Beer Review: Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel

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Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel and Turkey Sandwiches: America’s Melting Pot Meal

In the Flying Dog Brewery marketing department, we sort of have a thing for turkey sandwiches. Our Prime Minister of Marketing Neal has a blog about Turkey Sandwiches, even. And I’m not talking about some douchebag’s version of a turkey sandwich blog – Neal writes and major sandwich companies listen. He even met with the Cheba Hut brass in Fort Collins to talk about developing new sandwiches for their company. I’m that sort of guy who can eat a turkey sandwich for lunch most days and be excited about every one. This is just to show you how serious we are about our turkey sandwiches. Why all this talk about turkey sandwiches in a beer column? Because beer pairs amazingly with turkey sandwiches, that’s why!

Take our new Canis Major brew, Kerberos Tripel (our Canis Major series is comprised of our extreme beers, from this Tripel to our Gonzo Imperial Porter). Named after the Greek three-headed beast that guards the gates of Hades, this is a deceptively smooth bottle-conditioned beer that will take you down if you’re not careful. As Eric Warner (Lead Dog at Flying Dog) says in the video below, “it’s sweet up-front, fruity in the middle, and has a nice dry finish.” The video below is a conversation we filmed with Eric and our Executive Brewer, Matt Brophy. You’ll probably learn everything you ever wanted to know about our beer from watching it (aromas, pouring method, food pairings, brewing process, etc.).

Flying Dog Brewery Kerberos Tripel from Flying Dog Brewery on Vimeo.

Well, if you watched the video, you’d know that Matt’s favorite food pairing with a Tripel is Thanksgiving Day dinner. It’s still five months away, so I settled for pairing Kerberos with the PJ’s Gobbler from Pat’s Cheesesteaks. The PJ’s Gobbler is All-American turkey sandwich – with turkey pulled straight off the bone, tasty stuffing, and cranberry sauce, all in a hoagie roll. Pat’s has a few locations around the city, including one at 15th and Market (full bar at that one). If you’re one for sandwiches and you like Thanksgiving (who doesn’t like Thanksgiving?), this is your sandwich.

The sweetness of Kerberos and the sweetness of the cranberry sauce go hand-in-hand. The cranberry sauce in the PJ’s Gobbler accentuates the sweet aroma and taste of the Tripel. And the dry finish keeps this beer light-tasting, so you don’t fill yourself up with beer and can’t finish your sandwich. A Belgian-style brew that goes well with a sandwich – you’d only find that pairing in the melting pot that is America. From now on, I think I’m going to say, “It’s as American as the PJ’s Gobbler” – and nobody will get it, but I don’t care.

But don’t let my talk about sweetness and dryness fool you. Kerberos is 8.5% alcohol by volume, so as smooth as it is, don’t expect to drink a whole 4-pack in a sitting. Or at least make sure you’re not driving anywhere.

Do you have any beers you want me to review? Email me at joshm [at] flyingdogales [dot] com. I’ll be pairing great craft beer and great food all Summer long and writing about it for you fine readers at The Denver Egotist.


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