Futuristic Films | Associate Producer

Motion Production

Type Of Work:
Denver, CO
Date Posted:
December 21, 2020


Futuristic Films is a full-spectrum film and post production studio based in Denver, crafting a wide range of content since 2007. The size of our productions range from nimble two-person camera teams, to 40+ person film crews. We take on projects of all sizes and scales, and strive to bring a distinctly “Futuristic” feel to every job. Our core in-house production department makes it all happen by designing production approaches that allow creativity to thrive while keeping every job safe, on budget, and on schedule.

Futuristic is looking to expand its core production team as we kick off the new year! The position we are looking to fill will provide support to our Line Producers, Heads of Production, and Executive Producers. The key qualifications for this role are that you’ve been on enough shoots to know that production is your niche, and you’re a natural at organizing, communicating, and tracking logistical details. Beyond that, Futuristic is looking for someone who is eager to wear multiple hats, and we want to hear what you will bring to the table!

Key role responsibilities will include:
*Integrating Futuristic processes and standards across all production activities, and customizing them to meet the needs and expectations of agencies/clients.

*Managing every aspect of a film production’s lifecycle including building production schedules, sourcing and hiring crew members in both local and foreign markets, treatment development, actualizing AICP budgets, reconciling petty cash, processing purchase orders, crew payroll, and managing expenses.

* Identifying possible production setbacks, and resourcing appropriate team members to stay ahead of risks and stumbling blocks.

* Developing ongoing crew & vendor relationships to job to ensure the highest production standards, while staying on budget.

* Researching and providing logistical support across the board – from fulfilling daily catering and transportation needs, to requests for speciality items like exotic animals, celebrity talent provisions, unique props, locations, and specialty crew personnel.

*Creating presentation materials for directors and advertisers to assist in the communication of creative direction. These materials include the creation of pitch decks, pre-production books, call sheets, and shoot boards.

*Familiarity with AICP Commercial Production Agreement, local and national IATSE/AICP crew labor rules, and the SAG/AFTRA Commercial Contract and how they apply to both union and non-union crews.

How To Apply

Give us a shout and let us know what excites you about an entry/mid-level opportunity on Futuristic’s production staff. Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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