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April 12, 2018


Who You Are

You believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that the right word is worth a thousand pictures. You believe that good work is more than a pretty face: it’s a sparkling brain, a muscular heart, and a good, strong stomach. You understand every facet of the creative process, from ideation to measuring success, and you understand the people at work behind them. You prefer your pies in the sky, your people electrically charged, and your strategy rock-solid. You’re the jack- or jacqueline-of-all-trades who can see the path forward when all everyone else sees are weeds. You’re the creative director we’ve been looking for, and you’re going to join our team.

What You’ll Do

As leader of our creative brain trust, it’ll be your job to help teams conceptualize big ideas (and cute little ones) toward everything from campaigns to websites to branding exercises.
There’s no shortage of ideas under our roof, so your ability to guide big brains and strong personalities toward success in the face of infinite creative opportunity is what matters most. An editor and shaper of these ideas, you’ll ensure we meet clients’ business goals as successfully as we meet our own creative ones.

- Leading the creative process across client accounts, from ideating through to refining and delivering excellent work
- Collaborating closely with every department including (and especially) those over creative’s own borders: strategy, production, accounts
- Creating strong client relationships built on strategic thinking
- Identifying areas for growth with our clients that align with business goals
- Mentoring and growing our creative teams by providing thoughtful feedback throughout the process

Our Must Haves

- Experience in creative leadership, whether in-house client side or in an agency setting
- Attentiveness, empathy, and the ability to learn and grow while teaching and growing others
- The ability to connect the dots between mediums and disciplines (and people)
- A deep understanding of brand development as well as both traditional and digital marketing
- A willingness from the outset to establish clear creative direction and to provide constructive feedback to the team
- Extraordinary communication capabilities, including the ability to present ideas in a compelling way both internally and to the client
- An even more extraordinary ability to stay on schedule and on budget
- A love of culture, technology, and trends, and their evolution

Where You’ve Been

- We’ll be looking for candidates who have 5-7 years of creative leadership experience. That said, we care more about aptitude than perfection, and we always appreciate an unusual career trajectory. If you think you’d be a fit, we want to hear your story.

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