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After opening in 2022 to rave reviews, Sunnyside’s funkiest, freshest sandwich shop has become a Denver mainstay. Dreamed up by Chef Cliff Blauvelt — a veteran of such institutions as Tap & Burger and Steuben’s — Bodega elevates the city’s middling sandwich scene, while providing a community hub for North Denver residents.

The concept for the restaurant was informed by the role of corner stores (often called “bodegas”) as everyday staples in the lives of local residents. From a place to grab a solid breakfast sandwich, to simply stopping in for the news of the day, Blauvelt saw an opportunity to tap into the welcoming nostalgia of these neighborhood institutions — while providing a modern twist on sandwich staples.

To realize the brand — and the dynamism and warmth of his vision — Blauvelt partnered with the Denver-based, boutique creative studio Cognoscenti Creative. Pulling from the historic iconography of both iconic NYC bodegas and the mom-and-pop retail culture of Sunnyside, the resulting brand identity conveys an inviting familiarity, with one foot in retro signage and another in the modern, innovative world of Blauvelt’s culinary creations.

Extending this identity into copywriting, website design, printed materials and photography, Cognoscenti Creative channeled Blauvelt’s unique hospitality style and dedication to community engagement. Rather than stiff, overly-styled images or strictly professional website copy, every creative element is infused with the playful, innately human energy of the shop, helping to further fuel Bodega’s meteoric rise in Denver’s dining scene.



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