Brian Doubleday


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Brian has been a film and video producer/director since he graduated from college. He was a principal of Resolution, Inc, a major national video production and fulfillment center in Burlington Vermont. Early in his career, Brian wrote and directed three full seasons of the popular Joy of Gardening television series. In 1980, as a producer for the US Olympic Committee he produced a 10 minute 16 mm film every day for 17 days, directing film crews and editors in the creation of highlight reels for countries who could not send their own production crews. (One of the benefits of his position was that he got to watch—in person—the famous “Miracle on Ice” hockey game between the US and the USSR). He made a popular documentary on the first person to walk alone around the world, Worldwalker. In 1988, Brian wrote, produced and directed Nina’s World, a highly acclaimed educational film shot on location in Moscow with an all-Russian crew, who documented (in 14 days of shooting) a single day in the life of a Russian school girl for western audiences. Several years later, Doubleday won an Emmy for producing and directing a television series seen on PBS stations across the nation called Venturing, 13 half hour programs documenting the perils and joys of entrepreneurship. He also wrote and produced the Emmy nominated 4-part series, The New Workplace which profiled so-called enlightened workplaces. He served as co-producer of Instinct, starring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding, Jr., a serious dramatization of humankind’s mistaken notion of God-given dominion over all animals on earth, a feature film inspired by the novel Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. In 2010, he cofounded Greenworks Video, the premiere green screen production facility in Denver and headed up a team that created professional video for clients in Colorado and across the United States and Canada. [email protected]