Frisco, CO

Member Since: 4/26/2018 is a small mountain shop that lives in a small mountain town that focuses on big creative. Nimble enough to handle run and gun style shoots with tight turn arounds yet experienced enough in the art of agency and corporate workflow to be able to make either challenge successful and painless. was named because I was trying to come up with a clever business name…that also had some story behind it. This is my post-corporate tv life. So – made sense! After 2 decades of working for publicly traded companies (namely a little company called News Corporation) I set out to find a world where the corporate ladder was a thing of the past. This is still my journey. It is the “post” of the “postcorp”. The corp is all encompassing to corporations but it’s directly part of the name due to this being my post “news corporation” life. So there you have it.….has a nice little ring to it…right?

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