Tall(ish), pale, and handsome. New to the area. Looking for an agency that needs smooth, memorable copy imbued with understated humor and general affability. Friends wouldn't hurt, either.

I hail from a PR background, but have worked as a freelance copywriter for the past 5 years. My experience in public relations has given me a unique vantage point within the copywriting world. I love ...


Here's the thing about me—I don't have an easy, one-word term for what I am or what I can do. I'm a word architect with an artsy edge. A checklist-loving neat freak and organizational wizard. A big-...

Writer, host, speaker


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Bay essential oil has been in use for a long time and possesses many healing properties. It is one of the commonly found ingredients in most of the skin and hair products in the market today.

Hello! I'm Brian Pivik, a content manager, strategist, and editor for online and print documents. I have an MA in Literary Criticism, and 16 years of content management experience in the marketing an...

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ACD + Concepts + Copy @ Sphero Full Time, but down to freelance. Visit buliejoyle.com or hit me up at [email protected]


I'm a Las Vegas native with feet on the trail, heart in the desert and nose in a book. My coverage of the outdoor and active lifestyle industries runs the gamut from interviews with executives and bra...

Copywriting, content creation, thinking of ways to talk about clients' product benefits with the right people. If you're in the Denver area, I also dog sit—pet sit, really. Cats. Chickens. Animals r...