harass innocent people excersising their rights is abusive and ignorant.

I took classes, have training, and military experience, if I was in a theater and someone else had a gun "are they a threat?"
No, not if its holstered and they are dressed normal, when they point it at someone they become a threat.
That is what to fear, you're judging inocent people based off ignorance and political stance like a corrupt politician.

What about pocket knives? Want to ban them too?
Or what if someone is larger than you and they have a certain ammount of friends, so they can gang up on you, do you suppose fueling evil prisons by criminalizing all of that is the way to go?
Hen all these people are inocent?

Fear is being afraid, you are afraid.
And you fear an object and criminalize people around it before they have even done anything wrong, while fabricating fictional situations to verbally harass others.

Our forefathers died, so that we could live free and not fear bigger and based people breaking into our homes and raping our family members, and so that we can go to the movies and have the "CHOICE" to carry a gun if we wish.

The right to bear arms
Innocent until proven guilty

You are against the very constitution that we as human beings have the right to excersise in America.

That to me is more sickening than racism.
There are many places in the world where guns are outright banned and you live in a pseudo martial law, go to a country like that and stop trying to destroy America.

Torture, the right to detain citizens without trial, te debt limit spiraling down, crazy and even some outright bans on carry in certain states

And people like you... Trying to strip us of our rights of self protection in the event someone is trying to kill us, and judging the innocent using fictional situations without facts as your argument to abuse others.

Sir, you may have no faith in mankind, but as a man of te Christan faith " I know you probably hate that too" I do pray some love comes into your heart and you somehow see, taking our rights away because of one killer instead of punishing the criminal himself is evil.
It's the thinking of a tyrant, and this sort of abuse is what's destroying America.

When will people wake up and fight for our constituanal rights!
We are devided.. What happens if we do go into a super depression, and martial law is declared... Will you hate your own people then "without rule of law"? Will you slander our rights and hate your own just because they chose to bear arms in their own home, or even on te street?

Criminalizing gun carry is treason

However attacking someone is a crime.
Stop destroying out contry with laws that only support banksters!
People like you are going to drive America into a civil war! Wake up!

It's like the movie Rambo first blood, a guy walks down the street and has a knife in his backpack out of sight, and is jailed for absolutely no reason just for ownership, and then physically tortured.

And the publisher of this article is a moron, if you are in a theater and someone starts shooting you use basic gun safety which is taught in every state virtually.

You never point a gun at anything you don't intend to shoot,
So if you can't tell who's the bad guy you keep the gun ready but aimed at the floor till someone ether fires at you, or starts shooting unarmed people, even then self defense is key, only fire if fired upon, the article poster knows obviously nothing about gun ownership.
Or proper self defense, where you molested as a kid or something?

Liberal's, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, right, left, its all the same animal used to divide the people, congress, government and fools like you are the problem

LOL at this dumb ass!!!

You say "once all guns are banned you'll be safe"

What freakkng fantasy land do you live in?
XD ahhhhahaha

People have been killing since the dawn of man, Ghengus Khan need had a gun lol haha like banning guns will make world peace and solve all your problems lulz

You're a freaking stooge

"Don't pay attention to the name callers"
Nice passive aggression you dumb fu(k lol
Freedom of speech, I have it to you silly little passive aggressive hypocritical agenda ho xD

I'm not gonna waste my bullets to save your a$$ the day it needs some saving. Good luck.

I think this is a great editorial. Reading through the majority of comments, the people didn't even seem to understand the editorial or the points it was making. Violence has permeated every aspect of our lives. Even the violence and anger evident in many of the comments is justified by the authors. When will the violence stop?

I grew up on a farm in middle america shooting guns every evening after dinner. But, I have never needed a gun in my life. I am not in danger of starving, so no need to hunt. I am not in need of one for home security. I would rather be shot than shoot someone else and have that on my soul. If you wish someone would shoot me for having different views, then that is on you. We really don't need them, it just makes us as bad as the people with guns.

As always some lefty BIGOT uses the tired of shaming language, straw man arguments, & Red Herring tricks to push their "Im SCWAD OF GUNZ, BAN DEM!!

It's these losers that turn government from an employee to a DICTATOR!!

O Big Daddy government do this, do that, control mah life, I'm scared!

How much you want to bet he's also a rapid Femi-Nazi mangina. These weak men are scared of guns because they are always the victims of violence, especially mass shootings. Funny thou, these passive aggressive types like to BULLY others because they are weak & insecure so no wonder they hate guns, one of their victims of social terrorism might go "Marc Lepine" on them, an that's why they really hate guns, haha.

@ We Are Anonymous
"10 years in the Marine Core" and you didn't learn how to spell it? I wouldn't let you near a balloon, let alone a firearm.

From a UK perspective this 'right to bear arms' seems very paranoid. When will this mysterious unknown force need to be repelled? Too much A-Team growing up?

The genie's out of the bottle anyhow and the NRA has too much influence in high places, so...

Good luck with that.

Sorry if this sounds patronising (look it up).

To the guy in the UK...You do realize that the rate of violent crime in your country has DOUBLED since you all banned firearms in '97, right?

To everyone in the US, our violent crime rates have been on a steady decline since the Clinic Assualt Weapons farce expired. Moreover, the safest states in our union are consistently the ones with the most lenient gun laws.

That's right. You might not like guns, but we have many years of evidence showing that having them around actually reduces crime. Its a statistically backed fact.

The guy above me is a freaking genius, guns rule and kill bad guys

Stopped reading as soon as I got to the hunting part. Hunting? better than buying off the stores.
People don't do it because they have small dicks. No. Sometimes, they do this thing, called researching, about whatever(in this case about what exactly they buy from stores and eat), and realize it's better, to, ya know, go out and kill something which is natural by human nature, then it is to eat what they serve us. It's also a great deal cheaper.

As for control how can you control a gun, they don't pick them selves up and shoot people now do they?

People Pick them up and shoot other people with them, well back when we didn't have guns, people picked up swords, bows and arrows, and rocks even and killed each other.
Its people that are the problem, and if you don't have the means to defend your self against somebody who would hurt or kill you with what ever he could get his hands. What would be the best tool to get the job done and guns usually are it.

Should we ban or control knives cause you can kill somebody with them no kitchen knifes, also Rocks cause you can kill somebody with one, Plastic Bags, Your hands? Should we have everybody locked up in a padded cell? Might as well because you believe that guns are the problem (an item) when its people killing people is the problem not guns that pick them selves up off the floor and shoot somebody.

I wonder if Felix has a gun because based on this article, I'm assuming he doesn't.

Because I have a knife, a bat, and a tazer, but no gun and I think I might want to rob this asshole Felix knowing he has no gun or any way to defend himself.

Does any one in this comments area know his address?

And trust me, this will be done in the time allowed before any law enforcement arrives.

PS: Just think, if you had a gun at home, you probably be able to take me down. But since you don't, I think you are prime target for a home invasion.

Have fun and sleep soundly. I know my friends and family will because they are armed and able to protect themselves.

You sir, in your own words, are a fucking moron.

In Australia they have banned guns and the shooting crimes have escalated that one out.

You my friend are a dumb ass! I am not only a ccw instructor but I'm a U.S. Army Retired Combat Medic and was assignd to the special forces. I could have killed him, brought him back to life and killed him again! So what the Hell could have you done? Prob. Nothing!!!

This is ridiculous and horseshit. You have no facts to substantiate these claims that you've made. You show no "actual" evidence.

Here is a case study that Pro-Gun Cities have less crime.

Very sad day when all you folks are trying to LET your own government control your every move. Well f*** you all then.

The 2nd amendment was put in place as the LAST resort the civilians would have in order to throw off a dipshit government. All you clowns are too near sighted to see this. It really is SAD, that you can't read in between the lines.

It has nothing to do with hunting, and it has nothing to do with thwarting criminals, it has everything to do with being a final "line in the sand" if you will.

Is it sad what happened in Aurora, yes it is, but in your ignorance, the state of Colorado have decided to side with the CONSTITUTION, and not make leftist knee jerk reaction based decisions that would ultimately end "freedom and liberty" you fucking wankers....

George Washington didn't use his first amendment right to defeat the British; he simply shot them... :-P

"The only people legally allowed to own and carry a firearm would be law enforcement and military. It might take awhile, but eventually we'll have safety in public" Excuse me? Actually this is real life. Sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe this will be a good little splash of water to wake you up from your liberal utopian dream world. Australia has done exactly what you wish our government to do. And guess what! Not only did murders, break ins, assaults, armed robberies, and robberies not go down, they skyrocketed! Australia instituted a gun buy back program and (surprise surprise!) the law abiding gun owners turned in their guns! Guess who didn't. The criminals. Why? Because they're criminals. So take it from Australia, taking away guns will not lead to your "safety in public".

Hey here's an idea. Maybe instead of getting carry permits, we should all get our own personal police officer to go with us at all times! Oh wait. That won't work. But here's a fun fact: the average response time of a police officer is 3 minutes (and by my house it's more like 15-20); the average response time of a 9mm bullet is 1100 feet per second. Which do you prefer? To be dead or alive? If you personally would not use a gun to defend yourself and would rather have you and your family possibly be killed, I'm not going to argue that. That's your choice, so don't get a gun. But understand that your opinion does not dictate the opinion of others. So please, step down from your high pedestal and realize that the world (or this country) does not revolve around your opinion. I choose to defend myself; you do not. You like 2%; I like skim. Opinions. We're all entitled to them.

Most pro gun control advocates are people who don't understand guns or their owners though they often fool themselves into thinking they do. I do not understand women, but I'm not calling for a ban on women. In fact, I quite like them.

Please think past the end of your noses and get out of your liberal dream worlds where everyone just floats around on little fluffy clouds and eats candy and shares, and realize that we live in an evil world where people hurt people. Nothing is going to change that. Not banning guns, knives, heavy objects, rocks, sticks, metal things, ropes, things that are pointy, things that are blunt, things that are shiny, or things that are scary. People are going to hurt people. It is up to us whether or not we take it sitting down or defending ourselves.

PS. I love seeing people try to refute another person's argument by attacking there spelling and grammar because they have nothing better to say about it because they know the person is right. You sirs, are 5 years old. Have a lovely day. I'm off to the range.

well said. I wonder, instead of jumping into the regulation trap, if people might first ask some questions about this horrible catastrophe. How did a college dropout get 10 or 20,000 dollars worth of body armor, tear-gas, and bomb-making equipment, when you or I would never be able to get our hands on those things? Did he go to the army surplus store or the Home Depot or what? I wouldn't know where to start if I were interested in buying tear gas, much less sophisticated bomb making equipment and body armor. This is far beyond any recipe found in the Anarchist's Cookbook. The things he was in possession of are extremely highly regulated. Even police officers have to fill out paperwork to get their hands on them. If I attempted to acquire any one of those materials, I imagine folks would start asking some questions. Maybe it's time to do just that.

Stumbled on this stupid thing by mistake, but let me go ahead and voice my opinion, this person who wrote the tripe above is a total douche. Nuff said.

Brace yourself: The purpose of the second amendment was to remind the government that the people were in control. The right to bear arms necessarily meant hostile overthrow of the ruling body. Demonstrated properly in the revolutionary war.

However: Lots of people get hurt that shouldn't, by others using guns.

The author suggests that guns are a bit antequated given the time since the country was founded. Can he propose an alternative method that the population as a whole could force drastic government change, that would remain safe other than the intended use?

