Dan Raabe


Member Since: 5/1/2018

Successful visual production is the result of trust, maturity, and vision. If you are at the point, far beyond "sit down, shut up, and do as you are told," where the photographer you hire is a partner, then you are ready to work with me. I've been lucky to work with good companies - Tough people smart enough to know when to let go and permit the artist to work. There is always a solution. There are three things I admire about art directors. They are looking for collaboration that results in what I call craft. They appreciate "The on-time, on-concept, on-budget" production concept. And they believe in excellence over perfection; seeking perfection dulls your mind. My short bio: I graduated from ACCD - photography. I lived and worked in Los Angeles. I lived and worked in New York. I graduated from the School of Visual Arts - animation. I lived and worked in Tokyo. I live and work in Denver. You can view samples of my work at www.danraabephotography.com (303) 880-4641