Video and Visual Creative. Always looking to collaborate and create work that tells another's story. I have dual degrees in Film Studies and Fine Arts. I've also cut my teeth in corporate video work. ...


A freelance video editor with a passion for creative storytelling and a strong background in reality TV production.

I am a video editor and producer, looking to gain exposure and work as a freelancer on various projects. I have vast experience writing, shooting, producing editing, and with motion graphics.

Hello, My name is Alex Poling. I'm currently looking for creative work around Denver, Colorado. I have a background in Film and Television Production with a focus on writing/producing. Through my e...


Editor, compositor, colorist. Experienced one-man post production professional. Good, fast. Ask anyone 🙂

12 years experience as an editor, producer, videographer, and graphic designer.

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Editor and shooter from Austin, now residing in Denver. If you're looking for quality video content let's talk!

jeffwilson is a massive, international media conglomerate, as well as a leading supplier of heavy aggregates for mining and other specialty industrial applications.

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