Do you think the government should regard its people with some intimidation?

Do they?

many shootings or murde Irs by handgun have been committed by a person with a conceal carry permit? None.. Ok then. I open carry everywhere permissible by local and federal law. How many bad guys wear a gun on their hip? Or possess a conceal carry permit? As "easy enough" as the ignorant author says it is to obtain a permit does he realize the 90 day local and federal back ground check that is performed? Have a DUI, can't get a permit.. Have any violent crime no matter how minor to any crime Dealing with theft.. Can't get a permit. The process for obtaining a conceal permit is extensive.. The gold who go through this process believe this country was founded on freedom, and the right to protect yourself. A very close friend very nearly lost her life say the hands of a Holmes, had she had her 9mm baretta when his gun jammed whose life may have been saved. Lastly once you obtain a Conceal Carry you immediately become a person of interest. Ignorant commentary on something you don't understand leads to unnecessary conflict. Guns will exist whether they are legal or not, banning them merely gives the scum of the earth an advantage.

Ignorant author. Title says it all!

Did you know typewriters kill people? Sounds stupid, doesn't it?
About as ignorant of a comment as your entire view on firearms.

Do you play violent video games? Should we worry about you?!

Use some common sense and stop listening to public radio commentary.

It is articles such as this that provide evidence to revoke freedom of speech.

You have a brain, use it! Don't be ignorant. And stop drinking the kool-aid!

you need to get your facts straight you hippie dumbass because the theatre that the shooting happened in actually doesnt allow conceal carry...

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." - Benjamin Franklin

The fact that there are varying restrictions on constitution rights in general is ridiculous. If guns are going to be aloud in one place they should be aloud, in their entirety and legally, in every state. There would be far less arguments for and against firearm laws if there wasn't so many different carrying and ownership laws. If the constitution says we can do something, then we should be aloud with no infringement. If that's not the case then it should be removed and no one should have guns. Not civilians, not governments, not criminals. The gray area bullshit leads to too much uncertainties and Hypocrisy.

"So somebody doesn't steal their land and rape their entire family"

Is this guy somehow under the impression that theft and rape don't happen anymore?

acturly a gun is just an other item that can be used kill other people

becouse if you leave the gun alone it can do nothing by its self

and when a gun kills it is the person that dose the killing as he or she

has to pull the triger first if you do not pull the rtiger it will not fire

know some bright spark out there will say that there are some guns

yjat can fire with out a trigwe bing pulled but there has to be a

persdn there to start the proses in the fierst place to start the mecernisom

in the fierst place

Honestly, how stupid are you people? I assume you can at least think, and along with that can reason to some degree.

Today, right now, with the existing laws we have, it's illegal to murder someone. How does making it illegal to possess a gun to commit the murder change anything? (Dumb criminal: I want to murder that person – oh wait! It’s illegal for me to possess a firearm… I guess I will just have to run him over with my car instead)

People who want to commit murder with a firearm will do so. There is no law you can make that will prevent it. (i.e., the law that makes it illegal to commit murder does not prevent them from happening)

Richard Nixon declared the 'war on drugs' in 1971. How hard is it to buy drugs today? Why do you think a 'war on guns' would be more successful? It wouldn’t! There is no way you can prevent someone with the intention of committing murder with a firearm from getting it just like there is no way you can prevent someone from getting any illicit drugs they want today.

You pretend like all we need are new weapons bans. You pretend like the people committing the crimes are the average law-abiding citizen who mysteriously goes crazy because he touched a gun. Maybe you really do think that way… Maybe I’m wrong… maybe you do not have the ability to reason logically.

All you talk about stiffer gun control laws is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It would be funny if not for the constant tragedy gun violence brings! Every time some unhinged person kills someone, there are calls for stricter laws which only HELP THE PERPETRATORS OF THE CRIME and do nothing to make the streets safer.

I suppose it’s more palatable to the liberals to create worthless additional laws than to actually combat the problem. So, here’s a challenge, forget the gun control laws as they will not work, and think of something that will work!

Also, what’s with the racist stereotyping of firearms proponents as being country rednecks? You do realize the majority of gun violence is perpetrated in the city by you thugs…

People seem to misunderstand the second amendment. The point of this legislation is not to promote hunting or sport shooting. It does not exist to ensure that citizens can protect themselves and their families from criminals. This amendment does protect gun ownership in order to enable an armed citizenry to defeat gun-toting psychopaths in theater shootouts. None of these points are important enough to justify an amendment to the Constitution. The purpose of the second amendment is clear, and serves the same purpose as the other amendments in the Bill of Rights: limiting the power of government for the benefit and protection of the citizenry. This is just as valid and important today as it was when the amendment was enacted.

For those who don't completely understand what this means, let me be explicit: Jefferson considered it likely that the government he helped create would eventually get out of hand, and would need to be violently overthrown by the citizenry. He had that insight because he had personally been involved in violently overthrowing a government that had become overbearing. To ensure it was possible to overthrow the government, he championed legislation that removed from government the power to limit speech or restrict the ownership and use of arms (guns, cannons, and other implements of war).

So, the second amendment was enacted to intentionally remove our government's ability to prevent a violent uprising against it; and guns (and other implements of war) are for overthrowing the government if that government gets out of hand. They are for assassinating presidents and congressmen when these individuals begin ordering the mass execution of the citizenry. They're for killing police officers and military personnel when they become the right arm of an evil regime. Gun control weakens the citizenry's ability to win these vital military engagements, and this is why virtually all forms of gun control are illegal under the Constitution.

I'm sorry that this is how it is. I wish it wasn't. I'm sorry that every year innocent people have to die because gun-toting psychos go on a slaughtering binge. But it really is much better than the alternative. I really feel like we owe those people a lot for dying in place of the millions of people that would likely die as a result of stricter gun control laws, but to attempt to save these peoples' lives by putting stricter gun control laws into place is both illegal and a very bad idea.

I'd like to end with a statement to make sure the pro-gun-control people fully understand the position of (at least some of) the anti-gun-control people. We consider legislation that attempts to limit the rights of the citizenry to own and operate conventional weapons to be void, invalid, and illegal under the second amendment. Further, if the second amendment were ever repealed, or if truly significant gun control laws capable of crippling the citizenry's ability to violently revolt were enacted and enforced, we would consider this an act of war, and would start *killing* people (legislators, judges, police, military personnel, etc.) until the government reinstated the second amendment or removed infringing laws and *executed* the individuals responsible for these infringements.

This means that there's an unintended consequence connected to enacting stricter gun control laws. Rather than drive down gun-related deaths, stricter gun control laws will eventually cause a huge spike in the number of people that are killed by guns -- and I will either be one of the people doing the killing or one of the people dying so please consider it more of a promise than a prediction.

[About me: I'm not a confederate-flag-toting back-woods schizophrenic militiaman with a poor vocabulary and strange fears about "newfangled techmologies" being employed by the government to control the masses. I'm an emotionally-balanced and well-read software engineer with at least a moderate understanding of history and the modern world we live in. I'm not overly patriotic, but I do enjoy being a citizen of this country. Most recently I've been investigating the US government's Stuxnet virus (and related ~d platform) used to attack Iran in the world's first cyber-warfare offensive. I also recently finished James Rickards' "Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis," and I'd highly recommend it. Notably, I was referred to this post from Google, not the Denver Egotist, and since I am a fan of design (and even professionally designed Flash advertisements once upon a time) I might actually check out the rest of the site -- so this article has been a boon to marketing, at least.]

No, they don't kill people. Axe murders use an axe, do axes kill people?? Time to start some hard axe control??

Stabbings out number shootings, by far, both in occurrence and cause of death. Are we to have our blades tipped, of captain??

Face it, you're a moron. You blame objects for the actions of people... That's the logic of a 5 year old child. I can see why your kind are so ridiculed.

Derp derp derp outlaw guns for the people!!! Derp derp derp I hate this police state!!! <---- Average liberal retard.

To call you ignorant would be an insult to ignorant people.

Who is the author of this? I am using it in a satirical research paper as to why gun control is bad. I need to cite this. Comedy gold right here.

I agree that the author of this piece must not be the brightest individual. Hope he had his drool-cup handy when typing all that out.

Let's get one thing straight fucktards, you can conceal carry a weapon in movie theaters in GENERAL in Colorado, but the theaters themselves can restrict firearms, and this theater did.

Oh, and if you feel comfortable letting police be the only people around with firearms, then bend over and drop your pants.

Oh, and you DO need to take a course demonstrating proper knowledge of gun laws and ability to operate your firearm safely before you get a license to conceal carry, but why let facts get in the way?

to add' Denver metro area does not allow conceal carry yet if you look at Colorado history it is the most gun restrictive areas that have had the most violence with guns.....uninformed and uneducated article.

The title alone is idiocy.

I am going to make a YouTube video of a guy locked in a room with a gun on a table and have him screaming, "Ahh! It's going to kill ME!!! AHHHHH!!," while clawing frantically at the door...he'll glance over his shoulder every once in a while, and the gun will have moved a little closer each time...and then...AND THEN...

...never mind...the idea of an inanimate object killing people is stupid.

Wow you are a dumbass, what can i say libiralism is a mental disorder, did you forget to fill your prescription?

You are forgetting that not all of America no longer needs to protect their family from being raped and their property stolen (ok, maybe not quite "raped" anymore but property theft still happens). Having lived In the "country" all my life I have had to shoot to protect my family. And "Guns may be necessary, but only in the hands of trained professionals and the military." You stupid shit hole. I have never been In the service and am certainly not a trained professional. America isn't all city you know. ALL of the ranchers down here have guns because people love to steal the stuff in your home, or a cow, or a quad. Also thank you for saying "Fuck you" on hunting BUT THAT IS THE STUPIDEST PART! "I don’t see the need for hunting anyway" that's because you have a store down the street, Idiot. ALSO, hunting is not the only reason we need guns to kill animals. If the neighbors dogs (they have over 10) start tearing up my horse then damn strait I'm gonna shoot! Or what about a mountain lion? A property out here had a calf torn up by a mountain lion recently: you think I'm gonna let one of those eat my stock? Also, some of you are gonna reply to this that I don't have the education to be writing on something like this. Guess what??? I WENT TO SCHOOL. And I AM on the internet aren't I? We aren't like you ignorant city people think we are because of some song sung by a "county" singer who comes from Muskogee, OK. Sorry Underwood fans but that is a CITY: I looked it up on google maps. Was NOT surprised. So to the ignorant young man who wrote this: Please think of us next time you go hitting on this nations laws. Oh, and go get a life. Not everyone has the comfy security you do: Let us keep the bit of security we DO have.


A proud American owner of several knives and firearms

In reply to my previous comment.

Also, If you want to see the middle-of-nowhere town where "country" star Carrie Underwood was born look up "dillards, muskogee ok" in google maps. Don't believe me? Look up where was "Carrie Underwood born?" And raised? "Checotah, Oklahoma" she may call that country but looks like a damn city to me! All you base your accusations and beliefs about the country on crap.

same proud American owner of several knives and firearms

So the first comment really pissed me off. If the dumb ass read the blog he clearly said they couldn't prevent criminals from getting it cause they use the black market. Also he did say only professionals like military and law enforcement should use it. Sometimes small minded people really piss me off. But other than that asshole I thought this guy made some really great points and got me viewing this issue differently.

