Fit Snack | Graphic Design Intern


Type Of Work:
Denver - Remote
Date Posted:
May 3, 2021


Graphic Design Intern
Looking for a responsible and talented Graphic Design Intern
Gain experience within a cutting edge e-commerce business while building your portfolio and refining your design skills. This job requires attention to detail, reliability, responsibility, timeliness and creativity.
Skills & Talents: Graphic Design, Ingenuity, Creativity, Thoughtfulness, Brand Continuity, Punctuality, Strong Communication, Ability to Use or Learn Project Management Tools Like Mondays, Schedule Consistency

Requirements: monthly design of insert card, holiday and event promotion designs, email designs, pr promotional material, social media material

What you will learn: Enjoy the guidance from our in-house media expert who will teach you to refine your skills and apply them into a cutting edge brand experience. Your internship will result in a marketable portfolio specializing in food, fitness and inspiration.

Time: 5-10 hours per week. This will vary depending on due dates, the designer's skill set and level of creativity.

How To Apply

Please send a brief email intro, resume and brand / product graphic design samples to [email protected]

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