Felipe Jimenez

Denver, CO

Member Since: 3/16/2018

Hi there, my name is Felipe - a 27-year-old artist by practice, dreamer by nature. I am an adventurous soul, and currently on a path to become a better human. I spend my time learning new skills & polishing old ones, teaching fitness classes, and getting lost in a book in the middle of somewhere. I recently moved to Denver from Chicago, and looking for a new team to be part of, where I can continue to become a better artist. As an artist, my goal is not just to make something beautiful, but to make something beautiful with intent. After years in the creative industry and running my own photography business, I’ve developed the understanding and value between strong visual design and purposeful storytelling. Because of this, every piece I create thrives from passion and reason. I’ve also learned to maintain a professional, positive, and energetic attitude when it comes to working in a creative environment. In the end, my version of success is finding the perfect balance of love in my crafts and in the people I surround myself with. From professional to personal life, my style is always the same - refined and impactful. I hope that my skills and portfolio give you an insight to who I am as an artist, and ignite an interest in growing together.