• Poo-Pourri Pinches Out Another Fecal-Fun-Filled Viral

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    Anybody tried this shit? Lord knows we could use it around Ego headquarters.

  • Boulder's Grenadier Helps Coinstar Roll Out a Smart New Idea to Help You Ditch Unwanted Gift Cards

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    Grenadier is handling creative duties for the launch of Coinstar Exchange — Coinstar’s new gift card exchange kiosk. Available at select grocery retailers in markets across the U.S., the bright yellow Coinstar Exchange kiosks allow you to transform unused or partially used gift cards into cash immediately and accept more than 150 gift cards from a variety of retailers. The integrated campaign includes digital display, online video and radio, print, email, paid search, paid Facebook, mobile and in-store marketing.

    Creatively, the campaign centers on a series of botched gift card exchanges — an Outback Steakhouse gift card given to a vegan, a Red Lobster gift card given to someone with a shellfish allergy, a girlfriend dropping hints with a Tiffany & Co. gift card… on date number 2. And hidden camera videos in the campaign feature a guy trying to spend his unwanted gift cards like cash to pay for everyday items.

    Fun stuff.

    Creative Director/Copywriter: Wade Paschall
    Creative Director/Copywriter: Mark St. Amant
    Creative Director/Art Director: Randy Rogers
    Assoc. Creative Director/Art Director: Grant Minnis
    Account Lead: Eric Forsyth
    Sr. Account Manager: Ryan Smith
    Copywriter/Creative Consultant: Mark Moll (VIDEO)

    Director: TIM
    Production Company: Kids At Play, Los Angeles
    Mix, Sound Design: Coupe Studios
    Music: JSM Music, Inc.

  • AXE Comes to the Rescue of a Guy Chasing His Dream Girl Through the Ages

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    The shift from frat boy to sophisticate with this brand is palpable. We like the direction they're heading.

  • A Skateboard's POV of Denver

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    Local videographer/photographer Dan Wendzinski attached a GoPro to his skateboard and tooled around town to see what it would look like. Here's Dan's daily commute through the eyes of his skateboard.

  • “Just Talk About Sex” with the Help of Some Memes from Beforeplay.org – Via Boulder's Vermilion

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    Beforeplay.org is the hub for Colorado's statewide effort to reduce unintended pregnancy and to help "normalize" the conversation around sexual health. This Meme campaign, designed by Vermilion, provides an easy conversation starter so you can "Just Talk About It' with your partner.

  • Watching HBO With Your Parents Sucks

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    Get HBO GO and watch where prying eyes can't.


  • FirstBank and TDA_Boulder Introduce The Glassholes

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    Mobile banking is the focus of a new, topical TV and mobile commercial breaking this month from FirstBank. The work, by TDA_Boulder, aims to make tech-based banking more approachable. Tagged, “Built with you in mind,” the advertising targets early adopters, 18 ­– 34. The spot pokes fun at Smart Glasses and the dysfunctional social interaction they can lead to. FirstBank, however, has the easy answer — a new mobile app that makes technology a breeze.

    AD: Austin O'Connor
    CW: Dan Colburn
    CD: Jeremy Seibold
    Agency Prod.: Susan Fisher
    ECD: Jonathan Schoenberg

    Prod. Co.: MJZ, Los Angeles
    Dirs.: The Perlorian Brothers

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