If you would bother to read The Federalist, you would know that not only are guns for private defense but to keep government in check--our Founders feared a too-large government with good reason.

Additionally, you are correct; the time the Second Amendment was penned was vastly different. Your neighbor was not likely to be a pimp or a drug dealer, and people had a lot more respect for each other. The "Wild West" is depicted as wild on television, but in fact, most people were busy with the trivia of surviving, raising their kids, and getting on with each day.

Regarding guns killing people: I guess it is possible if one were to drop a gun out of an airplane it could land on someone's head and kill them--but with all of the firearms I have owned and fired, not a single one was capable of discharging without a finger on the trigger.

I could spend a week naming household items with which it is possible to kill a human being. Should we ban every potential weapon, or just the ones you dislike because of your ignorance.

300 million or more firearms in the hands of private citizens and In the U.S. for 2010, there were 31,513 deaths from firearms, distributed as follows by mode of death: Suicide 19,308; Homicide 11,015; Accident 600 (1 death per 9,519 guns).

For the same year, 2010, there were 254 million passenger vehicles causing 32,885 deaths (1 death per 7,723 vehicles).

By these statistics alone, cars are over 20% more dangerous than guns. Discount the suicides (since they would find a different method in most cases) and guns only were involved in 12,205 deaths (1 death per 24,580 guns).

If you are going to argue a point, having facts is helpful. Whining like a little kid doesn't convince anyone but other kids.

Here is a bit of reading about your alleged "Wild West":

Dear Denver Egotist, Thank you, thank you, thank you Sooo much!! People like you are an inspiration & truly an American! We do need more gun control!! We need to ban law-abiding citizens from EVER owning or possessing guns, PERIOD!
Listen, my friends & I have NOT been able to rob anyone since they passed that stupid, Conceal Carry law, here in my state. I don't know if that 100 pound white girl has a 9 shot Kel Tec 9mm or if that stupid 22 year old with that nice phone & computer I want to take from him has permission to carry a Glock or something.
It's made me & my buddies nervous!! We need to disarm these law-abiding assholes!! It's harder for me to car jack someone or invade their homes without being afraid as to what they'll come at me with. So yeah, I'm in favor of more gun control laws!! ASAP!!
SEE, we don't care about gun laws. I don't care about any gun law cause I can get any gun or semi-automatic rifle, especially my beloved AK-47, in a matter of minutes! Gun laws don't affect criminals cause we're gonna get them anyway, especially with the help of gun laws!!
One of my best gun connections was a cop, yep that's right a fucking cop!! Hey, he needed the money & I needed the unregistered gun! Ha ha, it worked out perfect!! My buddies who operated a drug corner bought at least 50 guns from this cop. Where did he get so many guns? Let's just say that the evidence room is like a fucking Walmart for cops in need of extra cash!!! A lot of that evidence isn't requested by previous owners & once the trial is over, that's it. It goes either to auction or it's disposed of. But some of these cops make money knowing that those guns will be disposed of without any profit.
Anyways, keep up the great work at advocating MORE GUN CONTROL!!! We need it bad!! My career is almost to a halt ever since this conceal carry bullshit revolution has started. Thanks so much. Sincerely, someone who can't legally own a gun but has more than ALL you legal carriers!!! Ha ha ha!!!

It's really simple with no argument needed.

1. Make firearms illegal.

2. Human beings start machining firearms in "underground" factories.

3. Criminals still have access to firearms.

4. Law abiding citizens are sitting ducks.

Here is what you should really be spending your energy fighting for......

The Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air. "Elite" bankers starving the world with a corrupt monetary system. Genocide. Child abuse. Materialism. Consumerism. Etc. Etc.

Think of a world with no money.... Equality..... Most violence stems from humans feeling unequal.... "Disrespected"

Research.... Educate yourself....

Honestly i'm not going to say anything bad name calling, or what you have used here. Look at Switzerland's' crime and you can see what legal gun ownership is there. Almost all people in Switzerland own guns, because they have a militia. However, even though they have tons of guns %60 of their deaths are caused by edged-weapons. Again man all your doing here is calling a lot of people that own guns names, but I could say the same thing for ALCOHOL I hate it, and I wouldn't ban it, because it doesn't work. Instead the money goes into the black market and makes common criminals of ever day citizens. America's problem with violence is poverty and a lot of it is our culture.


Clean up your english first and maybe, just maybe someone will take you seriously.

You listed 2 things as "FACTS" in the beginning of the article. Both are wrong. Getting a Concealed-Carry Permit requires an extensive background check. And as for number two, one DOES HAVE TO DEMONSTRATE the ability to use a hand gun well as part of a REQUIRED HANDGUN COURSE that must be taken before any permit will be issued. Just thought that you should know what you didn't know before you blantantly call misinformation "FACTS".

You listed 2 things as "FACTS" in the beginning of the article. Both are wrong. Getting a Concealed-Carry Permit requires an extensive background check. And as for number two, one DOES HAVE TO DEMONSTRATE the ability to use a hand gun well as part of a REQUIRED HANDGUN COURSE that must be taken before any permit will be issued. Just thought that you should know what you didn't know before you blantantly call misinformation "FACTS". And "Yes", these are the laws in Colorado.
I am all for people wishing to express different points of view. This is America and people giving other people some food-for-thought is part od what makes it great. But know what you are saying before you say it. You do not advance your cause when you say things that are false, you hinder it. And you get to look like a moron in the process of doing so.

I'm not typing this comment to get into an argument with no one. But to anon1, he said that it doesn't matter, if guns were made illegal, that criminals would find a way to get their hands on guns, and two, the reason that swiss citizens have guns is because, like how isreal has everyone go into the military, switzerland ops for a citizen militia instead of an army, and that guys ages 20-30 are conscripted and have military training.

So basically what you are saying is that if there was an intruder that broke into your house you would just let him steal all your shit, rape your children, and kidnap your wife? You wouldn't want something to defend yourself from the crazy people with guns? You expect the police to get to your house before or after he raped and killed your daughter? You may think I'm paranoid, but living in Detroit, this shit is real man. Fuck you.

Derp Lets make a law so that people who don't give two fucks about laws anyway might not break laws! Derp.

Why don't you liberalize yourself 6 feet under your predecessors. I support the right to own, carry, and fire.


Somebody submit this article as an Internet Crime for spamming the sensibility of America. Thanks in advance.

Actually, Stupid, It is people that kill people. Stupid!

Haha you sound like an angry, spoiled, little fat kid whining about the crust on your pb&j samich. You have no idea about the importance of the constitution and dismissing it as an outdated piece of legislation shows how truly ignorant you really are. People have been viciously murdering other people since the dawn of man without the aid of firearms and to think that stringent gun control regulations are gonna help the situation at all is completely naive, hahaha! I laugh in your general direction. The sad fact is the world is a big, mean and ugly place but you would never truly understand this by sitting at a computer all day complaining about and blaming something that has absolutely nothing to do with that fact. My question is not how was this guy able to buy all this tactical gear legally, more like how did an unemployed, insane college dropout come up with $12,000-$20,000 to buy all this stuff? Oh, student loans you say? So in other words through our own governments socialist policies law-abiding tax payers funded this guys massacre of innocent people? Days before the U.N was set to negotiate terms of the U.N small arms treaty in NYC? You don't say? What a cooinkydink

You're a fucking idiot. The movie theater he attacked had signs prohibiting guns being brought into the theater. Holmes, being the smart fucker he is, went a shot up a place where there wouldn't be any resistance.

Educate yourself.

Guns keep your mother fucking ass safe every day you idiot. They give you the freedom to say all the bullshit you want.

Gun control has "worked" in other "civilized" countries? Wow! Tell me about gun crime in Australia. Look up some statistics and tell me if you think gun-control is working over there?

Quit bickering and speaking in generalities and show me some hard statistics!

If there's one thing that history has taught us it is that disarming the general population almost always ends bad for the general population. Men have known this for a long time. Evil men. Adolf Hitler himself was quoted as saying,

"The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty."

George Mason was also quoted as saying, "to disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them".

You all seem to have forgotten why the founding fathers saw fit to include the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It wasn't for hunting. It wasn't for "stopping someone from stealing their land or killing their whole family". It was so the American citizenship as a last resort could defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Instead you guys want to give up your right to bear arms? Do you think that that could never happen to you? Neither did the Jews in Germany in the 1940s.

One last quote:

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Thomas Jefferson said that one.

I'll gladly give up my guns when everyone else in the world gives up theirs. And that includes all the governments, militaries, and criminals of the world.

Until that day I don't recommend entering my house uninvited.

^^This last commenter knows where it's at.

Wow, that was a really long read.

The article is pretty nuts. We've got an out-to-lunch writer who heard about a terrible tragedy and jumped on the anti-firearm bandwagon. And then we've got better than two months of arguments back and forth, for each side.

Let's consider something for a moment. Let's say that the theatre attack took place in an alternate dimension, with stricter firearms control. Let's also assume that Felix is right, that our theatre-killing crazy does not know how to illegally obtain a firearm.

I'll give you a little story about a couple of guys that I used to work with. I'm a Canadian, and we have pretty restrictive firearms laws up here. But they work in a slaughterhouse(as do I), and spend all day with large knives, cutting meat.

Anyway, these two guys, both quiet, young men who were trying to work to save money for school, were regularly antagonized for being from privileged white families by a group of visible minorities. One of them reported it regularly to his supervisor. The issues were largely ignored by management("Grow up", "Toughen up", "Don't worry about it" were oft-heard comments). So, one day, after months of harassment and abuse, one of these young men on the line is in the midst of a confrontation with one of his antagonizers. And suddenly there's blood on a knife, and people are screaming, and a middle-aged Asian man is falling, bleeding like a stuck pig.

In the middle of it all is a young man, crying. He's leaving now, but he's still got his knife. No one wants to go near him. The police are called. He's in handcuffs now, peaceful, off to a cell, maybe to spend time in prison, or in a hospital. His victim is rushed away in an ambulance. He'll recover, almost fully, with nothing but a limp and a scar. He's lucky, and he knows it. He still works here, to this day. His attacker doesn't.

My point here is that we have a man that has a mental disorder here. He's got a voice in his head telling him to KILL SOMEONE. Maybe he can't get himself a gun. But he's still going to KILL SOMEONE, because the voice in his head is telling him to do so.

Instead of everyone jumping on the gun-control bandwagon(and I do agree with changes in gun control laws, but I believe that people should have the right to carry them in everyday situations), let's maybe talk about mental healthcare for a moment. Let's talk about how this disturbed young man was too ashamed of his problems to talk about them with anyone. Or how he couldn't afford to do so. Or how there wasn't a proper network of people for him to reach out to. Or how none of his friends/family/co-workers tried to reach out to this young man, to get him some help. Let's maybe ask some questions about his psychiatrist. Let's look at the medications he was on, or what he could have been using.

James Holmes killed twelve people. He may have used a gun to do it, but it was James Holmes that killed them. And it was the problems in James Holmes' head that led him down that path.

Felix, and others who published similar pieces following the shooting, heard about this terrible event and immediately jumped on their keyboards to publish a gun-control article. But they didn't really think it all the way through. Yes, those people died because of a gun. But chances are good that they were going to die some other way if a gun was unavailable. The more serious matter to consider here is what was going on with James. For shame.

