• John Malkovich is a Disturbed Butterfly

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    Taking a series of still images and live-action footage of Mr. Malkovich shot by director and photographer Sandro Miller, editor Josh Bodnar of The Whitehouse assembled this crazy edit intermixing the media. The result is a brooding baroque piece with strains of early David Lynch, whereby Mr. Malkovich cavorts in a series of contorted positionings, contemplating possible ways to off himself in what appears to be a dingy wood-paneled motel room. The piece will be shown in conjunction with a retrospective of photographic portrait work that Sandro has taken of Mr. Malkovich over the past few years.

  • A Big Reason to Get Your Ego Profile Brushed Up

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    The SEO on this site, done by our friends at Booyah SEO, is tight. Meaning there's a very good chance that people searching for you or what you do or both are stumbling on your site profile here before any other thing on the internet. (We see them searching for you all the time.) Which, in turn, means if your profile is half-baked, not filled with your latest work or you haven't made sure to mark the correct 'Main Specialty' in your profile setup, that you're surely missing out on opportunity. Food for thought.

  • Changing Education Paradigms

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    This is from back in October, but it goes well with Carmel's latest article for us, regarding the creative deflation of future generations of Americans.

  • Good News Thread: February 2011

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    This is an open thread for all Colorado agencies and individuals to drop good news about their clients, their shops or themselves. What do you wanna tout?

  • Hurry, Detroit Needs a Statue of Robocop

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    Fund this shit on Kickstarter and give us all a reason to visit Motor City.

  • Volvo Art Session

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    These ideas that have artists paint products always seem better on paper than in execution. That said, this one for Volvo turned out pretty dope – although the tie to the brand is still suspect.

  • WWF: We Are All Connected

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    Simple, smart and doesn't make you feel guilty that you're ruining the world. We like.

    WWF - We Are All Connected from Troublemakers.tv on Vimeo.

  • Terrebonne

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    Long before the Deepwater Horizon disaster, coastal Louisiana was eroding into the Gulf of Mexico at the alarming rate of a football field every forty-five minute. This slow moving environmental catastrophe was the inspiration for Terrebonne – a short film written and directed by Jeremy Craig, a Colorado filmmaker, that features an original score by The Fray. The film will have its world premiere in March at Cinequest 21 in San Jose, CA.

    Terrebonne Official Trailer from Jeremy Craig on Vimeo.

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