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Type Of Work:
Englewood, CO
Date Posted:
November 20, 2019




An Epiphany Copy Director is a proven leader and an innovative, creative marketer with experience working on leading luxury brands in hospitality, food & beverage, wellness and real estate, as well as philanthropy. S/he has a broad range of knowledge, experience, and expertise operating in the spheres of brand development/repositioning/refinement, marketing strategy and integrated tactical marketing communication execution.

This senior-level position is one of the key personnel in the agency – serving as a strategic engine and storyteller in the development and implementation of branding and marketing programs. The primary role of the Copy Director is to create a unique tone of voice for each brand, drive the strategic storytelling from brand creation through creative execution while meeting Epiphany service standards.

This position will work closely with Epiphany’s Account Director, VP of Strategy and VP of Creative to bring each brand to life and represent Epiphany.


Existing Clients:
1. Lead the research and due diligence required to execute brand development work, including
independent market/destination research, sourcing tourism reports and statistics, sourcing
industry-specific reports, etc.
2. Prepare the agency team for in-market immersion/site tours and develop an in-market guide to ensure all project insights are gathered for subsequent brand development work.
3. Partnership with Account Director and VP of Strategy to develop and facilitate
Brandstorming Charrettes.
4. Development of comprehensive brand positioning programs, including but not limited to
Brand Messaging (new, repositioning, refinement), Customer Recipes and Brand
5. Execution of copy across multiple client deliverables with multiple distinct brand voices,
including but not limited to long-form, story-driven narratives, name development, tagline
development, internal narratives (ethos statements, mission statements, talking points, sound
bites, etc.), external marketing communications (print advertising, online advertising,
collateral copy, website copy, etc.).
6. Be an equal partner in the creative development process by providing on-strategy ideas for
the creative team to explore as it relates to logo development, visual vernacular development
and more.
7. Participation in agency brainstorming sessions to ensure the “relentless pursuit of brilliance” is delivered for all clients.
8. Development of case studies that capture the SOW completed and the results achieved.
9. Proofreading for both accuracy and strategic alignment for internal and client-facing
deliverables of all kinds.

Agency Leadership:
1. Participate in Core Values Meetings, Learning Happy Hours and team morale events.
2. Be responsible for your own growth by requesting one-on-one coaching as needed and
requesting specific support from the management team.
3. Stay up on industry trends, seek learning opportunities and share knowledge with the team to make everyone better.

Skills and Behavioral Traits required for successful job performance; an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:
1. Strategic and tactical thinker who is able to operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing team
2. Ability to gain the confidence of team members, clients and executive management.
3. Self-starter requiring and wanting little supervision.
4. Displays original thinking and creativity; meets challenges with resourcefulness; develops
innovative approaches and ideas; looks for ways to improve and promote quality; applies
feedback to improve performance; monitors own work and the work of his/her team to ensure
5. Balances team and individual responsibilities. Approaches others in a tactful manner; reacts well under pressure; treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accepts responsibility for own actions and the actions of his/her staff; follows through on commitments and ensures his/her team does the same. Maintains confidentiality.
6. Employs an advanced understanding of prioritization and time management to ensure things done quickly and accurately, including: the ability to respond efficiently to changes in
priorities and requirements; manage stress well, both personally and in the office
7. Focuses on conflict resolution; keeps emotions under control; remains open to others’ ideas
and tries new things. Addresses and communicates conflicts – both personal and with staff –
through the appropriate channels. Supports a zero-tolerance gossip zone. Provide honest
information and accurate feedback with tact and firmness.
8. Is an active listener with outstanding oral communication skills. Possesses a strong grasp of the English language and of marketing jargon especially. Speaks clearly and persuasively in
positive or negative situations; responds well to questions; demonstrates group presentation
skills; participates in and leads meetings actively and with authority.
9. Demonstrates knowledge of market competition. Confident and knowledgeable about resort
real estate and hospitality branding and marketing. (Can be learned.)
10. Well-developed organizational skills. Prioritizes and plans work activities; uses time efficiently; plans for additional resources; sets goals and objectives.
11. Computer literate and a technical skill set that includes the ability to use all of the capabilities of the most current version of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.), calendar software, scheduling software (Trello), agency software (Clients & Profits), etc.
12. Is consistently at work on time; ensures work responsibilities are covered when absent; arrives at meetings and appointments on time and prepared.
13. Observes safety and security procedures; reports potentially unsafe conditions; uses
equipment and materials properly.

1. Bachelor’s degree in the area of journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations or related field.
2. 4+ years of marketing experience (preferably in an agency setting).
3. Experience in the real estate, hospitality and luxury product categories (preferred).

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