• TTD Calls Out CP+B, Kinda

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    Thomas Taber & Drazen just sent out a pretty funny holiday card/moving announcement saying that lavish gifts should be sent to their new offices on 15th Street and that all holiday fruit cakes should be sent to Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s address in Boulder. Cool.

    (Via Adrants.)

  • Watch Jackass 2.5 Free

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    Problem is you have to download Microsoft Silverlight to watch it. Interesting tactic ol’ Bill Gates is using to get people to start using Microsoft’s streaming video and rich media program.

    Check it out if you wanna.

  • McD's Big 'n' Juicy Ambient

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    Not all McDonald’s advertising sucks. In this campaign, Eurosize poster sites were turned into huge napkin dispensers to promote McDonald’s biggest burger ever.

    (Via Ad Goodness.)

  • Peyote For Sale

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    Mauro Morales advertises his peyote business on a sign posted in his yard in Rio Grande, Texas. Morales is one of three people licensed to sell the hallucinogenic cactus peyote in the United States. This profession used to be more common along the Rio Grande, the only place where peyote grows in the United States. But urban development and widespread “root plowing,” which scrapes natural vegetation off the land to replace it with grass for cattle grazing, destroyed many of the peyote fields that once sprawled along the US-Mexico border.

    (Via Activate.)

  • << New Intern Position Posted

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    LeeReedy’s looking for a design intern. Know anyone who’s on the up and up?

  • Know Any Worthy Designers or Art Directors?

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    We’re on the hunt for some more Colorado playas to add to our list of Recommended Talent. Who’s hot? Who’s missing? Throw ‘em in the comments down below. We’ll take it from there.

  • R/GA Presents Tattoo Santa

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    Tattoo a message on Santa. Then send it to a friend. Definitely one of the best agency virals going around this holiday.

  • << Three New Positions Posted

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    Might seem like a slow time of year for some. But not for these three companies. Check out what ccintellect (Interactive Account Executive), Rocky Mountain Institute (Internet Editor and Chief Writer), and Idaho Stew (Web Wrangler) have to offer you.

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