Your time at your keyboard, Felix, could have been better served writing a letter of condolences to a mother, or father, who lost their child in the massacre. Maybe it would have been a good time to question the state of mental health care available(or not) to James.

Instead, you went after the tool. Suppose James Holmes had gone into a theatre wearing a homemade explosive vest, and blown himself up. Suppose he'd tucked a machete under his coat. Maybe he'd taken bottle of drain cleaner, and poured it into soda cups when no one was looking.

This article seems to be using James Holmes as an excuse to further an anti-firearm political agenda. And that is disgusting.

The author is a little bitch. What kind of man would be afraid of an inanimate object?

Apparently a man who can hunt and provide food for himself and his family whilst living out in the wild has a small dick, but a craven cissy piece of shit like the author who are afraid of scawwy metal objects and thinks that no one should have the right to self defence, and would rather curl up into a little ball and wait for a big strong policeman to come rescue him and his family from criminals who refuse to follow gun laws has a dick.


@guncontrol please

You are you to tell me what I property I can and cant have, you snivelling piece of crap?

Fun fact: gun control laws were orginially brought up to prevent blacks from owning guns and fighting against the KKK who were allowed guns since they were white.

Doesn't every major mass shooting in America happen in a gun free zone? So wouldn't a person be safer if the people around them had a gun and could protect them selves. Just saying

Look around at all the countries who have laws that require every citizen to know how to operate a firearm, or in some cases, carry one. There are a few cities in my state that require gun ownership, and they happen to have the lowest crime rates in the state, and some of them are not the nicest areas. This article as a conglomeration of horseshit that sounds lie it is coming straight out of a public elementary schools textbook. The guy in Colorado could have easily accessed a weapon if guns were banned, and in this specific incident, there was no one else with a weapon, and he was wearing full armor. But it would be much less discouraging to try and mass murder people if you knew all of them had guns and were ready to pop a cap in your ass. The higher the vulnerability of th public, the greater the risk of attack.

Personally, I think you are a moron... Restricting gun types? Caliber size? Are you really that stupid? Thanks but no thanks.. If the wackjobs out there can get ahold of large-caliber weapons, so should I be able to! Aint fightin a burglar/murderer/etc with a .22 when he has a .45 or .50... To hell with that. As for the shooting in aurora, and what could have happened had someone had a gun, well its difficult to say. What caliber we talkin? What type of rounds? I dont care if he's wearing armor, you get him in the head or chest with some larger-cal rounds, it'll take the fight right outta him.... That shit HURTS!!! Coulda made one hell of a difference. I know a number of people who're alive today because they had a gun when they needed protection,for them and their families. I know many hunters, none if whom do it for sport, but for MEAT! Deer, hogs, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, etc.. All of which make excellent meals to feed families.. I grew up on that stuff. I own guns. I use them... But, I do so responsibly. I hit the range, and practice. Sight in my scopes, etc.just because YOU havent a clue doesnt mean we dont. When shit hits the fan... Dont come knockin on MY door!! remember!!! Piss-poor planning on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on my part!!!

I stopped after the first paragraph. You're an idiot.

You going toto start preaching about getting rid of forks too? They are made to stab things you know. Maybe knives then to? Fire? That burns sutff. We'll go back to being. Cavemen. But then you'll have to get rid of all the sticks and stones. Cause guess what. If thats all they got to use to kill someone, that what they will use. And u better take pillows away too. They could smother someone. Are u getting the picture here? Sickos are sickos. And they will kill or rape no mater what you do. The only thing you can do is learn to protect yourself any way you can and guns are one of the best. You dont hear of women with guns getting raped.

Actually people like you are making Denver and the USA, USA, USA suck more!!!!!

I started to compose a huge written response to this load of horseshit you call fact, but you didn't have anything that I read was substaiated or hindered by that little thing known as truth. I will just file this away as some dumbass with a computer in his lap...which must be a skillfull typist, because there is now way to see what he's typing with his head so far up his own ass.

oh change your name to the Denver self-proctologist while you are at it !

bunch of pro gun cowboys... Yeah, another 20-year old Missouri man was charged for planning a mass shooting this weekend. How many more lives have to be taken away by someone who can get guns without any restrictions, before you idiots understand that gun laws need to be changed.

Not every scenario plays out like you want to believe. What is evident, though, is an armed police response will never arrive quickly enough to stop a mass murderer on a killing spree.

The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.3. The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.3.

Q: "Why do you carry a gun?"
A: "Because I'm not strong enough to carry a police officer around!"

I sell guns. So I a look at you and think, are you going to go out a kill people? Yep, you look like a crazy person. No gun for you today. I sell bullets. So I look at you and think are you going to go out and kill people? Yep, you look like a crazy person, no bullets for you. I sell guns and bullets, you passed a back ground check, your white, your clean, you have a credit card and a wedding ring, your hair is nice, you have a decent watch on and you drive a truck, you might have boots on. Oh, you have a concealed handgun license?
You are deffinetly a threat to society, you’re probably an angry white man, and I see from your Romney bumper sticker that you hate black people, Latinos and single women. You’re dangerous. No guns,bulltets,targets,slings,magazines,books on reloading or reloading equipment or hunting, gas masks, MRE's or water filters for you. You are deffinetly a psycho in training. Why do you need such a big gun? Can’t you get the job (kill) done with a smaller gun? Why do you need a gun that shoots more than one bullet at time? Can't you just throw a rock instead? In fact, you are the reason everything is wrong everywhere, you are the white devil. I will only sell guns and bullets to the people you want to eliminate (kill) in your quest for global dominance. Special discounts on guns and bullets for anyone who is the victim of whitey. Will accept slightly used merchandise in exchange for guns and bullets, (but no more playstations, please) Yep, I AM gun control.

"Guns may be necessary, but only in the hands of trained professionals and the military. A society free to carry guns is a society living way in the past, and we should be better than that. The fact that we continue to crave them, and many more people die in this country from gun related injuries than any other civilized country, says a lot. OH, and I’m talking percentages of the population, before anyone says “that’s ‘cos ‘Merica has more people in it, dumbass.”

Can't resist. One more little comment. Trained Professionals and military. because their the only ones the criminals want to engage, rob,steal from, rape, kill, etc. In the past we threw rocks. Just give me a rock, i'll throw my rock, call 911 and wait like a good and clean and pure and righteous non-violent peace loving and tree hugging citizen, and as I die, I'll thank you for being so smart and right, and think how wrong it would have been for me to defend my life, after all I might have injured or killed that poor criminal, and he/she has rights too!

To the O.P. .. You sir are a complete idiot .. Lets just say this guy drove an 18 wheeler through the theater killing the same amount of people would you be trying to ban all Semi tractor trailers right now? No Didn't think so. There are people that buy guns to JUST TARGET shoot / skeet shoot hunt there are numerous reasons people buy them they collect them hand them down from generation to generation. Not just for killing so you lost that argument right there!!

Also as far as hunting goes sir ... Do you know that every super market in any community has approx. 3 days of food in it for the entire community in which it resides. So now say if for some reason the infrastructure was to be compromised and you couldn't get your precious, store bought bread or steaks or your H.G.H.filled chicken and dumplings what would you eat then ?

I can guarantee you after you have finished off your last box of shrimp flavored Ramen noodles, you will be begging the first hunter you find for a chunk of that fresh Venison he / she just bagged. with that gun you wanted to ban.

There is a reason this country has not been invaded for over 250 years by any other foreign nation foot soldiers and one reason only GUNS!!

One more thing pal... when you type about the second amendment and it being in place because men wanted to protect their land and keep people from raping their women and such.. that hasn't changed either my friend. Perhaps it has in your fantasy world, but not here in real world USA it hasn't ... unfortunately ... P.S.I'm merely speculating on this one but... the reason there was no one in the theater to protect any one was because on that particular night the place was full of people like you I'm guessing!!

excuse me, but you are god damned retarded. people who want guns for the wrong purposes are with out any doubt going to find means to get them. with no "good" people having guns readily available how are we supposed to defend our homes and families? slingshots? bow and arrows? I hope your dumbass gets broken into and then see if you want a gun, you ignorant fuck.

As SO many others have already are a complete fucking idiot!!!! It is truly a shame that you didn't go catch a movie that horrible day in Denver. To think some poor, innocent, intelligent human being lost their life and a dumb shit like you is still wasting oxygen.

Blaming guns for killing these people is like blaming your computer for this stupid ass article!

You miss one of the biggest points of the 2nd... Itsalso to protect the people from the government. Or an invading government. If you think that can never happen youare naive and nothistorically learned

You are simply naive. Perhaps you believe the government is a benevolent force that is out to help people without trading any freedom being lost. I don't believe that for a second and neither did Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson or anyone else who specifically wrote this 2nd amendment.

people die.
it's that simple folks.

Even if all the guns in the world were rounded up and destroyed it would change nothing. when a person is pushed to the point that they are out for blood they will always find a way to accomplish thier goal. he could have just as easily blown the place up or lit them up with a can of lysol.
hell, everclear and a rag would do.
you wanna restrict guns? go for it. but it does nothing but give a false sense of security, an illusion. a gun is a tool that can be used or abused, just like everything else.

This polemic was really well written. Beautiful, passionate writing. I'm not judging you one way or the other on what you said. I may not agree completely but support you in your right to say what you believe to be true. That is exercising my rights and maybe if people stop attacking each other so much we'd find some kind of compromise that didn't drive people to extremes all the time. I am from Texas but grew up in Asia in an almost gunless country, and there really is a kind of sick fascination with control and power here - in the NW now, clearly expressed by our culture's love of firearms. And big trucks. And other cool stuff that's fun. Hell, I have a gun. ~ I have an idea. All Christians, listen up. Non-Christians, you can skip or cover your ears here. Ok. *What didn't you understand about "turn the other cheek"?* Who do you claim to pray to? Would Jesus have vehemently defended his right to own a bunch of fucking killing machines? I don't think so. Maybe I misunderstood in church. Please, do correct me if I'm wrong.

would like to point out he was NOT wearing body armor so he could of easily been taken out he was wearing a tactical vest it has absolutely no protection what so ever

The theater in which he opened fire was a gun-free zone. All American mass shootings happened after 1934(year NFA was passed), all except for one were in gun-free zones. The other didn't get very far. Almost all suicides and mass shootings are by people on or have taken legal fast-track psychotropics (their damages and effects are permanent on people). And if you dare to delve further places with stricter gun laws have more guns on the street and less armed people who can defend themselves. Drug laws have a correlating effect and when combined has a multiplied effect on violence. These things will happen whether guns are legal or not because they're already there and can be smuggled in, gun control in the US does nothing but arm criminals and disarm the law abiding citizens.

My neighbor was murdered, with a air-conditioning unit if he had a gun he could be alive cause many blows to the head with a window ac vs one to two shots could save your life. I guess according to this no one should own window ac units cause it was the unit that got up and magically beat the man many times in the head causing his death not the man who came in angry and did it! O and when someone tries to come into your home tie you up or kill you for the five dollar bill in your wallet what's protecting you and your family? The cops can take 45 seconds or longer, a knife is a joke when a robber wants what he/she wants, a alarm system is doing nothing but pissing the robber off and just kills you for fun. You have a gun and you shot their ass and well you make your point and they ain't rapping your wife or daughter tonight! No one says you have to kill them... just shot them. Good training would help out there. I am a female with a ccw and i believe if everyone had a gun then crime rate would drop cause people would be to scared to get shot! If your scared of a gun then you need some help or don't need to be in the USA! Look at drugs make them illegal and you can still get them right???? What do you think it would be like for guns? It might not be like when the 2nd amendment was made but it don't take much for the US to change, and women start getting raped, you start getting robbed at knife point, and so on... think people how fast we change we have humans eating humans in Florida! This is a crazy place with or without guns! I'm keeping my gun right where it needs to be! Good luck to all you who are unprotected maybe the protected should stop protecting the unprotected???

