Dani Thompson


Member Since: 3/29/2018

What makes me a good producer? I'm an organized, ambitious, goal-oriented, communicator. What makes me a GREAT producer? My background in multimedia journalism instilled in me a knack for creative storytelling, meticulous editing, and insightful writing and research. I'm an insatiable learner, an adventure seeker, and a real-life MacGyver. Seriously, give me a problem and I will solve it...most likely with nothing more than a paperclip, a piece of string and some determination. Edits in: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Lightroom, Photoshop Also proficient in: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Acrobat, Slack, Basecamp, Google Drive, Dropbox More about me: I'm a native Coloradoan with a true love for cooking and plants (no, not THAT kind of plant). You're most likely to find me scootering around Denver or sitting at any number of coffee shops with my eyes severely fixated on some Creative Cloud editing suite. I love cats and I'm a wizard with an etch-a-sketch.