Phil Kellum

Denver, CO

Member Since: 8/7/2020

I am a proud Kansas Citian living and working in the Denver area for the past 7+ years. I am passionate about the written word and how to use it to drive sales, inspire others and convey emotion. Most recently, I worked in-house as a Senior Creative Lead (AKA Senior Copywriter) for OneTen Creative in Denver, Colorado working on all social media for DISH Network (both paid and organic), as well as production. I also have experience working with natural foods, casual dining, wireless and fashion clients as well. By extensively utilizing strategy, data and results, I am able to formulate better-performing creative that helps a brand succeed now and builds the brand over time. In my free time, I am a music fanatic – especially anything loud, fast and, most importantly, sincere and heartfelt. I'm a huge record and CD collector and I try to attend as many concerts as I can, because there's nothing better than being in the midst of a rabid crowd losing their minds to loud guitar riffs and heavy drums. I am also into all things sneakers and streetwear – you gotta keep everything looking fresh! Let's work together and make something cool - so hit me up.