I keep a gun on me at all times, except for middle of day trips to the post office and when attending children functions at the school. I avoid gun free busimesses, although only seen such signs at a few nightclubs in my state. I have shot ,.thousands of rounds of ammo, and hit nothing but paper, rubber targets and metal plates. I have been lucky to never need a fun for protection. My alarm consists of one barking German shepherds and if somebody decides to ignore my "security provided by second ammendment " signs and a barking dog, and proceeds to threaten my famuly's safety, I have no regrets.

A post 1978s surplus 5.45x39 or 7.62x39 would go through many layers of body armor including most ballistic hardened plates. Judging by his body weight, the armor he was carrying had little to no chance stopping anything but a pistol round and .22. Even 9mm are available in armor penetrating rounds these days. Look for black tipped lugger rounds

I'll give up my guns when the entire world gives up their guns (yes, that means all of the military too).

Norway has the some of the most restrictive gun laws, yet, their most recent mass murder ended with around 70 dead.

Sweden (or is it switzerland) issues a gun to every citizen, and their gun related deaths are some of the lowest...

But, this America... everyone has an opinion, and everyone wants their opinion to be THE opinion (LAW). It's people like you that will be the end of this country..

Well actually nobody could bring a gun into that theatre because there were signs posted banning them. And do you realy think he would have changed his mind if it was illegal to buy the weapons? I don't think so because that would only confirm that nobody could stop him before the police came. And what happened to the black market? I hear about guys that I've seen in my own neighborhood selling guns illegally. This post didn't in the slightest way even challenge my apinions. I would normally say "do more research" but realy there is nothing else your missing. There's just no way to blame guns for these crimes.

What a naive point of view. You think this guy Holmes would have cared about breaking the law against gun control? He had murder on his mind, he would have bought a smuggled, stolen or illegal gun. He had the education and knowledge and smarts to build a bomb.

And FYI! the theaters gun control policy KILLED innocent law abiding citizens of YOUR country while the lunatic dirtbag with no penis survived...who's side are you on? The criminals or the victims?

Everyone in that theater had no option except to be a helpless victim...why are you so afraid of standing up for yourself and protecting your life and those around you? If you are a wimp why force others to join you as a victim.

Your stupidity is going to give me BP and ulcer

too little factual information in this "article" (i use the term loosely)

too much egotistical emotional blather

only the lawful will follow ANY gun law made, the criminals will continue to break them,

Do you know why I own guns? Because I'm a free American. Because I can. Because I want the government to be slightly afraid of the citizenry, in a vague, general sort of way. Because I'm not able to go toe-to-toe with a group of thugs Jackie Chan style. Because bad stuff happens to good people if the good people can't defend themselves. And because of the attitude of collectivist leftists like the person who wrote the article above...Pol Pot was one of those, BTW. Those are just SOME of the reasons I own guns. I don't care about the insults and I don't care about the making fun of cliches. My guns have not hurt anyone, and it will remain that way unless my life or the lives of my family members is put int danger. And if you think I care about the lives of thugs who want to INITIATE violence, you've got another think coming.

bullet control, lol. remember, the only difference between ignorance and trolling is knowledge and intent. don't feed the trolls...

I'm pretty sure people were being killed by other people before guns were invented. If a person wants to kill someone they will.

If handguns were outlawed, criminals wouldn't get their hands on
The guns because criminals, by nature, are broke. Outlawing handguns would mean they'd have to come up with a grand to buy even the
Cheapest gun. However, outlawing guns would also not decrease crime, as most breakins and other crimes are done without handguns.

This guy is a pre-op homo gone completey rougue. All he needs is a gun in his hand and he will change his mind. Guns don't just walk around all by them selves making gun babies and killing people. OOOOOO gunny Jr. I told you you would make a great AK now go ALLAH AKBAR on some spics,crackers, nigers, and homos.

I personally keep an arsenal at home in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. You don't like guns, fine. Don't come crawling to me asking for help when hordes of zombies are trying to eat your brains.

1. Don't fuck with americans 2nd ammendment. you just dont.

2. why dont you ban bows, crossbows, any martial arts weapons, millitary, any type of knife other than a butter knife, etc. while you are at it. even if it is illegal, that just means the criminals will have them and the innocent people will have nothing to defend themselves against. you think this is some sort of perfect little world and if something is made illegal no one touches it. What about weed? I assume you smoke from this type of post, and you are from CO, so its safe to assume you didnt start smoking when it became legal.

The only thing to say to a sensationalist fucking cunt such as yourself is I hope that one day you realize how incredibly fucking insane some of your propaganda truly is. You, sir, are a shining exanple of everything that is wrong with this country..Also I will be sure to think of you as I sit in the woods tomorrow with my Remington model 870 12 gauge shotgun and wait for Bambi's father to wander in front of my treestand so I can kill and eat his tasty meat you liberal fucking cunt.

Gun laws are not that good, i am from Australia and there are still degenerates running around committing crimes all the time. There are still gangs well armed and there are still drive by shootings.
The main issue is, if guns are banned in the US, they will in fact not be that difficult for criminals to get their hands on. This is because the circulation of guns is already fairly significant, most people will keep their guns, criminals will rob gun stores and may even become more desperate in the case of excessive gun regulation.

By banning guns, criminals could then monopolise on black market weapons making weapon theft far more desirable and rewarding.

By banning guns, the truly insane or unstable people most likely will not hand their guns in or get amended permits for them. It would be easier to simply hide the gun. This law means that it will simply be illegal to have certain weapons, however police are not going to search everyones house and not everyone is going to hand their guns in, especially high risk individuals.

Banning guns would lead to mass conflict and rioting from many. Banning/regulating guns is a far too blunt amendment to make to the constitution.

I could not even finish reading this tripe. There is simply no hope if this is what the masses believe.

Barbarians kill people, and the large urban centers are up to their armpits in barbarians. Leaving law abiding citizens defenseless will not end violent crime.

LOL you are a fucking moron You must have a Giant Penis because you are anti-guns I bet you and your boyfriend have all kinds of gay fun fucking farm animals gets aids and die please or go buy a gun and shoot yourself!!!!

Fuck all of you! I make my own guns! Please ban guns so not as many people will have them, hunt down all black market dealers, and take them away from the army and police. Nobody can stop me because I drill barrels out of steel rods, make ammo from matchheads and thin metal tubing, and use any scraps I can find. People like me who can make their own weapons will be you worst enemy!!!

It was written centuries ago when someone had to have a gun to protect their land or their family from being raped and killed? Hello this is 2012 you may have gotten that point through back in the 50s or 60s when the world was a safe place but click on the news from time to time and tell yourself your safe. You can wait for the police to help while your tied up watching your wife and children be raped...ill be calling the coroner to pick up the body of the would be trouble maker instead

I have to say I am always disappointed with the right wing gun nuts responding so strongly to articles such as the one above from an author that is so severely uneducated in the principles of firearms and any martial defence that he displays his ignorance with every expletive.
I am not a right wing gun nut. I am a parent of 2 children in not the best part of town and I do carry a .45 every day.
Before all the anti gun nuts chime in I would like to give you a little background.
When I was 10 I was at church when 2 armed men came in and demanded all the wallets and purses from the congregation. I was forcibly enlisted as the collection plate for the 2 masked nice guys that I'm sure purchased their firearms legally,
When I was 17 I took a summer job roofing houses at a condo complex right across the street from a PGA golf course that the Open was played at in 2001. As I watched from a roof an employee left a building yards away from me only to be accosted at gun point from a young male to make use of the employees vehicle minus his consent. I ran to the employees aid only to be fired upon by said vehicle borrowing person. Again with all the nice correctional tattoos he sported I'm sure his firearm purchase was either from Walmart or basspro.
When I was in my late 20's I discovered I had a talent for helping bar and pub owners rewrite their business models to post favorable profits in a state that is not very friendly to entities that violated (imaginary) blue laws they would like to have legislated. Twice while in the service of pub owners I have been fired upon while removing Mongols and Banditos (nice motorcycle riding folks) to enrich the experience of other patrons (actually both times it was because they had punched women).

I have to say I am very unlucky / lucky to have been through so many of these situations. I have not been injured but I cannot say that for everyone that was around me. I decided somewhere down the line I am going to quit being someone's target or at least a less passive one. I am not a gun nut but I own a few firearms and a couple of NFA regulated items. What's funny as a owner of NFA regulated items, how many violent crimes in the last 10 years have been committed with NFA items by THE LEGAL owners. I'll save you some research, 0 crimes. What are NFA regulated items? For you peeps that have no clue they are machine guns (real ones that shoot till you let off the trigger), silencers, short barreled rifles and shotguns and a few more things. According to many of you these items will cause massive mayhem and destruction but someone in your town ones one or some of these items yet no crime has been committed by them.
The fear and gloom surrounding firearms has always been around, mostly propagated by ignorant people that have no experience or exposure to firearms. Any tool misused can cause harm.


So if a nut case decides to use a sword a knife or an SUV should we all ban that since we can't regulate stupidity? If someone wants to kill people there's many ways for them to do it.

We should probably just stand with David Thorne on this one.

We have a real moron here and has not have the slightest idea what he's talking about!

Gun's don't kill people.

BULLETS kill people.

the writer say "the gun is designed and manufactured to maim, kill and destroy."
i have a gun, the purpose i bought a gun is to immobilized any threat to my life. i was trained not to kill but to survive.

the bloggers says smoking can not kill or maybe not because manufacturers say it wont? there is a goverment warning in every pack that smoking kills?

Dear "Mark". Yes there are many different ways to kill people. No one is suggesting we ban SUVs (a point that was actually specifically dealt with in this article). I can kill someone with my bare hands if I want to, that doesn't mean I think we should all chop off our hands. I don't however think I could strangle, or samurai slash, or stab my way through a movie theater or a high school or a university full of people without being overpowered. The second amendment was written a long time ago, when gun ownership was essential for the creation of militias to stimulate a weak national military. At this point, militias within the US are an impractical and slightly insane idea, and would definitely never be encouraged. There is no method that is easier to use or more efficient for killing than a fire-arm. Also, to the guy who says he uses his gun as protection and so it is not designed to kill, it is only protection because it is designed to kill, but studies have shown that homes with guns are not any more safe, and are often more dangerous than homes without them. Maybe instead of buying a heavy duty fire-arm, you buy an alarm system.

