• And Now for Something Completely Different: Trap Jaw Ants

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    The Trap Jaw ant can focus the power of its jaw towards the floor and propel itself forward or upward at speeds of 78 to 145 miles per hour. In human equivalents, these ants are jumping 44 feet up and 132 feet across.

    Check out this gorgeous video of the ants doing their thing at 100 times slower than real time.

  • << New Position Posted

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    Spin Creative Studio is searching for a Senior Production Artist. Details here.

  • Qdoba Account Crossing the Border

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    Well, another Colorado-based company has taken their advertising account out of state. This time, it’s Qdoba Mexican Grill who has selected Amalgamated, New York for lead creative duties. Qdoba has worked with Denver shop Morey Evans Advertising on creative for three years.

    We know you’ll argue accounts fly across state lines all the time, but the loyalty Colorado clients show agencies here is non-existent. For all we want to believe Colorado is making strides with better work, sometimes you have to shake your head and wonder just how far away we are from greatness.

    (Thanks for the link, Zach)

  • TDA's Getting Busy

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    Man, we love seeing good Colorado shops land new accounts. Check out what TDA Advertising & Design has been busy doing over the last few months. Keep that momentum, you guys.

    → February 15 – Charter Baking Co. has selected TDA Advertising & Design to handle broadcast, print and online chores, as well as event marketing and package design following a review.

    → April 3 – FirstBank in Lakewood, Colo., has tapped TDA Advertising & Design in Boulder, Colo., as lead agency on its $5 million account following a review.

    → April 17 – Pizza Inn has chosen TDA Advertising & Design to handle its $5 million ad account following a review, according to the client.

    → June 26 – Annie’s Homegrown in Napa, Calif., has chosen TDA Advertising & Design of Boulder, Colo., for ad chores following a review.

    (Via Adweek)

  • Tuesday Tip No. 59 - How To Freelance

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    One of the finest industry blogs, Scamp, run by a creative/creative director at BBH in London has posted a fantastic piece on the realities of freelancing left in the comments section of his site by an author named ‘Inky Blackstuff.

    Thanks to the wonderful credit crunch, many of you are about to become freelancers (ie fired). I have freelanced before (and am likely to be doing so again) so allow me to enlighten you as to what to expect.

    1) When you invoice, don’t expect to be paid. Ever. Freelancers are different to normal people and they do not need to eat, pay their mortgages or buy trousers, thus no need to pay them.

    2) You are like novice Spitfire pilots ie it is unlikely that you’ll last long so no one will bother to get to know you or even acknowledge you in the corridor.

    3) Freelancers are unlike normal people and will automatically know where the printer is. Though, of course, your computer won’t be networked to it. It will take IT three days to attach you to a printer named after a celebrity. Freelancers are unlike normal people, they don’t need to print anything.

    Keep reading this. It’s fuckin great.

  • What Would You Ask Jonathan Schoenberg?

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    We’re getting ready to prep our interview for Jonathan Schoenberg, Creative Director / Partner at one of the region’s top ad agency’s, TDA Advertising & Design, in Boulder. What do you want to know from him? Throw it below and we’ll take it from there.

  • New Editorial: Feedback's Must-See Concerts: Week of August 18 >>

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    Yep, Feedback’s in the scene. Yep, you should be too. Find it here.

  • Rock The Mike This Saturday

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    As we sadly reported last month, Mike Freeman, a member of the Flying Dog Brewery Family (in fact, their longest standing employee) and a staple of the Denver music scene, was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme or GBM, a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. Saturday his friends are turning their amps up to 11 in support with a benefit brainefit show with all the proceeds going to help cover Mike’s medical treatments. We don’t care who else is playing where that night, this is where you need to be.

    Click image for a detailed view.

    You can also still help Mike in his fight by purchasing a Fuck Cancer shirt. Contact Steph by email at steph[at]flyingdogales.com. Let her know how many you want, what sizes and where to send them. Then, send a check to: Mike Support, Flying Dog Brewery, 2401 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205. Cost is $10 + $5 shipping per shirt.

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