Anthony Bradley is an illustration and design extraordinaire; A professional head-turner, a scribble junkie by trade, a paint splatter addict. A creator of visual things, he convinces pixels and paint...

Hello! My name is Alex, or Alexander for long. I am a versatile visual storyteller who isn’t afraid to use any and every medium to best bring my ideas to life. I’m also a mountain boy, raised in R...

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I am a freelance digital media specialist, currently accepting new projects. I have both a BFA and MFA, with a highly stylized illustrative style.


Visual Artist: Illustration and design. I'm available for freelance currently. I've got a Pop aesthetic and recently obtained my MFA degree.

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Company DescriptioDr. Vinay Bajrangi is the best astrologer in India. His specialty in Career Prediction, Kundli analysis, karma Correction, Past life reading, Love marriage prediction, panchang & Nak...

Owner and illustrator at Orlin Culture Shop + OCS 13

Lab Grown diamonds, also known as man-made or cultured diamonds, are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. The only difference is their origin. Rather than being extracted...

Over 10 years of experience illustrating, designing and leading teams. Swiss army knife with more then one sharp tool.


I am a multidisciplinary creative professional, artist, and educator with over a decade of experience.


I have extensive experience in concepting, graphic design, illustration, animation, elearning, and motion graphics for clients in advertising, corporate, education, and entertainment. I’ve worked...