I like to question ideas. I like to make sure we’re not just doing it that way because that’s how we’ve always done it. I like to embolden my enterprise clients to eschew the safe idea. I like t...

Senior Art Director

Graphic design is more than a career, it's an obsession. Since a young age, I loved to draw and had always wanted to become an artist when I grew up. I originally thought animating for Disney was w...

Senior at the University of Colorado Boulder


ShanesArt is the creative design service of Shane G., a Colorado based designer. Specializing in art direction, branding, apparel design, print media, web layout and illustration.

Art Director / Graphic Designer

Creative - Art Director/Designer


Stories of the ink is a platform for tattoo lover to share stories behind their tattoos. Here people share their life experience, their good and bad moments and how it all relates to their tattoos. We...


I'm an artist/designer who finds all sorts of different ways to be creative. I not only work as the Communications Director for an ArtCenter, but I am also an award winning street painter (3D anamor...


Art Director, Creative Services Director, Producer running my own freelance business. Specializing in small to mid-size business creative needs.