Whopper Virgins from CPB


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Just when you thought you’d seen it all from CPB, here comes the Whopper Virgins. Spots started airing this past weekend, teasing about taste tests from all corners of the world. The idea is to have someone who has NEVER tasted a burger to do a comparison between a Big Mac and a Whopper. Hmm.

They’ve even hired Stacy Peralta of Dogtown and Z-Boys fame to do a documentary about it. Check out the teaser page here and decide for yourself if it’s commerce, documentary, or something in-between.

Results will be released in just over 5 days. Bite your nails. Bite a Whopper. Do ANYTHING to keep from freaking out until you can discover exactly what happens!


  1. larry hinkle December 2, 2008

    hopefully this will turn out

    hopefully this will turn out better than bk’s ill-fated where’s herb? campaign

  2. Ben Pieratt December 2, 2008

    Having music from The Mission

    Having music from The Mission on a burgerking site seems completely off. Really surprised they got rights for that.

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