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January 8, 2020


We are looking to expand our copywriting bench! We are in need of a copywriters for a wide variety of ongoing projects. We run our jobs on a project basis and generally expect 10-20 hours per week for a project. Projects can range from a few weeks to a few months. As part of our project team, you will have an influential voice, bringing to life a brand-new business that combines coworking, childcare, and restaurants. You will work with the creative team to generate campaign concepts that not only inspire engagement but also result in sales. This is a rare experience to bring a new brand to life – setting the tone, voice, and direction based on our established brand strategy. We need copywriters with expertise in the following areas: storytelling and campaign development, marketing materials/content strategy (especially restaurant and retail), ad and headline copy, and radio/outdoor/sales sheets/website copywriting. If you have strong expertise in any of these areas, this gig might just be for you!

The perfect candidate will Ideally be someone local who can come to our LoDo office for brainstorm and work session meetings.

About us: SIGNAL.csk exists to empower organizations to realize their real brand power and achieve the brand impact they desire as they:

* Move through strategic transitions.
* Reposition to address emerging social, cultural, and economic trends.
* Develop and launch new products, services, and experiences.
* Seek to engage the hearts and minds of target audiences in ways that compel engagement — and keep audiences coming back for more.

We are expert at activating brands that people love, inside and out.

With SIGNAL, our clients learn to signal what they stand for across their total brand experience to drive audience engagement and achieve predictable, sustainable growth. Our trademarked True, Meaningful, Different method is the key to unlocking what our clients can own in the marketplace. Check us out at

About our client: Lodgic Everyday Community is a brand new business model incorporating coworking, childcare, and food and beverage equally under one roof. The initial location opened in October 2018 in Champaign, IL, and two more locations open in Spring 2020. Check out the website at and see if you’re inspired to be a part of the team!

If you think this ad was not that well written, we need you!

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