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August 23, 2019


booj is looking for a content marketing + social media specialist to join our booj Digital team. We’re looking for a creative, out-of-the-box thinker to help manage client outreach and brand awareness. You will be responsible for developing and implementing a successful online marketing strategy, managing online reputations, writing real estate and community-focused content, launching social media strategies, assisting with creating digital advertising campaigns as needed, managing public relations and local outreach on behalf of clients, driving website traffic, testing and monitoring results, and developing strategies to further the success of the booj Digital program.

As a content marketing + social media specialist, you will be responsible for managing up to three accounts, comprised of independent real estate firms across the country. You will be responsible for maintaining a positive relationship with your clients and will act as the main point of contact, or project manager, for your individual accounts. You will also be responsible for maintaining your own schedule and managing your time across all tasks. Additionally, it is expected that you are producing work that is imaginative, original, accurate and grammatically correct as you are representing top brands in the real estate industry.

As a member of our team, you will be given the opportunity to continually advance your education and skills in the online marketing field, from watching webinars, to taking courses, to participating in group strategy discussions.

Blogging Responsibilities
In this role, you will be required to strategize, write and publish blog posts for our real estate clients, focusing on real estate and community-focused content. You will have freedom to choose the specific topics for your blog posts. In addition to writing the articles, you will be responsible for gaining exposure for the blog posts and driving traffic back to each client’s site through public relations, outreach and online advertising as needed.

Weekly responsibilities include:
— Developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy that drives results
— Researching local communities + businesses to ensure you have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in varying markets across the country
— Imagining, creating and planning successful content
— Creating and planning a successful schedule of blog posts
— Writing original articles for clients each week (an average of 6 articles per week)
— Ongoing outreach and public relations to increase customer engagement, build relationships within the local communities, and drive website traffic
— Assisting with the design and development of online ads that may run on Google and Facebook as needed
— Reviewing Google Analytics and monthly reporting

Social Media Management Responsibilities
Your responsibilities will include managing multiple client accounts and social channels, as well as developing successful social media strategies that generate engagement online and drive website traffic for your clients. This will encompass writing and curating interesting content to share on their social media channels, interacting and engaging with followers, and brainstorming social media campaign ideas to increase social reach and drive results.

Weekly responsibilities include:
— Building and executing a successful social media strategy
— Generating, editing and publishing inventive daily content
— Ongoing outreach and public relations to increase customer engagement and drive website traffic
— Reputation management as needed
— Assisting with designing and producing visuals for online promotions as needed
— Assisting with designing and developing digital advertising on Facebook and Google as needed

Maintaining open communication with our marketing team as well as your clients on a weekly basis will be required. Other duties include assisting the marketing team with reporting, analysis, graphic design, copywriting and more when needed.

Desired Skills / Experience
— A strong passion for creative writing, social media and online marketing
— Photoshop and design skills and experience
— Journalism and public relations experience
— Ability to write clearly and accurately
— 1-3 years online marketing experience managing a blog and social media accounts
— Ability to work independently and manage your daily tasks without direct supervision
— Creative thinking and writing skills are a must
— Organized and able to meet all deadlines
— Proven track record of successful social media implementation
— Experience with content outreach and building relationships online
— Self-motivated with a startup mentality
— Excellent communication skills, both verbally and written
— Ability to think creatively to develop successful and shareable content
— Google Analytics and reporting experience
— Copywriting and graphic design experience for Facebook and Google promotions

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