The 2nd amendment was written to insure the government would not gain to much power as part of the checks and balances. Not to mention an armed citizenry insures that we will be able to defend against ground invasion by other countries as our national guard and military spend most of there time elsewhere these days might want to think about that. Firearms are not evil they are not the problem, those that use them with disregard and disrespect are. If you don't respect the fact that the weapon you may carry will kill someone then you don't need to carry it. Militia may not be the best of ideas for the fact of who they draw but when a threat arises they will be called upon as will the common citizens. I hunt and own guns for target shooting as well as home defense, I took shooting courses from several different organizations as well as the one my father gave me at a young age. I am also in the process of getting a concealed carry permit for which I had to qualify. And as far as the movie theatre ordeal the man armed himself with the intent of doing harm no matter the weapon he would have found a way to do what he did. People can make weapons out of anything, all a gun is, is an accelerant a tube caped at one end and projectile simple as that everyone has the makings of one or has had at some point. And as far as the gun designed to kill, that's exactly what it is an efficient means of it too, but the gun doesn't decide that, there is nothing more dangerous than the human mind. Buy your alarm system that alerts someone 30+ min away with an hour response time by then those intending to do you harm have done so. As far as those who have concealed carry permits as was brought up earlier, I as a gun owner have no obligation to protect anyone but myself, and the legal repercussions for shooting someone are extremely high even if your in the right. Also depending on city ordinances and business policy you may not be able to carry in certain areas of town or business'. Bottom line just because you carry it doesn't mean your going to or want to use it. But for those that go out with the intent to kill a certain person or many at random they will find the means to do it. I for one am tired of suffering for the actions of others, and having my liberties and rights walked on because some crazy person killed people.

And that's enough of that by the way I did vote democrat as a gun owner, I'm not left wing or right wing, no matter the opinion you draw, and just because you don't like something doesn't give you the right to take it from someone else.

People like you make me afraid for what our country is coming to.

A few points for you to ponder. A .44 magnum is a handgun designed for hunting. An AR15 fires a .223 round which has the same diameter as a .22 rifle, a gun which I'm certain even you would not ban. AK47's, Uzi's, and AR15's are all semi automatic when purchased legally.

James Holmes was a crazy guy, but when you say he was not capable of acquiring firearms from an illegal source, you sir are wrong. The man created homemade explosive devices and booby trapped his house. If he could do this, he did not even need firearms, he could have blown up the theater, but since he found out how to make these devices and booby trap his apartment, I can guarantee you he could have found a way to acquire illegal firearms.

The theater did not allow people to carry firearms, concealed or open. This was their right to do, because they are a private establishment.

There were many ex military people in the crowd who could have saved some of the people in the theater had they been allowed to carry a firearm in.

The purpose of allowing firearms was so the people of our great nation could defend themselves from people who jeopardized our safety, and so that if the government ever became corrupt and needed to be overthrown, as it did during the revolutionary war, we, the people of the USA, would have the firepower to overthrow said government and create one of our own.

You need to learn much more about conceal carrying and the constitution before you ever question those "tough fuy's" that you say have "no penises". Also , you should refrain from cussing in educational papers, it just makes them seem immature.

after reading the first paragraph, i knew this was written by some ignorant anti-gun hippy, and like many other i see in the internet, are all about crap how guns are what makes the person evil and stuff, and like so many that i've come across, my only answer would be the same,

stricter firearm laws will only be made by those paranoid politicians that are afraid of the people because they have a lot that they're hiding and when found, have a lot to lose, they are afraid that people will take arms against them at some point,

owning a firearm has their own regulations and you need a shitload of paperworks and need to spend a lot of money to own one(contrary to the stupidity you mentioned about drivers needing to have a license, while gun owners not even need to prove anything), and after all the paperworks and expenses, gun owners still need to follow the laws of each state

criminals follow no laws, they don't go waste their time filling up paperworks to own a fully automatic rifle in states that doesn't allow them, they just buy them off some unknown arms dealer's car trunk or basement, for a cheaper price compared to a legally accredited gun shop

so the result is more criminals with more guns and fewer law-abiding citizen with few or no guns to protect themselves

I don't know what police force you're using that has an hour long response time, but regardless of that there is no need for someone ever to own an assault rifle regardless of whether or not it's automatic or semi-automatic. Besides, even if purchased legally as a semi-automatic, it is not difficult at all to modify it. Stop claiming that people owning guns would stop tragedies like the movie theater shooting or what happened at Columbine or Virginia Tech. All of these incidents were stopped by trained people. People should not be allowed to end up armed in high pressure situations without the proper training, they would only hurt more than they would help. Besides, we are not even discussing outlining guns. But why in God's name would u ever need a gun with a clip over 6 rounds in it? Even if you are using it for "home defense" you should never need more than 6 rounds and you should never need anything other than a small caliber pistol. Yes, the founding fathers did believe in the militia system. However, they lived in a completely different time. We live in a totally different world, even if a militia wanted to have a military coupe these days (which I hope no one does) they would be quickly dealt with by the US Army, it wouldn't even be close. So why bother to keep your guns anyways? I'm not trying to deny anyone the write to own a small caliber pistol with a small clip for home defense. I'm not saying we need to get rid of things like bolt-action hunting rifles. I just don't think you should be legally able to obtain a weapon that would allow you to quickly and efficiently kill a movie theater full of people. That's all.

please sustain from using poor language to state you point. it only discredits you and just gives them even more reason to to take the right of the whole Constitution away. just remember ignorant people have the right to vote too. so the best we can do is is enforce the truth instead of continuing the lies.

"feels safer with a .45 on hip"

1) While it is true that the AR-15 fires a .223, it is cased in a 5.56 rifle casing. It is also a gas operated, normally fully automatic weapon system. Obviously a .22 rifle would not be banned in the united states, but that is because its bullet velocity and stopping power are far less than that of an AR-15. It is true that all civilian issue weapon systems are sold in the semi automatic variant. However, even you must know how terrifyingly easy it is to make this weapons fully automatic and how often that occurs in this nation.
2) John Holmes made HOMEMADE explosives. He took amonium nitrate and some gunpowder and put them in a steel tube. These explosives are cheap, faulty, and dangerous. True the explosive may have killed a few civilians, however the belief that he could have turned the theater into a pile of rubble is preposterous. An assault rifle or fully automatic submachine gun is a finally tuned machine with one aim, to kill things. one of the most important aspects of a weapon system is its reliability. He knew when he stepped into that theater that his gun would fire, something that would not be the case if had use homemade explosives. Furthermore, the fact that he could buy fertilizer and fireworks does not mean he could navigate the complex criminal underworld to obtain an illegal firearm. Your argument may have held water if police had found plastic explosives in his apartment, but this was not the case.
3) Finally, the idea that anyone would be able to stop a crazed gunman in a dark, crowded, tear gas filled theater is laughable. I dont care how much of a crack shot you are. If you close your eyes you wont be able to hit a moving target.
4) Firearms were made legal in the constitution because fire arms were similar to cross bows in both lethalilty and reliabillity, because most disagreements were solved with duels, because people lived in constant fear of native americans or wild animals, and because the united states military was based off of a militia system for most of its infancy. None of these facts are true today.
Amendment two is outdated and no longer necessary in current America.

The second admendment is far from out dated. It's just as relevant now as it ever was. It wasn't put in place for defense against wild life or native Americans as previously stated. It wasn't for me to defend myself against any of you. It was so that all of us could defend ourselves from an imposing government wether it be foreign or domestic. The difference between a subject and a citizen is the right to bare arms.

I live in Arkansas, own two AR's, three 22's, one 30-06, and a 30-30. I've never bought a weapon, these have been passed from father to son. I carry one of them in my truck everywhere i go. I grew up with the understanding that a gun is a tool, NOT a weapon. I hunt on a weekly basis to provide food for my family and yet the closest i have come to shooting another human is when a "sport" hunter killed an 8 point buck, cut off the head for a damn TROPHY and left all the meat in the field to rot. Yankee boy wont be seen round these parts again i can assure you.
Kids here carry firearms and knives to school and we have no problems because they learn at a very young age to respect them.
People as crazy as holmes that go into theaters and just start shooting wont be stopped by any gun law. They are a millionth of a fraction of a percent of the population of our country, yet you use them as an excuse for gun control? Pull your panties out of your ass city boy.

We have the second amendment to protect us from tyranny. I could care less what a boot-licking NWO ball-washer thinks about me owning a gun. As far as the other commies that commented positively regarding this fascist drivel, enjoy the FEMA camps.


There is no chance for the OP to hear any voice of reason. Certain people get an idea in their heads and will stick to it until their dying day, regardless of how blatantly crazy their ideas are. I have no problem with anybody about how they feel on the issue of guns. They are entitled to their opinions regardless of mine. I do however take offense when they think that their ideas should be my ideas. I'm 26 years old and have been around guns as long as I can remember. My father has always had them. When I was 12 years old I was given my first shotgun. To this day I still have that gun and many others that were passed on to me or ones that I purchased on my own. But one other thing that I have is respect for guns. I know what they can be used for and I also know what they are capable of. I know how to use them and am quite proficient at it, but I have never thought about using them to harm another person. Now does my being a gun owner automatically make me a bad person? I would think not.

Now gun bans. Lets look at Aurora if he didn't have a gun. Who remembers the Oklahoma City bombing? No guns used there, just a simple mixture of products that farmers have been using for years to remove tree stumps. What if the Aurora shooter had just rolled up a van behind the theater and went boom? Would we ban ammonium nitrate? Probably not the best example but there are other ways to kill a lot of people at one time without the use of a gun.

So, now that I am done rambling, I do not have a problem with guns. If you want to own guns that's fine. If you don't want to own guns that's fine too. Just don't tell me that guns are the enemy just because there are some nut jobs out there that decided to shoot up a group of people. I do feel that had there been somebody with a CCW in that theater that there may have been a different result. My opinion take it as you will. But I do not feel that it is ok to take away guns of any kind from me or the people like me who do everything right in owning a gun and who use them in a proper manner, be it hunting or target shooting. I live in the only state in the US that does not allow a concealed carry. So guess what, i obey the law and do not carry a weapon. I have a gun in my house for self defense if it is ever needed, that is my right as an american, and I will until the day that I die. I will never give up my guns because it is my right as an American to own them.

You are all aware that the USA is not the only country to have guns rights yes? And we are not the only ones who are allowed to own semi-autos, you guys act like this is some new craze. For those who are unaware a semi-auto means, 1 pull of the trigger = 1 bullet out of the barrel. Unlike an automatic which is multiple bullets out of the barrel from 1 pull of the trigger, for as many rounds in your magazine.

I have an idea. From what I know James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist right? So depending on what he was seeing them for, I think that maybe there should be some type of database of people who are seeking psychiatric care. After all you can't buy a firearm legally if you were found in a court or other criminal manner to be mentally unstable or if you were forced into a mental institution . So I think its only fair to log a database of people who are seeking treatment for certain conditions. I'm not saying they should be flagged for just seeing a shrink... This won't stop every nut job from doing something like this, but it might stop some.

This is not a discussion, so I'll proceed with my feelings and opinions. The idea that any stranger that I encounter may be in immediate possession of a firearm makes me nervous. However, the mere suggestion that a moral majority might empower government to interfere to an even greater extent with how an individual conducts his affairs, scares me far more.

I'm a relatively polite gentleman, as I grew up with the notion that disrespecting another person can, and quickly will, lead to physical violence. I'll thank my father for that notion. However, I'd imagine I'd be even more polite to a person carrying a weapon.

The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.
--Leo Tolstoy

Another uninformed writer and editor spewing bullshit

U r a retarded mother fucker even if we didn't have guns there would still be a lot of crime. Criminals would just use a knife or something. And that's the bottom line.

Actually, Liberalism kills people

I see your point...
If we just made ALL guns ILLEGAL then the criminals would just give up and go home!
Look how well it works in friggin Chicago!
Using the same demented logic: Hey why not just make murder ILLEGAL!
Then the criminals won't do it!

