Milquetoast & Co. at Denver Dazzle

March 23, 2024
09:00 pm to 11:00 pm
1080 14th Street Denver, CO 80202
$15 - $20

Milquetoast & Co. is becoming one of the staple bands in Denver keeping the sound thread weaving; feverishly creating more ways to stay genre-less. Are they rock, indie, jazz? None of the above and frightfully aware of it. Come in to one of the most magnificent clubs in Denver, grab a beverage and enjoy. Dazzle welcomes one of its favorite ancillary acts; The indelible sonic ink blot that is, Milquetoast & Co.

Denver-based Milquetoast & Co.’s sound has drawn inspiration from Morphine, Lord Huron, Jeff Buckley, Father John Misty, Aldous Harding, Andrew Bird, DeVotchKa, Radiohead, Jacques Dutronc and many others. “It’s unique… haunting, but not depressing, jazz-ish but not chaotic… kind of ethereal but grounded.” The lyrics are abundantly self-aware and ironic without watering down the complexity of the human experience. The band’s eclectic sound is brought to life by James McAndrew’s emotive vocals and wry, witty, sometimes wistful storytelling; co-producer Dan Zangari’s bass lines; Kyle Bocchieri’s drum work; Joe Engel’s cello technique and rich tone, and Ben Parrish’s guitar style.

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