Art Students League of Denver Print Fair and Pop up Portfolio Show

April 6, 2024
10:00 am to 04:00 pm
200 Grant St. Denver CO 80203
Art Students League of Denver

The Art Students League of Denver hosts the Art Students League Print Fair in association with
the Mo’Print 2024 April 6th 2024. The event combines an exhibition of framed prints by ASLD
Faculty members, a Pop-Up showing of prints by ASLD members in the upstairs gallery, and
demos and studio talks by ASLD faculty and artists. There is also a display titled “Printmaking
101” which features descriptions and examples of printmaking processes, tools and tech-
niques. The events are free and open to the public, and prints will be for sale.
The ASLD Print Fair is a chance for the public to see and interact with #ASLDPrintmakers and
guests as they are working on fine art prints. Many artists will be showing The show will feature
unframed, portfolio works.
their portfolios.
A fine art print is not a reproduction, but a hand-inked plate then rolled through a hand press
onto fine art paper by the artist.
The Pop-Up Portfolio Show is a chance to meet, chat and buy prints from Art Students League
Printmakers, a thriving community of instructors, students, and studio regulars that places
work into the signature Month of Printmaking shows at the Arvada Center, “528.0”, “ Print Edu-
cators of Colorado” and many others.
The Art Students League also teaches, etching, collograph, photo etching, silk screen and
woodcut, and those will be reflected in the Pop-Up Show and demos. The public will be able to
see the historic Edbrooke designed building, the print studio, and even sign up for classes if
they wish.

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