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The Pitch Season 2, Episode 1. Hunks Get Screwed.

by / August 19, 2013 / You know, I said I wasn’t going to watch this season of The Pitch. Last season infuriated me to the point of bursting a blood vessel or two. But I’m an ad freak. I love the business, and I love watching reality shows about the business. Even if they illustrate how completely fucked up this industry is. Oh, there are huge spoilers in this by the way. If you haven’t seen it yet, bookmark this page for that moment immediately after watching it, when you fe[Read More]

The Pitch – A Review By The Most Annoyed AdMan In The World

by / April 18, 2012 / I certainly can’t call myself the most interesting ad man in the world. But then again, neither could half of the “professionals” in the first episode of The Pitch, a new AMC show that delves inside the gritty world of advertising. Now, before I continue, there are more spoilers in this review than there are spineless wonders in the average account department. There’s just no way around it, folks. To say what has to be said, I have to reveal all. So if you haven’t seen[Read More]

Why a Small Agency Lost Some Big Pitches

by / March 3, 2016 /

It was a pitch, a room full of MBAs, acronyms and awkwardness. We were the small agency competing with two very big agencies. The other agencies had pre-existing relationships with this very large CPG company. The nice woman running the pitch was very clear that they were "open to working with a smaller agency."

There is that moment of time in a pitch we all know well, when you grasp that you are a likely choice to be awarded the business. The CMO will ask a question that makes it sou[Read More]

There’s More to Pitching Than Doing Killer Work

by / January 10, 2011 / Well, it’s 2011. And the new year will see many agencies across Colorado, the US, and the world battling for new accounts. But will the new year bring with it a completely fresh outlook on pitching for new business? Many up-and-coming agencies, and even more established ones, will face the following dilemma: Do you do work to win the account? Or do you do the best work you can? The uninitiated will no doubt think that the two are synonymous, but seasoned agency people will know that�[Read More]

To Those Who Have Pitched and Lost

by / March 15, 2017 /

I’m in a fug. I’m sluggish. I’m agitated. I’m like a lovelorn teenager who’s just been dumped.

Yes, I’m in the midst of that pitch-loss after-glow. Can I get some compassionate leave? It’s hard to shake. There’s no easy way out of it. Unless the client changes their mind, which they never do. Except that time when they did. Unfortunately, that time we were the initial winners and the top guy decided to give it to his mate’s agency after all.

Fastest ac[Read More]

The Pitch Season 2 Episode 6 – Gibson. Yes, Gibson.

by / September 26, 2013 /

Not Gibson dry cleaning services, or Gibson truck rental. This is Gibson guitar. A brand we all know, many of us love, and most of us would do a deal with Satan to work on. Well, maybe that’s just because I love Gibson, but still.

I have a feeling this episode is going to be as disappointing as the final season of Dexter. Although, maybe that’s going too far.

Two local Nashville agencies step up to the plate to try and win the business. Powell Creative, and DBD. Powell Cre[Read More]

The Pitch Season 2, Episode 3. Square Trade.

by / September 17, 2013 /

Another week, another two agencies come into the ring to duke it out. This time, it was the turn of Mischievious Studios and Heavenspot to compete for the business. And the business…SquareTrade – a tech warranty company.

I’m not going to bother with the usual, in-depth over-analysis of the two agencies competing. The last thing we need is another cease and desist (per my post on Episode Two).

What I will say is that Heavenspot came across as the grown ups, and Mischievio[Read More]

The Pitch Episode 4 – Popchips and Homer Simpson

by / May 15, 2012 / If you watched the debacle on Sunday night, you may wonder what the fuck Homer Simpson has to do with this. If you didn’t, you’re probably still curious. [Read More]