Oh that's right, they do it anyways!

Wow!! I never knew that guns kill people.

Wait that is because guns do not kill people. Guns do not possess the power of decision because they do not think.
(Translation to your language)

Guns do not Fucking possess the Fucking power of Fucking decision because they don't Fucking think.


When someone kills someone with a gun who should be held responsible the GUN or The guy who killed the people with the gun.

I love this too:

"Guns don’t kill people, people do. (Had to be an ad exec somewhere behind that one.)

“Cars kills thousands of people every month, cars aren’t made illegal. Smoking kills, that’s legal. Alcohol kills, that’s legal.”

Again Guns don't kill people people with guns kill people and cars don't kill people drivers kill people.

So ultimately the only real solution to this issue is to take away the people!!!!

PS I love this:

“if there’d been someone there with a gun, it would have been a different story. So don’t go takin’ our guns away!”

way to insult the intelligence of the people who don't agree with you.

So perhaps you should kill yourself with that gun oh wait the gun might kill you so you best keep them out of the house


Wow, you would think that the Denver Egotist, if they wanted to hire writers to "fire people up", as Felix says later in the comments, that they could hire someone with at least a modicum of a vocabulary. Felix is obviously incapable of making an intelligent argument without being condesdending and crude so that most readers dismiss his comments outright, considering the source. Felix also says later in the comments that he is "open minded" -- Surely he was being sarcastic in light of his simple-minded, sophmoric and self-contradictory diatribe. Felix just MIGHT have some points worthy of discussion at least, If only he were capable of such. I'll attempt to put the hay down where the goats can get to it: Felix, you are an obvious idiot; Denver Egotist, why do you hire obvious idiots?

Lets ban cars cause they kill people
Lets ban booz cause people jump into cars and mow down innocent people
Lets ban drugs, cause people overdose ond die
Lets ban knives, cause people stab and kill people
Lets ban home made bombs, cause they kill people
lets ban Aids, cause they kill people
lets ban airplanes, cause the they crash and kill people
lets ban fast food, cause they do kill you and will
lets ban.....
lets ban..........
oh wait, lets ban guns, because its so convientent to blame guns and not the people that use them to kill..
I own guns, I don't hunt, I have them to protect myself and, my wife and my three kids period.

I dont understand why people blame guns, guns are a tool period, no more, no less, like a hammer, nail gun, jackhammer, chainsaw all of which can kill a person, you see if a crazy insane person wants to harm you and can't get a firearm, they will find another way PERIOD, IN FACT, it has been shown that many small area's within the country that higher gun to citizen ratio, crime is almost non-existent and this is fact. All you people that are anti-guns are ignorant and foolish, when something happends and shit hits the fan and you can't protect your wife, kids, grandchildren then and only then you will see your ignorance. Lets stop blaming guns people, they have been around for hundreds of years and will be here after were gone, instead focus the nutjobs that walk amoung us, this is why I conceal carry,cause if anyone within that Colorado movie theatre had the balls to carry a gun, they could have saved many lives, because I will tell you this, if I were in that place and that went down, I would have ended it asap or die trying, then all you people would look at it differently, if your loved one was saved by a concealed carry permitt holder and stepped up and help protect, you see I carry a gun not only to protect myself and my family, but I will protect the people around me as well.

A well-armed society is a polite society.

In addition to all of the fore-mentioned comments, of which I don't have the patience to read all of, let me state a couple facts. Our founding fathers put the second amendment there so that if we need to defend ourselves, we can. If we are subject to a controlling government such as how the British were controlling the colonies(which sadly it seems to be close to it), we can revolt. Also, and I hope this never happens, if another country decided to enter our country, it's a lot harder to take control of citizens that have weapons and know how to use them than it is a lot of helpless people running around calling 911. Lastly, I'm really not confortable with someone telling me what I can and can't do with my property as long as I'm acting responsibly.

I agree with the above post, our second amendement protects us against Tirany, period!!

So if you change our 2nd ammendment to our constitution then what the hell the govt. can do whatever they want. and let me add a question, does a gun load itself? does it click the saftey off? does it aim itself at people, and most importantly the gun itself pull the trigger. People get killed in cars all the time, why don't we outlaw cars then? You are an ignorant ass to think that guns themselve kill people.

It doesn't matter if alcohol isn't designed to kill. The fact is that it does. Drunk drivers kill far more people than guns do. Makes no difference what the original purpose was for. Deaths from guns are small in comparison to deaths caused from drunk drivers!!!

I enjoyed your arguments and opinions. Your thought of a gun totting "hero" spraying bullets into a crowd of people whilst having tear gas blocking his view trying to"protect" innocent lives was pretty accurate that's how an average Joe carrying something he has no idea how to use or no common sense would do. Like what of he had dropped a gun with a bullet still in it and someone picked it up. Would they help, no they'd probalbly just cause more issue. But a man trained for this situation even with an unloaded firearm may have been able to cause holmes to hesitate because absolutely every animal (yes I'm not one of those idiots who do not recognize a human for what it is an animal) has the instinct of self preservation typically in the form.of fight or flight most like holmes immediately choose flight but still could have chosen fight but yes there really is no way or reasoning that can be used to say we should keep guns while with all of the uncertainties and probalbilities (again sighting the primal instincts.humans still have as animals) a need to feel safe whether you truly are safe or not. There again is no reason to make them illegal either. The very same thing could be used for banning wrestling yes I am a wrestler, wrestling causes many injuries and permanent damage to the body the point of wrestling is to make your opponent submit on his/her back for at least 3 seconds with both shoulders.on the mat. Many moves used to.get there are designed to cause pain or make a person come close to.injury predicting the person will be infleunced by this and move into a position that benefits you if the person reacts differently then expected injuries may occur even some moves that are completely legal and go right can still cause injury. Again like guns killing people is only the purpose if that's what you make it many wrestling moves can be used to injure people if that is your purpose.

Your a fucking IDIOT. The same reasons you sight for people needing to own guns, hundreds of years ago. Are the same reasons people need then now.

Nobody get's raped or killed where you live?

True, guns were made to kill with, but killing with a gun during hunting or in time of war or in self defense is different than killing with a gun in the commission of a crime, Are you implying that guns were made to murder people with? If so, then you are more ignorant than I give you credit for.

Andrea Yates used water as her tool to murder her kids with. Should water be banned since water has and can be used as a weapon for murder? How about banjos? I just read a news paper clipping about how a man beat his wife to death with his two banjos. Since banjos has been and could be used as weapons to murder with should their be a ban? How about vehicles? Hammers? Screwdrivers? Bare hands and feet?

It's not the tool that does the murdering, it's the person using the tool that is doing the killing. I can pick up a stick and beat you to death with it, so hurry up and call for a ban on sticks and the government can get people out in force to pick up sticks out of the woods. Liberals and their ILLogic... wow!

The guy who wrote this is right. You yanks are f*cking mental,

We habe gun control in the UK and we have no problems.

That said, when we didnt have gun control we still never had anywhere near the problems you yanks had. So really, when you say "its the people not the guns" it just proves that you dumb americans are to savage to hold a tomato peeler (ob excuse me a tomAYtoE pealer)

I'm pretty sure that if you were in the colorado shooting experience you wish you would of had a gun to stop him.

Your choice of words obviously shows your education level, if you want to offend someone use words they don't even understand.
just because you restrict guns doesn't mean that you still can't be killed by one.
to bear arms is your right, and i know many try to restrict what kinds of guns you get, but anything in the wrong can be considered a weapon, even a pen can kill someone if you know how to use it.
they saw when people have more freedom when it comes to guns, drugs etc, they tend to have less abuse of it.

Wow,knives kill people too,should we ban knives? ridiculous any news turd writing a hit piece like this,obviously has an agenda,and fighting a losing battle.Must be really frustrating for you anti gun nuts on these petty power trips trying to be little Nazi Hitler's and grab good people's guns so they can be victims to criminals who don't care about gun laws,so that you can have an breaking headline news at 6:00.When in hell are all you people going to wake up out there,start demanding these people to be fired for writing treasonous articles like this one,start going after their can easily make examples out these traitors.

Just tell me what the plan is to have criminals give up their guns? Really...I could be on board if I knew I was safe.....

guns can only be activated by humans therefore humans being the one pulling the trigger killing one of their own kind

I love it when people reference to the "Wild West" when stating how we shouldn't go back to that time. You are a fucking idiot that's allowed Hollywood to warp your reality. The "Wild West" is fiction. They had much stricter gun laws than we do today. They started the whole "wild west" bull shit to bring in publicity, but it stuck. All of you should read up on fact, rather than fiction. This includes the writer of this idiot post.

I love the profanity-laced, calm, cool, logical way you addressed the issue.

I'm an experienced martial artist who can kill most people with the t-shirt they are wearing, no joke. The collar of a t-shirt makes a wonderful garat. NOW just about anybody who reads this can do the same. What's the solution here, outlaw clothing? Martial arts? Blogs, since I just told potential murderers how to do the job?

How physically big are you? Are you a woman? Old? Crippled in some way? Guns actually have the potential to keep weaker more helpless people from being prey to larger, stronger, meaner predators. Guns are a great equalizer - IF everyone has pretty much equal access to them and they rationally decide that owning and carrying a gun is better than being butt raped with a sharp stick by a gang of thugs (recently happened to someone in my hometown.) I'm not trying to be crude.

Guns introduce a civilizing affect on society - it's true. If everyone around you had a gun, wouldn't you be less likely to throw a road rage? Even if you too have a gun, you don't want to be in a gun fight, trust me.

Mass shootings would simply cease to happen in a well armed society. Only the most insane person would go on a shooting rampage and anyone foolish enough to do so would themselves get shot only seconds into the episode - far fewer casualties. Anyone with a shred of rationality would know better than to try. You will never, ever hear of a mass shooting at a gun store or a gun show. In fact, it just doesn't happen anywhere that guns are really common. It DOES happen in many places where going armed is banned or too inconvenient.

If you and others like you would simply use a little common sense, you'd know that guns are actually good, useful tools and society would be better the more of them there were around. Instead you chose to let an emotional, irrational fear control your thinking.

You may yet have a transformational experience in your life where you become a victim and you wish you had been able to protect yourself. I really hope not, but it happens all the time.

Good luck to you and God bless.

dont you love how right wing wackos use incidents like "there was a killing with a banjo, should we outlaw banjos?" - the point for you morons is that there are 10,000 homicides a year with firearms - and maybe one banjo killing every decade. As for the argument that if you took firearms away perps would just find another method - as NY and other cities saw up to 75% reductions in homicides by firearms - HOMICIDES BY OTHER METHODS DID NOT GO UP 75% - AS A MATTER OF FACT, HOMICIDES BY OTHER MEANS WENT DOWN AS WELL.
Long Island man shot his girlfriend yesterday, claimed the trigger went off accidentally. Do you think he could have stabbed her accidentally? Bashed her head in with a banjo accidentally? Wake up!

The writer of this article is a complete idiot...he has no clue about the costs of freedom or our rights! He is a secularist! this country is being ruined by secularism...and I say if you don't like this country there are plenty of socialist countries which you are FREE to relocate yourself to!...get a life buddy! You sleep under the blanket of freedom and have no idea what the cost of that freedom're are a dumbass!

