The Tiber Group | Graphic Design Intern


Type Of Work:
Denver, CO
Date Posted:
July 12, 2018


Location: Denver, CO

Job Description:

The Tiber Group is looking for a graphic design intern to join their Denver Office team. This individual will work closely with all team members in Denver, as well as in our Columbus office, to support the senior designers by completing production-based projects for larger clients.

This individual will need to be organized and self-starting in order to complete projects by their desired deadlines. They will work closely with the Design Team Lead, Project Manager, and Senior Designer to complete various projects.

This individual should be proficient in the following softwares:

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Sketch App
Microsoft Office
Added bonus:

Basic HTML and CSS skills
A working understanding of WordPress or other CMS tools

Company Description:

The Tiber Group is a technology and efficiency first marketing firm, specializing in multi-site marketing platforms and strategy. We work closely with your marketing department to implement streamlined processes and platforms, reducing the time it takes to execute your marketing campaigns. From media buying to invoice aggregation, our team delivers the services and platform needed to run an efficient and effective marketing campaign.

Primary Duties:

Create and revise production-based work by due dates
Communicate with the Project Manager and Design Team Lead about the status of assigned projects
Assist Senior-level designers in smaller aspects of website builds and marketing collateral for smaller clients
Continue design education outside of the workplace, as continuing education is critical for aspiring designers

How To Apply

Please send your resumé, cover letter, and link to your portfolio to [email protected]

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