• Nude Copywriter For Hire

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    Copywriter Ashley Billings calls this shameless self-promotion. We call it the perfect reason to hit Shotgun Willie’s this week—without any shame at all.

  • ThruYOU

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  • Reboundfinder: Careful What You Twitter

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    A new Twitter tool provides followers with a list of people who have recently split up with their partners. Box UK has created reboundfinder to search for specific tweets from people who post that they have either dumped their loved ones, or been dumped by them, and then to RT, or retweet, their posts via its feed.

    Love is in the air. Follow reboundfinder here.

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  • Jack In The Box Rebrands And We Like

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    Crap In The Box…er, Jack In The Crack..uh, Jack In The Box has just done a nice rebrand courtesy of Duffy & Partners. Read more on the matter here and here.

    Thanks, Jay and Gordy

  • Sukle’s New Campaign For Fitness Together

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    Have to be honest here, we’re thinking of filing these under the “few nice lines, shame about the art direction” category. Once again, Jim Glynn has produced some pithy copy, although some lines aren’t as strong as others…why have six ads when four will do?

    However, the art direction here seems to be a first thought, and really doesn’t do much for the campaign. Great ads have the copy and image working in tandem, but here the visuals aren’t necessary. It’s a case of seeing and saying at the same time. The copy works without them, and in this case, the art direction often makes the type difficult to read, especially in the ad about the dryer. Overall, it just feels a bit dated and unoriginal. Drop shadows? Helvetica Neue?

    When the headlines are the focus of a campaign, which is rare these days, the art direction needs to support them. Whether it’s flat color with some simple line illustration, or some fabulous typography, the headlines (some of them anyway) deserve a little better than this. But we still love you Sukle. We do.

    Via Ads Of The World. Thanks for the tip, Greg.

  • New Rant: What Makes a Good Creative Director? Part 1 of 2 >>

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    It looks like Felix is gunning for lame creative directors this week. And next week, too. Catch the first part of the new rant right here.

  • When Advertising Makes You Proud

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    There’s no doubt about it. Sometimes, this business makes a lot of us feel as sleazy as a $10 crack whore. But occasionally, you see a piece of work that actually does something worthwhile, and is also creative, ingenious, inexpensive and effective. Today is one of those occasions. And the piece in question comes from TBWA/Whybin in Aukland, New Zealand. Not New York. Not London. Here’s the write-up, and the work (which you can also download here

    Domestic violence is a major problem in New Zealand. It is particularly prevalent in the case of women being beaten within the home. The organization “Preventing Violence in the Home” strives to reduce this by offering counselors and help centers. But the biggest issue is how to seek help without your partner knowing. TBWA\Whybin in Auckland came up with a unique solution. They created a new helpline and replaced a typical barcode with the telephone number 0508384357. This simple and inexpensive sticker could then be placed on products throughout the house and used as hidden reminders.

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