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The Pitch, Episode 2: Complete and Utter Garbage

by / May 7, 2012 / “This is it guys…this is where we find out what it’s all about.” Within 30 seconds, I figured this was going to be a bigger pile of horseshit than the previous episode. I was not disappointed. Cliché after cliché. Homily after tired homily. It was like these guys swallowed the Big Book Of Advertising. [Read More]

The Pitch Episode 3 – Are Things Actually Getting Better?

by / May 9, 2012 / Nope. Oh and, before I continue, I am going for a challenge on this one. After the silliness of the last rant — where people seemed more concerned with my use of profanity than the content of the piece — I am going PG on this. Not because I care what they think, I obviously don’t. But I am curious, can I do an arresting piece without dropping f-bombs and c-bombs and s-bombs and[Read More]

The Pitch Season 2, Episode 4: Tommy Ba Ha Ha.

by / September 19, 2013 / My apologies for another late review. What can I say, I work in advertising. It’s a lot easier watching the show while I’m multi-tasking than it is to sit down and review it. I’m missing out on some quality sleep writing this. So, two agencies once again meet to compete; Pasadena Advertising and Neuron Syndicate. I laughed out loud when I saw the second name on screen. I’m pretty sure that’s the most pretentious agency moniker I’ve ever seen. You’d have to really sit down and th[Read More]

The Pitch Season 2, Episode 5: Belittle Caesar’s

by / September 22, 2013 / Wow, anyone else getting tired of this dumb series yet? Or these dumb reviews for that matter? I tell you, this show is just how Bill Hick’s described Cops. “I’m like a guy with a sore tooth, I can’t stop touching it. Ow. Cops is on. Ow.” Same here with this sack of shit show. If anyone from AMC is reading this, here’s how you make the show better: You don’t need better clients. You need better agencies. Unfortunately, the kind of agencies willing to go through this[Read More]

What I Learned This Year 2011 #53: Ryan Bramwell

by / January 12, 2012 / 1) Collaborate. In Denver, we say this a lot and do it less. To be blunt, Denver has been a scene where we all “want” to collaborate and in reality there has been some apprehension in actually “doing” so. This year, however, we have seen an immense change in collaboration. Companies are beginning to work together, using their own strengths and creating better work. What I have experienced (apart from the work), is mainly the increase in inspiration which follows with collaboration. When [Read More]