To banjo-boy:

I'm very well awake. I've been threatened and my being armed with a gun saved my life. Your banjo example is a prime example of your inability to think, but rather feel, your way through a problem. If 10 million people were murdered with banjos would you outlaw them then? The reason you hate that argument is because you can't defeat it.

I don't know where your statistics came from and I really don't care. I can come up with statistics that will prove basically any argument I want to make. "Two million violent crimes are prevented every year by the lawful use of firearms." I'm sure you'll argue that isn't true. It may not be. Who cares? If you need statistics to tell you what common sense ought to make clear, I'm sorry, but I don't.

I know empirical deduction, logical thought, and historical fact that my position is right. COMMON SENSE. Put yourself in the mind of a criminal for just 1 second. Do you want to mug a 6'6" 300 lbs body-builder or petite elderly lady? Which one looks like prey to you? Why? If you know person X has a gun - you don't mug person X. Why? Guns PROTECT people.

But okay, lets just give in. All guns are outlawed. Now what? They didn't just disappear. People aren't going to just volunteer to go turn them in - especially criminals - who don't give a crap about your laws.

So what's your big plan?

I believe a better screening process could be used to keep nutjobs away from weapons, but overall gun controll advocates are just too ignorant to get a real, helpful law passed. . .
You want to pass laws restricting 'certain' guns. . . IDIOTIC.
You 'invent' this thing called a 'Gun Free Safe Zone' . .IDIOTIC.
The guns, or type are not the problem,
did you know hollow point bullets are safer for everyone?
Do you know gun crime has universally spiked in any and every instance of gun banning?
This statement holds true for 'gun free safe zones', where every one of these massacres happens, to DC, to Chicago, to England.

Lets stop the rhetoric, I love guns. . .
but we have got to stop selling them to nutcases, and restrict them, not guns, or ammo.

your gramer is horrable. the fact that you cuss on the enternet (as public as it gets) shows that u are not only un-educated but generally ignorant in all aspects of your sorbid, impudent existance. there for, any opinion you may have is emidiatly disregarded by any respectfull party. i was a engineer in the u.s. army, and am currantly employed as a fracer,(or oilfield trash as some may call it.) so i can cuss with the best. but i dont when im expressing a opinion or around peaple i dont know personaly. why? because im not a ideot, and doing so would make me one. second guns secured our freedom in the first place. and still do. also combate doesnt make you a killer or even allow it to be easier. i know fellow soldiers that would have trouble pulling the triger on a intruder even though they had no problem at war. i also no little old ladies that have no problem drilling a .45 caliber hole through a criminals dome at 3:00am and have deminstaited. by the way, we do have freedom of speech. if we didnt you wouldnt have been able to post your filth in the firstplace. i dont know were you are getting your "statistics", i would assume your own deliriam, becous England (were guns are illigal) has a higher rate of murder than good ol' U.S. if peaple want to kill they will. if they want to kill mass nubers of peaple they will. they dont need guns to do it. heres another statistic for u. most mass murders in america and the world are commited not with guns but by other means. look it up. peaple kill. they always have. guns are just one of manny, manny tools used. why take the ability of self protaction away from a single mother or tell a hunter he cant hunt. not because he has a small penise, but becouse he likes the sport or even lives of the meat he gathers and garden he grows. yes peaple still do that. i did befor my currant job. my conclusion is that if guns kill peaple. spoons make peaple fat. computers make peaple unsotiable. and porn makes peaple virgins. do your resurch next time.

oh and one more thing. it is true that no one at the theatr had a gun, if more law abiding citizens would take the efort to get the permit and training that is so easy to achiev. maybe there would have been someone there. maybe more would be alive.

So this article is completely abosutly wrong. The person that wrote this article is an ignorant moron. He clearly did no research on the statistics of gun control. It is a proven fact that when guns are outlawed violent crime goes up. Now let's put some logical thought into this. If a criminal doesn't care about the law he will have his gun until it is forcibly taken from him. So that means that all the law abiding citizens that give up there guns have now become easy prey to a would be attacker. Who remember doesn't care about the law.
I also saw a recurring argument for gun control that went something like the second amendment was written hundreds of years so it doesn't apply to today. Thats stuiped! Here's why that argument is made by a person who hasn't thought it threw because if it's true we also need to get rid of all are amendments freedOm of speech freedom of the press freedom of religion see what I am saying. And one of Americans favorite freedoms is the freedom of speech. See and the only reaon we are able to maintain our freedoms is threw the right to bear arms, because of we can't have guns the government can do whT ever they want and we have no way of stopping it. The reason behind the second amendment is so the the citizens of the united states can protect them selves. Most people how ever only think this means to protect them self Frommuggers our people trying to break into there home. But the real intent is to protect them self from the government. Now that might seem rAdical but it is true a government can't enslave the people of they can and will fight back. Think about it if you took all the gun owners inontanna you would have the largest standing army in the world. Guns a good every person should have one and know how to use it.

I highly believe that anyone has the right to own and use weapons for self defense. i am a mother with a husband that is hardly home because of his job. if someone breaks in to someones home in the middle of the night or even broad daylight , they arent there to have tea and cake, they are a threat to my family and deserve what they get if they enter my home with out being invited. By the way GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE DO!!!!!!!!!! true story! :0 so suck it

Interesting points, Maybe you are right. Perhaps we should just bend and brake constitutional rights as we see fit based on our opinions. Perhaps law should be there more or less as a guideline rather than a rule to be followed. Since you don't hunt, nobody should. Since you don't like guns, nobody should. Since ten people were shot in a theater in Colorado, we should remove all weapons from the US. This is great, You must be some kind of genius. What should be do next? Maybe we should all have meetings and ask you before we do anything on our own, because if you don't like it, it should be illegal.

You are an idiot! Do the world a favor, exercise your right to buy a weapon, since you don't know how to use one, and have a accident. Please.

"That rifle on the wall of the laborer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that if stays there!"

--(1940) George Orwell

I bet 6,000,000 Jews wouldn't argue with that!!!!!

No repeal of any amendment is needed. Our re-elected leader will do the deed my decree if he chooses.

Do you, the writer of this Gun Aontrol Article. Own/owned a gun? Ever shot one? Did it feel good/bad? Did it give you a sense of fear or power? Did you hear the shot? Would you do shot again, or not ever? If in fact, there was a loaded gun sitting on the table next to you, think you would reach for it in a time of need while you type your next story out? A hostage situation, with your own life? would you try and fight, or just "bite the bullet"?

Sometimes, guns arent the only "weapon" of choice. Have a crossbow, Compound bow, good with throwing knives, rocks, hands? Maybe based on your skill and experience level those might be better suited for you... if not, a Gun is gonna be the most precise, powerful TOOL you can use to defend yourself. Without a doubt, at a much SAFER distance, preventing oneself of physical confrontation especially if weaker than your opponent...

Anyways, to my point. Im really not gonna say much on the topic of "gun control" in a Retail/Street/Black market context. But what i will say,
We have systems. That we have in place so felons cannot purchase retail weapons. Thats one way down. but other ways to utilize if they need..
Lawful citizens, that acquire them legally then go postal?! well, that can't be helped much.. NO ONE knows when someones going to snap. that can't be helped.
Which still leaves the system in place for lawful abiding citizens to continue purchasing retail/used weapon legally. And hopefully take out the infringing soul for you needing defense..
This allows, those persons to use their weapon for Game, Sport, Home defence, and Personal Defence in the form of Open carry (where applicable) and lawfully CCW. All Fine and Well. Problems you see, please inform?

To get some things straight, "Life isn't made of IF's"... But, "IF" said lawfully CCW citizens were unable to carry inside, by the establishment(Theatre). What type of outcome? Well, we know that answer?!
What iIF, There just happened Not to be ANY Law abiding Carriers were present that particular theatre, but allowed to carry.. What then? No idea.
What IF, Law abiding carriers WERE in fact there(this would assume the establishment allows this), How about then?! Nope, can't say either. cause it just didn't happen that way...
How can anyone make assumptions?

Lets point out something first... CCW = Concealed Carry Weapon(focusing on guns specifically). Thats exactly what there supposed to be. Break it down, its just logic! These are LAW abiding people. They have it for a reason, Self preservation/Self defence. Can ANYONE fault them for that. Especially sice they we the RIGHT too?! Concealing your weapon, is the main point.. It is your defence, your "Tactical Advantage", you carry it for that reason. How exactly is the Theatre gonna know if you have one or not, even law abiding if you are doing it right? When you are deprived of your sidearm. You Become Defenceless!!! You are now the sole target for someone/Anyone "with a weapon" to be wounded or killed by without a choice to have it on you.

Why do people carry? How is anyone gonna defend themselves against a pistol, assualt rifle, or god forbid rapid fire machine gun. Something of Comparable power of course. Would you want to be Even or Odd? Packing any sort of heat, be it a .22 or .45, you still stand a better chance. Potentially thworting what may become more killings then we might think. I mean tear gas? in that instance, does allot of damage on its own. But a little tactical training, and know-how goes along way, along with a well "Controlled" kill-shot to your target. Which, those who carry usually have practice under their belt. At least, should for their own safety. Preventing any other possible casualities.. how more controlled can one be?

There is a Right and Safe way, and Wrong and Dangerous way to Carrying a sidearm. Or any type of "weapon". We can only Control so much without infringing. What may need to be done is more Regulation between CCW/law abiding citizens, police, city, state, and constitutional regulation. Need to be On point.

Ones safety, is jeapordized the moment someone else infringes on it in an unlawful way. And it all starts when a sidearm is unholstered, that things get rough.

"When they sought to record forever a guarantee of their rights, they devoted one full amendment out of ten to nothing but the protection of their right to keep and bear arms against governmental interference. Under my chairmanship the Subcommittee on the Constitution will concern itself with a proper recognition of, and respect for, this right most valued by free men." ~ Orrin Hatch, Chairman, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

So wether you like it or not, You are entitled to their opinion. To each his own. If you so choose, not to "utilize" your right to bear arms, that is your choice, but don't ruin it for the others that decide too... because after all it is our freedom. Thank you, and please leave it be.

"It doesn't have to make sense, it's just the law"

Thank you for attacking the logic of the cancerous gun culture. Its time to put all those ridiculous "ban car" talking points to bed forever. Thank you keep up the good work.

First i would just like to say this person doesnt have a clue. You first better go look at your local police car they no longer say to serve and protect. This is a man eat man world and if you are dumb enough to go anywherw without a gun you get whats coming to you. I think wveryone should go out today and buy a gun take it and get trained how to use it then practice once a week. Keep that gun on you all the time and dont get a lisence you dont need one you have a god given right to protect yourself and family and anyone who may need help. We the people are the police force of this country we keep the peace dont ever forget that . We have as much if not more rights than a police officer he or she may out rank you but you are responsibled for you. You think im going to let a police officer be my body guard no way. Unless they give me an officer that goes wherever i go like the president then its up to me to protect myself and others around think any different you are a fool. The second amendment protects you moron its doesnt say be a moron and go buy a gun you cant operate safely and kill yourself and others it says you have the right to bare arms and you should. But i do stress if you own a weapon please go train with it because a weapon wont help you if you dont know how to use it. So be a proud american and use your right to bare arms and protect yourself. Never allow them to take that right from you many men have shed alot of blood to protect that right. And all your rights never think the government is thinking of your best interest they are thinking of there own and so should you.

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